Sleep Consultant finds DRUG FREE SLEEP solution for ADHD/ASD

From the desk of Pam Nease, CEO and Founder of Pam Nease Sleep 

Dear tired parent,

You are worn out.
You are exhausted.
You have tried EVERYTHING to get your child to go to sleep and back into sleep through out the night.
No matter what you do, unless you lay down with them or simply let them crash when they want to, nothing works.

As a baby, they would cry for hours if you let them. Sleep training simply did not work for you. They had more stamina than you could stomach.
As the weeks, months and years went by, you tried changing your diet and you attempted to change theirs.
You sought answers for their daytime and night time behaviour from trusted professionals such as doctors, pediatricians, naturopaths, and more.
You would go through ups and downs of decent nights followed by terrible nights and resigned yourself that they simply weren’t a “good sleeper”.
When they would have a good night after months of what felt like torture for all of you, you would thank the sleep gods and say, “maybe they finally have grown out of it”.

we have found the NON drug sleep solution you were looking for, even if your child has specials needs.*

Ashamed to admit it, you realized how much of a toll it was taking on your marriage. You would either fight about the problem or worse, not talk about it at all.
As the weeks, months and years went by, you tried various over the counter medications such as melatonin even though it did not sit well in your heart.
Ashamed to admit it, you also realized how much of a toll it was taking on your relationship with yourself and your child.
You yelled and cried, asking WHY ME? Why can’t I have a normal child who sleeps?
You may be even tempted to try CBD Oil as you see other parents admitting that they are using it for themselves and their children on social media.

I am so glad you found your way to my website.
We have the NON DRUG sleep solutions you are looking for, even if your child has special needs.*

When I was invited to attend the Biennial Sleep Medicine Conference in 2017 by a NIH Sleep Doctor/Neurologist, Melatonin use was a HOT TOPIC. When I went back in 2019, it was on the Agenda again. These professionals are concerned for YOU purchasing melatonin and other sleep aids when they are not properly regulated and prescribed.

Here is a case study of a Kelowna British Columbia family we worked with in 2018 and we followed up with them recently.

“We hired Pam Nease Sleep over 2 years ago to help with our kid’s sleep (ages 7 and 9 at the time), and the transformation has been amazing! Before Pam, our 7 year old son (who has ASD and ADHD) would regularly stay awake until 11pm or later (despite being put to bed at 8am). As a result, he would be exhausted in the morning and hard to get out of the house in time for school. We had resorted to using melatonin to get him to sleep, which really didn’t help that much anyway.

Working with Pam Nease Sleep was a wonderful experience. Pam wrapped our family in love and taught my husband and I simple, yet effective, techniques to get our children to sleep. The best part of the whole process were the regular check-ins with Pam to make sure we were on track and help us re-direct our efforts when necessary. I honestly believe the accountability was key to our success.

After only a few weeks of working with Pam Nease Sleep, we were able to stop giving melatonin to our son! Both our kids sleep consistently through the night…even 2 years later. Plus, we no longer dread bedtime as we know the kids will stay in bed once the lights are turned out!!

Hiring Pam Nease Sleep was one of the best investment we ever made! Highly recommend this amazing company!

So, it is possible! You can get sleep too! Your child can still learn this VITAL LIFE skill and beautiful gift and sleep.”

– Suzanne, Kelowna BC, Canada

“After only a few weeks of working with Pam Nease Sleep, we were able to stop giving melatonin to our son!”

Chances are you now have some very good questions such as:

Will it be easy? 
No, but if you are like all the other families we have worked with like Suzanne’s, I have a feeling that it will go much smoother than you anticipated.
Will it take work?
Yes, I agree. Popping a pill is much easier than establishing healthy sleep habits for a LIFETIME.
How long will it take?
Some of our families see results on the VERY FIRST NIGHT. Say what? Yes! Even after YEARS of trying, their child falls asleep by themselves all on their own. All of our comprehensive sleep training packages (regardless of age) are designed to help parents get a quick fix AND long term outcomes.

Will it cost MONEY?
Yes, and for many parents, it is an out of pocket expense. Think of it like a tutor or a swimming coach. Are reading, doing math and not drowning vital skills that you want your child to learn? Yes, they are. By investing in your child’s sleep, it will make it easier for them to learn those and more. The added bonus? You will be sleeping better too and therefore a much more patient parent able to teach and bond with them better. It is not selfish to want sleep for you and your family. It is self FULL. Here in British Columbia, there is possible funding available and we can help you and your family with the necessary paperwork. Yes, we have been covered before. If you are living outside the province, you may be covered through various programs or your employer. I do not want you to get your hopes up too much on that. 99.9% of our clients pay out of pocket for their sleep since I started this company in 2009.

Why is it NOT covered?
Simply put, we are currently and unregulated industry. So, please do your homework before you enlist the services of any Sleep Consultant regardless of were they live. If being covered by your insurance company is extremely important, then look for those who are Occupational Therapists and Social Workers and in the Autism Category – Psychologists who are also trained on sleep. If you do find someone that is covered, still do your homework … as yes … I have helped families who have paid TWICE … once to another Consultant and then to my company. And, one last word on this topic. Even if an Industry is regulated, yes, it definitely helps protect the consumer but not 100%. We all know of “good” doctors and “bad” doctors, “good” house builders and “bad” ones, etc. For example, an Accountant recently STOLE money from an Elementary School that he was on the board for. Can you believe it? Do your research and make sure you find someone you trust. This is important. It is YOUR CHILD and YOUR MONEY.

Do you help ALL CHILDREN from birth to age 10?
No. We do not. We SCREEN all our families. I am NOT a doctor, nor is anyone on my team. I am removing any and all reference to the word Pediatric Sleep Consultant on my website and marketing as I very recently learned that it could be misleading. I am very proud to say that we have Doctors, Pediatricians, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Nurses, a Sleep Doctor and others in the medical community  trusting us with not only their referrals but their OWN children too. I do not want to do anything to jeopardize my relationship with these individuals nor with YOU!

If someone books directly off the website, we have an intake questionnaire and if there are “red flags” , we will reach out to that family and conduct a FREE INITIAL SLEEP CONSULTATION to make sure that it is not beyond our scope of abilities.  We will never make you a promise that we cannot deliver on.

Will It work 100% of the time?
Yes, will work with typically developing children provided you follow my advice which is still customized to you and your unique situation. My approach is a stay in the room method so that your child feels safe and secure every step of the way as we make the necessary changes. Your Sleep Angel will guide your family with my PROVEN loving.simple.practical and FUN solutions.

Can you really help with kids on the spectrum or with ADHD?
*Yes, we can. Now, this is where our screening comes into play. I agree. There are cases where it is beyond our scope and practice currently. Rather than assuming your family’s case is unsolvable, I invite you to reach out and book a free initial sleep consultation NOW. What do you have to lose except another night of HORRIBLE SLEEP?

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