Chrissy & Vernon Fiddler

Nine years ago a sleep deprived mom walked out of Toys R Us (in Kelowna, BC) literally looking for a sign of how to help her 16 week old baby sleep. Searching for the right resources around the city was proving daunting. That is when I saw an SUV with the face of an angel on it. She was with two children and the sign read: Pam Nease. Infant Sleep Consultant. With tears in my eyes, that is where our beautiful journey began. Having Pam in our home to design a plan, to give our daughter her greatest gift; of sleep, was our best investment in time and money yet. At the forefront was a caring plan for my then 17 week old daughter. But what made the greatest impression was her attention to how all of this would effect the rest of our family and life. She took in account our toddler son and his needs. She showed compassion for the demands of my husband’s job as a professional hockey player and she made sure to let me know I was never going to be in this alone. The experience of working with Pam was a wonderful one. A true gift. She was always prepared. Available. And equipped with so much fascinating knowledge. I have recommended her services to many friends. And she has provided the same exceptional guidance and success to them. My daughter is now 9 years old and is and has always been a dream sleeper. Through teething, illness, moves, and bumps in the night-she loves her bedroom. She values her sleep and she will let you know it!!

Thank you, Pam from the bottom of our hearts.
Chrissy and Vernon Fiddler

Let’s get you sleeping as soon as possible

Love, hugs, and gratitude
- Pam Nease
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