Dr. Michelle, Joseph & William

Hi Pam,

It’s hard to believe that we are 7 weeks out from the beginning of our sleep training journey. We wanted to provide you with an update about how William is doing.
As you had reassured us, it took a little bit of persistence and patience for his naps to lengthen and sort themselves out. We are so happy to report that he is almost consistently sleeping beyond 45 minutes for each nap, and there are many many naps where he sleeps soundly for 2-2.5 hours! He continues to sleep incredibly well at night and wakes up chatting away happily to himself in the mornings.
We have now traveled out of town and stayed overnight in hotels on three occasions. Both Jospeh and I were shocked at how well William did. Combine a new and strange environment, having to sleep beside our bed in his crib instead of in his nursery, and the hallway sounds of busy hotels and he STILL slept like a champion. It is such a pleasure and joy to be able to travel with him and not have anxiety about whether he will sleep well or be miserable.
We want to thank you both so much for your support, guidance, and mentoring through this process. It is invaluable for all of us to have restful and restorative sleep, and be able to connect in more present and meaningful ways as a family unit. A picture of William sleeping with his favourite “Ellie” is attached.
Wishing you both well.
Dr. Michelle, Joseph & William 🙂
London, Ontario, Canada

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