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I did it too. I bought pretty much every sleep book available at the time. I like to be thorough in my research. I like to be educated. What ended up happening? I became lost, dazed, confused and even more sleep deprived. None of the books agreed on how to get my baby to sleep. I tried putting pieces together and my poor little man, Max became even more of a miserable baby.

The only book that actually got him to sleep was The Happiest Baby on The Block, by Dr. Harvey Karp. His 5 S method and theory of the 4th Trimester made perfect sense to me so I rocked, bounced, swaddled, shh’d and used a pacifier or my breast to help him suck. It certainly got him into sleep and calmed my crying baby but it did not KEEP him asleep. As soon as I laid him down, he would wake up and I would have to start the process all over again unless I put him in a moving swing, a moving car or a moving stroller or simply let him sleep in my arms.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Books are an excellent starting point – when you are well rested. How well can you read a book and make sense of it when you are sleep deprived? I certainly cannot and unless you have special human powers, research says that you probably can’t either. And, if you can read it, make sense of it – will you actually implement it? Will both you and your partner interpret the author’s recommendations the same way? And, now let’s throw in another INDIVIDUAL and their perspective – your baby! What if they do not DO what the book describes? Now, what do you do?

If you are anything like me, you might actually start yelling at the book, hoping that it would answer back. True Story. I was yelling at Dr. Marc Weissbluth when out of desperation, I tried some of his advice in Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child. The book did not answer back. My husband came home and found me outside on the porch crying my eyes out while our baby was crying alone in his crib. I gave up and went back to the 5 S method and trying to find a better solution.

So, SAVE YOUR MONEY and go out on a date instead. Have fun with your partner and trust us with your precious little baby and their sleep. Looking back now, if I had hired the Sleep Consultant FIRST, I would have SAVED a ton of money on gas driving Max to sleep, buying batteries for the swing (in those days, they did not plug into the wall), buying all the sleep books available, going to chiropractic visits to improve his colic, buying the various teething and gas remedies available at the time, changing laundry detergents (I actually thought his clothes were making him itchy, so that’s why he was not sleeping) and the list goes on. Then factor in the toll it was taking on my relationship with my baby and my spouse and my other relationships. I was driving everyone nuts as I was completely obsessed with my son’s sleep. It was all I could think about and talk about. You cannot put a number on that.

Enough about me, let’s hear from you. Tell us WHY you want to win this Prize! Where and what would you be doing on your date night knowing that your adorable little baby is happily sleeping in their crib while under the supervision of someone you trust?

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Good Luck!

love, hugs, and gratitude,

pam nease


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