Thank you so much Pam. Our family had the privilege of having you come to stay with us as part of the 4 Night Nanny Package and it was money incredibly well spent. We’d recommend the Nanny Package to anyone who may be considering it – you did all the heavy lifting for us to get the babies on track (and sent us out on dates while you did it!) and gave us all the support we needed to continue.   We are now into our third week of sleep learning with our 5.5month old twins and our lives are completely transformed. I’m not exaggerating to say that you’ve not only given us our sleep back but actually made our babies noticeably happier while they are awake.   When we called you we were waking every 45 minutes all night long, but by our second night with you they both slept 12 hours through the night. And they take lovely long naps! I’m so glad that we had not tried to go it alone with a book or advice from friends.  I know that the reason our babies are doing so well is that we used your plan right from the start and the babies have never been confused by starts and stops, or learned to cry to get our attention.  When we were reviewing your Nanny Packages, we compared the cost to what it would cost to hire a night nanny locally and we found that you were quite reasonably priced considering that we would not only be getting 24/7 care and support for the crucial initial days/nights you were here to get the babies started and then the weeks of follow-up support, the package gave us skills that would last our children’s lifetimes.

While it has felt like magic, we know it’s a process. Over these last three weeks there has been some testing and some nights there may be a brief wake up, but they now know how to settle themselves and we are so thrilled to feel like our old selves again.  We can sit and talk to each other in the evening. We can watch movies again!  And we now have babies who no longer whine constantly or scream in the car, they are well rested and content and excited to play.  You have done so much for our family, we can never thank you enough.  We will continue to recommend you and the especially your Nanny Packages to anyone looking to improve their family’s sleep.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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