Day 8 – All I Want for Christmas is… SLEEP! Enter to WIN!

Pam’s 12 Days of Christmas:

Giveaway – Day 8



Natelle from Oyaco Products …. is the bomb! Thanks to her, I am able to giveaway one of my favourite products EVER. The Grobag. I used them personally with my own daughter, purchased many for friends and clients as baby shower gifts, and recommended them countless times over the past seven years of full time consulting.

The sleep sack is one of the BEST inventions in my professional opinion. Trust me, you and your baby are going to love them. When I was writing this blog, I started researching when they were invented and wanted to share all these cool, interesting facts and stories. Then, I realized. Pam, your readers are TIRED. They do not care about that stuff. I was once there, too.

You want to know WHY: 

1) They keep your baby safe.

2) They keep your baby warm. One of the functions of sleep is to lower our core temperature, so we can conserve energy and use it the next day. That’s why, even as adults, when we are in a warm climate such as Hawaii, we would want a light sheet on top of us when we are sleeping to keep us warm.

3) Sleep sacks become a POWERFUL and POSITIVE Sleep Association Tool. When you look at a pillow, your conscious brain says – that’s a pillow. Your subconscious brain says, when I put my head on that, it’s time to go from point A – Awake to point B – Asleep. The same principle applies to your precious three month old baby. When you bundle them into their little sleeping bag before each and every nap and before each and every bedtime, their subconscious brain will start to connect the dots and say … YAY! I am about to go to sleep!

4) They help prevent your toddler from climbing OUT of their crib.

When is it NOT a good idea to use a sleep sack? How long should I keep my child in one? Do you have an escape artist?Make sure to sign up to my newsletter to find out these answers and to get exclusive discounts now and in the future.

Don’t want to wait to win one, BUY NOW. All proceeds from my Amazon Affiliate link in 2016 and 2017 are going to mental health in honour of one of my clients. He passed away way too young and left behind his 7 year old daughter.


To enter, share with us WHY you want to win a Grobag Baby Sleeping Bag! 

Good Luck!

love, hugs, and gratitude,

pam nease

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