Kelly Campbell


I wanted to let you know that she has been going to bed at 6:30 and really only waking the once in the night, then getting up at 6. She has been doing great on the 2 nap a day schedule! She naps at roughly 9:15 and 2:00 and has been napping over an hour at every nap — sometimes 1.5-2 hours even. She goes down for her bedtime and naps with no crying except for the rare occasion she will whine a bit (I think when we have stretched it too long) but always falls asleep in less than 5 minutes. When she wakes from her naps she usually plays quietly with her lovey for a few minutes before squealing to let us know she is awake! She is always so happy and calm during her wake time, going with the flow and enjoying whatever we are doing. And she has come to love her bedtime routine, especially her bath and story time. We have had family over a few times who have taken turns putting her down and getting her up from naps with no problems! SO basically my point is that we couldn’t be more pleased — we both keep saying this is the best money we ever spent and are just so relieved and enjoying our day-to-day so much more. We recommend you guys to all of our friends with babies who bring up the sleep topic. We truly had no idea what we were doing when we began and we have learned so much and are so happy we made this investment and got Avery set up for good habits so young. We are also of course thrilled to be sleeping so much better ourselves and have greatly reduced our daily stress and anxiety we were having with our sleep struggles with Avery. I could go on and on but my point is a huge THANK YOU!!! For all of your guidance and support – you made this doable for us and we truly couldn’t have stuck with it or found our way without you. Now we know why they call you “sleep angels”!

Kelly Campbell,

West Kelowna, B.C.

Let’s get you sleeping as soon as possible

Love, hugs, and gratitude
- Pam Nease
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