Jen, Tim, and Roger

Hi Jessica! It’s been a while since you trained us to sleep train Roger (earlier this year). I was inspired to write you tonight after looking at my sleeping son and feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for your help.

You see, in the last 2 weeks we have flown from Vancouver to Toronto to St. John’s (NL – the other side of Canada!!) to Toronto to Vancouver – all the while Roger was cutting 3 new teeth and even fevering!
Thanks to your help he has been sleeping like a champ. Even on the day we flew all the way from St. John’s to Vancouver – a 15 hour travel day and a 4.5 hour time change – he still slept.
We can’t thank you enough. What a difference to have our evenings to hang out, exercise, work – and yes – SLEEP ourselves!
Jen, Tim, and Roger

Let’s get you sleeping as soon as possible

Love, hugs, and gratitude
- Pam Nease
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