Lee Moorhouse

I cannot say enough great things about Pam Nease Sleep and our amazing and wonderful sleep angel Katrina. We knew our little man had the ability to sleep longer stretches at night and sometimes could fall back asleep but with Katrina’s help and guidance he is able to independently fall asleep consistently every night and every nap (which use to be on me).

When we first started Katrina gave us detailed instructions and prepared us for our sleep learning journey but after the first night, we were ready to pull the plug and stop. Looking back, we are so thankful we didn’t. Without her guidance, we would not have had found out our little man is a super sleeper after all. Katrina was always encouraging, kind and supportive, she was knowledgeable and answered all my questions.

Recently we celebrated the Christmas holidays and our sleep angel gave some advice on how to honour our little man’s sleep while enjoying time with family. And he slept through it all (loud singing, lots of games, children’s excitement) as well as fell back asleep when we got home later!

We are so grateful for the gift Katrina gave our whole family. I am a better mom and partner and most importantly we know our little family is finally getting the rest we need!

Lee Moorhouse (5 star Google review)

Let’s get you sleeping as soon as possible

Love, hugs, and gratitude
- Pam Nease
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