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My, oh my, oh my! I get to talk about one of my favourite subjects of ALL TIME today. The magic of the Lovey!

It is simply going to make your heart burst with joy when you see your little one wrapped around their small stuffed animal or cuddle blanket, peacefully sleeping in their cribs. Trust me on this. It is one of the best things in the entire world!

The stories I have heard over the past seven years are what fuels my soul and passion. They make my heart burst with joy. If we were ever locked in a room, I would talk your ear off with lovey story after lovey story after lovey story after lovey story.

Can your little one be a good sleeper without one? Sure, they can. They do not need a small stuffed animal or cuddle blanket to sleep with, but it sure makes it easier for them to sleep in strange environments. By having a sleep sack (more info HERE) and their lovey with you at all times, you will not fear putting them down at Grandma’s house or at the gym while working out or at your local church during a service.


The technical term for a lovey is a transitional object. You can learn more HERE.

To help your little one get easily attached to their new lovey, you should incorporate them as part of your nightly bedtime ritual and nap ritual. Have the lovey there as you dress your child for bed after their bath. If you are a goofy parent like me, have the lovey read the bedtime story and sing the song. This way, your child will learn – ahhh … I get it, I am about to go from Point A – Awake to Point B – Asleep. My lovey will help me take that journey and it’s all about love, comfort, security, sleep and will remind me of my parents. I am safe and I am secure.

Hmmm … you might be wondering: Is that Ok? Will they get HEALTHY sleep with a lovey? The answer is YES they will, unlike a soother or a pacifier. Loveys are actually a positive sleep association tool.  You can read more here: Soother or Thumb? and FAQ. 


This is one of my all time favourite stories of a little boy I worked with and his new sleeping buddy, that they affectionately called Toothpick. Within a week, Mateo was happily going to bed every night and he loved brushing his teddy’s teeth. So incredibly cute! Dad had never been keen on bedtime because his son just wanted Mommy and to be breastfed to sleep. Now he was having a blast chasing his son to bed, having wrestling matches and reading bedtime stories. Bedtime transformed from the worst time of the day to the BEST time of the day. Wait a minute Pam … did you really say “chase me games and wrestling matches before bed”? Yep. I sure did. You can read more here: Make Bedtime Fun! and My Philosophy.




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To ENTER, please tell us what is your child’s special Lovey? If you don’t have one yet, what will you choose for them? Or did you have a lovey as a child?

Good luck!

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