Baby Sleep & Vaccinations

Reader Question:   We have our sons 4 month vaccinations tomorrow, what can we expect for his sleeping for the next couple of days? How can we make it easier for him?
Answer:   Hello!   I know it’s natural to be nervous and worried about your little man.

Here are some thoughts:

1) Think about postponing your appointment for a couple more weeks so that you won’t be so concerned about him. Usually the health nurses are Ok with this as long as they are not months later.

2) Administer some pain meds before his appointment if you are comfortable with that.

3) Trust – a baby with strong sleep skills will be able to sleep in spite of the vaccinations happening! I know this can be hard to believe. My clients have also reported that their babies often sleep longer in the night or for their naps after having their vaccinations. This does not surprise me as I witnessed it with my own children. Sleep is nature’s way of healing. When we deny our sleep needs as adults, our bodies break down, we get sick and we are forced to rest.

4) Follow my tips and strategies in the teething & sickness document that you received as part of your consultation package.

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