Day 3- All I Want for Christmas is… SLEEP! Enter to WIN!

Pam’s 12 Days of Christmas:

Giveaway – Day 3


Yep. You know what I am talking about. Let’s get that sparkle in your eye and that desire flowing again so that you can:

  1.  make another baby
  2.  go out on the town with your girlfriends and dance the night away knowing that your hubby is “all good” putting the baby to bed
  3. have a date night – either a romantic dinner out or a cozy, canoodling movie night on the couch knowing that your baby is “all good”
  4. get back to the gym, go out for a run or join me at Hot Yoga

Even though it was over 10 years ago, I still remember what it was like when my son was not sleeping well. It was a luxury to brush my teeth and wash my hair. Yep. You know what I am talking about. My husband was looking for some love and attention and I all I wanted was to crawl into bed and get some sleep. Or worse, kick him in the balls in bitter resentment as he was sleeping just fine in our bed while I was either sleeping in the rocking chair with Max in my arms or in the spare bedroom not able to sleep, anxiously waiting for the next time he would wake. Looking back now, my poor husband was my punching bag during the day as I constantly complained about being sleep deprived.

So let’s get you and your family sleeping well. I promise you. You, your partner and your baby are going to love it.

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love, hugs, and gratitude,

pam nease



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