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Nicholas P.
Nicholas P.
I am thrilled to share the incredible impact that Pam's sleep training has had on our family. It has been nothing short of life-changing.Choosing to invest in sleep training for our daughter has been the best decision we've ever made. Witnessing her joy and playfulness during wake windows is priceless, and the newfound time my husband and I have for each other, friends, and family is beyond amazing.Pam's expertise is unparalleled. She tailored a sleep plan specifically for us, and her availability and genuine passion for what she does make her an absolute gem. The one-on-one sessions were invaluable, and daily feedback provided the confidence and capability we needed.Since completing the training, our baby girl goes to sleep easily! The gentle and kind approach felt loving. It's as if we've given our daughter the gift of sleep that will benefit her for a lifetime. Pam has not only transformed our daughter's sleep patterns but has given us the gifts of date nights, more time, and eradicated nap time and bedtime anxieties.I wholeheartedly recommend Pam's teaching to anyone seeking a positive, effective, and loving approach to sleep training. Thank you, Pam, for making our lives immeasurably better!Gratefully,Dana, Nick and baby Alex
Carly O.
Carly O.
With so many professionals cautioning us about “sleep training” before the age of 5 months, I was skeptical about starting so early with the Newborn Package. But with my husband returning back to work out of town, we decided take a leap of faith and get started with Pam when our daughter was 5 weeks old. Let me tell you…it was the best investment we have made! As first-time parents, Pam helped navigate us through the newborn stage by implementing gentle sleep habits for our daughter. Pam’s newborn approach still allows you to feed on demand, but provides you with a plan and routines for establishing good sleep habits for your baby. We immediately had success after getting started; our daughter was sleeping for longer stretches throughout the night. Before she was four months old, she was sleeping for 12+ straight hours in her crib, in her own room and we had ditched the pacifier! She was putting herself to sleep on her own both at night and for naps. Having a plan and Pam as our confidant was crucial to our daughter learning the skill of sleep - and also helped keep our minds at ease. I highly recommend Pam and that you consider getting started sooner rather than later - you won’t regret it. You cannot put a price on the gift of good sleep for everyone in your home!
Leanne N.
Leanne N.
I am 5 months out from starting our now 9 month old's sleep training journey with Pam Nease, and in the process of preparing for daylight savings time with...
Carly O.
Carly O.
A must have for all parents!
Brittany O.
Brittany O.
Would you recommend my services to another family? I would absolutely recomment Pam's services to another family! She was vital in helping Charlie learn healthy sleep habits. I have so many friends of 3 1/2 month olds who are still waking up multiple times a night to feed and their sleep being so inconsistent. By 2 1/2 months, Charlie was a super sleeper and 95% of the time only waking up once a night to feed! She's given us a ton of direction and help on helping him establish nap routines/schedules as well that we are working to conquor and I know with time we will!What would you say about teaching your newborn to sleep? It is definitely a process and every baby is different. But Pam has dealt with so many different situations that no matter what questions I had, she always had tailored answers to help Charlie establish great sleeping habits.How would you describe it to Jackie? Or your brother? Or a stranger on the street? I would describe her services as a must especially for first time parents who don't know what they're doing. I have no idea where I would be right now without her help and guidance. Definitely not where I am now. Hiring Pam was the best decision we could have made for our baby.What can I do to improve for the next client? Nothing! Pam was a god-send!!!
Francesca V.
Francesca V.
I worked with Pam with my first baby for sleep training. The experience was easy and beyond helpful from the first phone call to the last. She really cares about helping each and every child (and parents) she comes across. Her passion for the importance of sleep and teaching this skill has not only helped my baby sleep through the night, but has also taught me how beneficial and important it is. 10/10 recommend for anyone who is having trouble with a sleeping baby or wants the knowledge on the magic of sleep!
Anna M.
Anna M.
Moms and dads- if you have any doubts on whether the investment in Pam is worth it, it is ABSOLUTELY worth it. We desperately needed help with my 2 year old. She slept in our bed, required a bottle at bedtime and in the morning, and was very attached to her pacifier. In one night, after following all of Pam’s instructions and guidance to prepare for that evening, my daughter slept alone in her crib with no soothers! We were in complete disbelief. She had NEVER slept in her crib before and never slept without any soothers. Over the course of a couple of weeks, our two year old who would barely allow me to leave the bed to use the bathroom, was sleeping independently like a big girl. We did have some rough nights here and there when my daughter tried to test us, but Pam was so supportive and helped tweak our sleep plan as necessary. She even provided step by step guidance when we had a Disney trip planned in just the beginning weeks of sleep training. Thanks to Pam, our trip didn’t even phase my daughter and we did not have to deal with the re-training backlash I so very much dreaded. My daughter is in bed by 7 and my husband and I have regained our evenings. This has been invaluable. We can’t thank her enough. If you stick to the plan and follow her lead, I promise you will wish you called Pam sooner.
