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The past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of teaching my newborn strategies with my incredible Sleep Angel Sophie. We have been busy meeting with various families virtually across North America as these smart parents do not want to wait to teach their little ones the beautiful gift and skill of sleep. When teaching newborns, it is about instilling habits rather than changing them. Therefore there is potentially NO tears involved!

Now, do not get any crazy ideas that you can teach a newborn baby to sleep through the night at two weeks old. That is not realistic and would not be healthy for your baby nor a good idea for Mom’s milk supply. However, you can set the stage so that by 10 weeks, they could be potentially sleeping a continuous 8 to 10 hour stretch, waking up once to breast feed or have a bottle and going back to sleep on their own for another 2 to 3 hours.

My darling Maddy, aka test subject number 2, learned to sleep this way and it was one of the many inspirations for me to quit my corporate gig and dedicate my life to teaching other parents the beautiful gift and skill of independent sleep. One of the best parts of teaching newborns to sleep with Pam Nease Sleep is that I love showing parents how they can still do car naps, stroller naps, carrier naps and especially CUDDLE naps while still instilling healthy sleep habits in the bassinet or the crib.  There is absolutely nothing better than holding a sleeping newborn while they sleep until it becomes 24/7 for weeks and months on end in my humble opinion.

You may be wondering … what does this have to do with a bedtime story, Pam? I am getting there. A bedtime story is KEY to SUCCESS with all ages when you are teaching children to sleep – even NEWBORNS. You may be rolling your eyes at this point like many clients have over the past seven years and even Sophie was surprised. What? They are not going to understand the story?! You are right. They are not going to understand it but they are going to hear you and/or your spouse’s soothing voice every night before they drift off to dreamland. It helps create bonding, love and connection (in addition to helping your little one with verbal development) . By reading a story as part of your bedtime routine, it will also guide and let your precious little one know that they are about to go to sleep. I even recommend to my newborn clients that they read a book before every nap! That’s a lot of books in a day when you think about it.

I am excited to hear from you in the comments below. Tell us WHAT BOOK would you like to BUY or that you RECOMMEND to other parents read to their children.  

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