Sarah Hammond

I wanted to write and tell about my experience with Pam Nease Sleep & Ashlyn Ayers. First, a little bit about my babe and our situation before sleep learning… My baby Kate had a very strong sleep association of nursing to sleep. She sure loved being nestled into my chest to fall asleep. I loved it too until the sleep deprivation was starting to take its toll. She started only sleeping in her own crib for 45mins before needing to nurse to sleep again which would take anywhere from 45mins – 3 hours. I resorted to just sleeping upright in my rocking chair. My husband does shift work, so I was getting pretty bogged down with trying new things on my own and resorting back to nursing to sleep for all sleep – naps & bedtime. I finally just gave in and nursed her to sleep on my lap in the living room for her 1-2 hour naps and from about 4-5am onward. I felt trapped and started to feel like I’d never do things for myself again. I had heard there was a sleep consultant in Kelowna so I searched it up! I’m new to the area last year and didn’t really know anyone to ask around. After reaching out to Pam Nease, I was immediately drawn to her positive attitude and empathetic support. After meeting with Ashlyn, she had the same spirit and I knew this was the right choice for me. My husband was hesitant to spend the money, but I ensured him it would be well worth it in the end. After a couple of long nights, Kate started figuring things out and was only taking 10 or so minutes to fall asleep, and some of those she shed no tears! After night 3 she was sleeping through the night with a couple of self-soothed wakes. She is now, after 3 weeks, consistently sleeping 12-13 hours a night (with no wakes) and her naps are 45mins – 2 hours. I said to my husband after the first week – “I feel like myself again for the first time since Kate was born”. I am able to get out of the house and do the things that I’ve been needing and wanting to do. I knew if I were to continue on the path I was on before, i was headed to dark place. THANK YOU PAM & ASHLYN! I recently had my parents visit for a few days and my mom is pretty old school. Rocking and nursing babies to sleep was all she knew and she was very hesitant to what I had done, even though I ensured her that this wasn’t “close the door and let her cry for hours” she was still nervous for night time to arrive and had to sit outside. After 30 mins of intermittent mantra cries (which was abnormal for her), Kate was sound asleep and didn’t wake until morning. The next day Kate was going down for her naps in less than 5 mins and most without any protest! My mom finally realized how amazing this program was and admitted “I wish I had a Pam when I had my babies”. She saw the positive outcome and could see the life back in me! I loved the support from Ashlyn and it actually made my accountable for what I was doing. I know I could have tried similar approaches on my own from a book, but I don’t know that I would have been successful. I didn’t have anyone for support and to let me know what I was doing was right. It was also really nice to have had her been through the same process and have amazing success. Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance. I am excited to be part of the support facebook page to continue receiving and giving support from and to all the moms that have taken this big step!

Sarah Hammond, Lake Country, B.C.

Let’s get you sleeping as soon as possible

Love, hugs, and gratitude
- Pam Nease
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