Five Stars!!!! Pam is not only a professional, but she is deeply personable and has comfort and concern attuned to the needs and wants of your baby. Our lil guy would only sleep on our chests for the first 4 months. Yelled everytime he laid him on his back. We trusted the process and now he is a supersleeper. Orion now has 12 hr night 🌙 sleeps without crying, and we can finally rest at night. And he is also napping throughout the day. We noticed a great improvement in his attitude and he can sleep in his own crib and room without us. All this to say that the program and Pam's sleep method is totally worth the time and the money! Invest in sleep training, it definitely gave us ability as parents to rest easily again instead of being up all night with him. Also Pam never leaves you in the dark, her check ups, calls, and emails give you the support you need to change your baby's life for the better. Don't waste anymore time, Pam Nease Sleep is the way to go.
Carrie W.
Carrie W.
Literally life changing. My six month old baby was waking every 90 minutes at night, for six weeks straight. I was going crazy. Our first night sleep training, he woke three times. On the second night he slept for 10 hours straight. I cannot recommend Pam Nease Sleep enough. I always say it is the best money I’ve ever spent! I used all of the practices on my second baby and she is an even better sleeper than my first!
Farhad Y.
Farhad Y.
To be honest, if anybody would have told me that our son would be able to sleep for more than 5 hrs continuously at night, I would not have believed them 2 months ago. I thought maybe other babies can do that, but not our son. He used to wake up every 30 mins to 1 hr from month 3 to month 9. I thought this is how he will forever be (or at least until he is 2 yrs old according to some friends). My hope with sleep training was to reduce the number of our wakings at night from more than 10 to less than 3. However, with Pam's help, we are now at zero waking at night and he goes to sleep without crying most of the time...This is unbelievable!!! He is also a lot more content during the days. I think the past 2 months with the sleep training has been transformational for all of us in so many ways! He trusts himself/us more and we trust him more! We were very nervous when we started this process. It took us a few weeks to finally say yes. We also questioned it several times during the first week (but we stuck with the plan). We all cried several times. However, I think we made the right decision to do this for our family and I am so happy that we decided to do this with the help of someone so passionate, knowledgeable, and caring! Thank you Pam for changing our lives. I am known for having high expectations from people who I have hired before. Pam, you are the first person who surpassed my expectations by far. I would happily and strongly recommend you to anybody who wants to go through this process.
jessica K.
jessica K.
Hey Pam, thanks for changing our lives.I only wish we had reached out sooner.Your work makes dreams happen for babies and dreams come true for parents.
Seanna L.
Seanna L.
When I started looking for a sleep trainer I honestly felt slightly discouraged and unsure if it was going to be the right choice for my family. I knew I wanted to sleep train our son but didn’t feel like I was hearing confidant information on how it can be done. I talked to multiple sleep consultants and just kept hearing “wellll we could try a few different methods” and “it might take a while to ween out the night feeds.” Until I spoke with Pam. Right away she made me feel so comfortable, and told me our goals for our sons sleep were absolutely achievable in 3 nights or less. Pam took the time to get to know our family and on our first call I could see her jotting down little things about us (like our dogs name) because to Pam, the little things matter! She wants you to feel 100% comfortable with her so you can feel confident when you start the journey to better sleep together! Pam has invested so much time and effort into her company, and truly wants to help families get full nights of sleep.My only regret is not finding her sooner - and I can’t wait to try her newborn program with our second baby some day!
Michael B.
Michael B.
Life changing! Within days of starting to work with the Pam Nease team, our 10 month old was sleeping longer (which meant we slept longer!) and had transitioned off her soother. Now that my child is 3, we still benefit from the skills we learned, as she is still sleeping through the night.
Amy P.
Amy P.
Huge thank you to Pam and her staff of sleep angels! We had the pleasure of having Pam herself and then Jessica with our second baby. Was such a relief having someone to coach us through the process offering support and advice! We have two super sleepers and thank them for helping us teach the skill of sleep for our babies. Will continue to refer Pam Nease to anyone interested ❤️
Alannah H.
Alannah H.
We have used Pam's sleep training method twice - for both of our sons. It really works! We started sleep training when each of our sons was around 4-5 months and almost instantly, our sleep (and sanity!) turned around. Our sons were sleeping through the night within 5 days and their naps improved soon after as well. When there were some bumps in the road Pam and her team were also quick to respond and help us. Overall we cannot imagine our lives without having done this training - we still get compliments on how our 2 year old is an amazing sleeper. Thank you Pam!
Kylie S.
Kylie S.
