Day 9 – All I Want for Christmas is… SLEEP! Enter to WIN!

Pam’s 12 Days of Christmas:

Giveaway – Day 9



Today’s blog post is short and sweet as I know many of you are VERY SLEEP DEPRIVED, just like I was 10 years ago.

Here is what you NEED to know:

  1. Give your NEWBORN or INFANT a bath EVERY night before going to sleep. This will help them realize that it is time for the big, big, big, big, BIG sleep… did I say Big?  😉 You can read more here: Day vs Night.
  2. You do not need to use products every time. Dunk them in and take them out if you are tired and they are tired but do NOT be tempted to skip this vital first step of your nightly ritual.
  3. Do not worry if it appears to be WINDING them up. Sure, you do not want to over stimulate a two week old newborn, but by the time they are three months it is “all good”. This is what makes me and my team unique as your Pediatric Sleep Consultants: loving.simple.practical and most importantly FUN routines before sleep. Trust me. You and your baby will love it. 

I am thrilled to be giving away another $25.00 Gift Card to so that you can invest in some wonderful new items to use for your child’s bath time in the weeks, months and years to come!

To enter, tell us WHAT products you already LOVE and/or what products you would like to purchase for your sweet little bub when they are in the tub?

love, hugs, and gratitude,

pam nease

P.S. But what about TRAVELLING, Pam? What about CAMPING? Sleeping over at a Grandma’s house? Or doing that CRAZY idea you have of putting my baby down at someone else’s house and then waking them up and taking them home to continue sleeping? Do I have to do the BATH?  For the answer to these great questions and more, make sure to sign up for today’s newsletter. You will also be eligible for an exclusive discount for a full private sleep consultation NOW and be able to be notified of special contests, promotions and giveaways coming up!

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