Elizabeth Golesic

All in all, this process of sleep training (right from our bedtime routine practice at 4 weeks old) has been challenging at times – but overall we are just amazed at how [our daughter] has learned the skills we have taught her. Watching her soothe herself and calm down in the crib, alone is so beautiful. Seeing her wake from a nap and wait patiently for us with little owl eyes aimed at the door is comical and wonderful. Matt and I have reclaimed our evenings together when she goes to bed- we have time to talk, eat dinner, laugh about our parenting trials and go to bed together IN THE SAME ROOM! No more divide and conquer at all hours of the day and night. Likewise, the last week of my maternity leave, with 4 naps a nap, structure and a light routine, have been the most enjoyable of my whole time off. When Millie is awake she is happy and fun. When she sleeps, I get to have a shower or a hot coffee. It really has been a game changer for us.
Matt and I also found that having an objective third party (you!) involved from the start prevented us from blaming each other, or taking out our emotions on each other, or even resenting our baby. It wasn’t an easy process, and having you involved was healthy for our family to simply take guidance and not wonder if we were ‘doing it right’.
So THANK YOU for your time and guidance and patience with us. We feel like we discovered the holy grail of infant parenting, lol.
Liz Matt and Millie

Let’s get you sleeping as soon as possible

Love, hugs, and gratitude
- Pam Nease
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