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The Bottle Fairy

  How to Get Your Toddler to STOP Using Bottles Asking a toddler to say good bye to their bottles is WAY more challenging than when they are a baby. We all have habits and the longer we have them, the harder it is to change them. By 18 months and older, your little one

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When to Stop the Bedtime Bottle

When to STOP the Bedtime Feeding Session So your little one has been an awesome little sleeping machine since they were an infant and you have filled their cute little belly with love and nourishment before they go to bed each night. Sometime around their first birthday, most parents are ready to say good-bye to the

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Super-Dad Confessions

  Written by a wonderful former client We ♥ Dads That is no secret. As you may know, we are always posting on social media about all our Super-Dad clients and how we adore them. They come to us exhausted and feeling like they are unable to help their wives and babies. Some are totally hands

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Pam’s Toddler Clock Tips!

  How to introduce a Toddler Clock Are you blurry eyed due to your darling child wanting to start the day at 5:30 am like mine used to do? He was so HAPPY about it but I sure wasn’t. I would mutter under my breath, “F me, Max it can’t be 6 am yet. Why the bleep are you

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Could Growing Pains be Waking My Child at Night?

Is it “Growing Pains” or is it something else? In this week’s Coffee & Q’s, Pam addresses the research that best explains what is happening to our children’s bodies when they are complaining of leg cramps or pain.   Over the past 7 years of sleep consulting, I have heard many parents referencing concerns of

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Why Does My Child Wake Up at Night?

One of the most frustrating things for a parent is when their baby wants to wake up prematurely from a nap, multiple times in the night, or too early in the morning. When we have a brand new baby, we expect that. Many parents are misled to believe that their children will grow OUT of

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Toddler Meltdowns: Monster to Mary Poppins!

Putting Pam’s toddler meltdown advice into action: a week in review Some may say I’m a little biased because I am part of Pam’s team, but anyone who knows me can tell you that I have been singing her praises long before I was on her payroll. Before anything else, Pam is my friend and a

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Stop the Meltdowns Already!

Oh the meltdowns. As soon as my daughter was 18 months old it became more and more apparent that she had entered the dreaded “terrible-twos” phase early. Anytime I had to distract her from an item she was not to touch– or dare say “No!” to her– or attempt to take her home after a

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Should we introduce a Blanket in the crib?

Should my baby sleep with a blanket? Reader Question! “The other day at daycare the teacher mentioned she was the only child sleeping during nap time without a blanket and she had started noticing/wondering about it. They tried a spare blanket with her and she slept well and really liked it. At night we only

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