Oh, how I could go on and on and on about my experienceS with Pam. Let me start by saying that I HATE being sleep-deprived. I am not a person who functions well on little sleep. It makes me start to literally lose my mind. We first used her program with our daughter in 2019 when she was 4.5mo old. I was desperate. I reached out to some friends and said “I NEED someone to tell me how to get her to sleep and not have to give her her pacifier 15 times at night and do not tell me to let her cry it out because I won’t do that…” and someone said “call Pam Nease!” She sent me her info and I was hesitant because I thought “do I really need a coach to help me with my kid? Will it even work? It seems like a waste of money. Long story short…. It was NOT. A waste. It was LIFE-CHANGING! She was sleeping within 2 nights and was taking good naps throughout the day. Literally within 48hrs of starting the program. Fast-forward to this year. She is now 3.5yrs old and is still an incredible sleeper. Through sicknesses, teething, traveling, etc. she just SLEEPS. She’s also just a wonderful, smart, well-behaved child which we credit A LOT to her sleeping. We also now have a son! We started Pam’s program with him at 4mo of age and wouldn’t you know it! He was also sleeping *mostly* through the night within a few days as well! He was a bit more challenging than our first, but even so, we were all getting MUCH BETTER sleep within a couple of nights and just a couple of weeks into the program were getting FULL nights of sleep. We were lucky enough to work with Katrina in round 1 and Pam, herself, in round 2. We could not be any happier with our experience. Pam’s program is one of the best things we have ever done for our family. We are forever grateful and will continue to use either her or one of her amazing sleep angels with every kid we have in the future. (Also, I should note that Pam is the only reason I’m even open to having more children because i know that she will be able to help me help them to sleep hahahah. I always say that if babies came out of the womb sleeping, I would have 10. And with Pam, they pretty much do!) If youre desperate for some sleep like we were, JUST DO IT! You will NEVER regret it!!
Annick C.
Annick C.
I don’t know what we would have done without Pam and her expertise. She helped my daughter go to sleep with ease, throughout the night, no matter if she was teething or regressing! We were up with our daughter up to five times a night for months and trying other sleep training techniques on our own. And now sleep isn't something we worry about. She also naps like a dream! We started sleep training at the same time as we were moving, and honestly, I'm so glad we didn't wait. Being a nurse and working shift work, my sleep was vital. Pam gave us tips and tricks on how to make our sleep schedule work for our life. This is hands down the best money I've ever spent. I recommend Pam to everyone I know because her help is the reason we're doing so well today!
Katie M.
Katie M.
My experience with Pam was nothing short of life changing. When we finally agreed that we needed help, we had exhausted every other tool, from sleep training books, to rigid routines, to accepting the sleepless nights. As we exhausted all our options, we became exhausted. Our son was 20 months and hadn’t slept through the night more than a handful of times. Pam met us where we were at and created a gentle sleep plan to help our son learn to sleep through the night and in addition, she encouraged his big brother to join in the fun (they were both part of the learning as a fun game) and helped them both improve their sleep habits. It changed all of our lives and all of our kids are strong sleepers. Pam gave us tools that were gentle and we are so grateful that we can all rest better because of it.
Elma F.
Elma F.
When you’re sleep deprived and you feel like nothing is working, don’t hesitate, talk to Pam. She will take your hand, guide you and explain how the process works. Within a few days our little one sleeping independently. We used the Masterclass and it was wonderful. Thank you Pam, your support and guidance was worth everything!
Dan L.
Dan L.
Hiring Pam was our last ditch effort to figure out something close to a regular sleep pattern with our son. Our 7 year old is nonverbal, autistic, and has a moderate intellectual disability. He does not understand the basic concepts of reward and punishment. He also takes several different drugs to mitigate seizures. All this means that it has been 7 years of hell trying to figure out why he won’t sleep and how we can get him to participate in a routine that does not involve waking up at all hours and making a fuss.We were very skeptical that Pam could actually help us with our intellectually disabled child, since our situation was so much different than neuro-typical kids. However, we were at the end of our rope and decided to give it a go and made sure that we followed through with all of Pam’s instructions.Pam was very positive about our chances (more positive than us!) and she gave us several techniques to try to get our son to staying in bed. We did everything she told us to do and we were amazed at the results. Several techniques worked and eventually we started to see him staying in his bed until his pre-defined wake up time. Life with our special needs child has improved dramatically. Thank you Pam!
Michelle B.
Michelle B.
We are so grateful to Pam Nease for helping our family, not just with our first child, but with our second as well. My husband and I regularly say to each other- thank goodness for Pam Nease. I don't know how other families can manage with sleepless nights for years on end. I could hardly last 3 months! Although parenting involves various other challenges, thankfully sleep is not smthg we have to think about or worry about or spend extra time fussing over. Our kids sleep great, are sharing a room, and bedtime is our favourite time of day!
Darcy D.
Darcy D.
Pam provided a full rundown of her process, what to expect and strategies that provided the foundation for success. Sure, some nerves on our end prior to beginning and for the first couple days but I found sleep training with our 13 month old a breeze to be honest. Her first night she woke up and cried three times (the same as she would do prior to starting Pam’s program, no big deal), then the next night NO wake ups, the following two nights had only ONE wake up and now 2 months after Pam's programs she sleeps soundly throughout the night. If she does wake-up, she has the ability to put herself back to sleep very quickly without help from mom or dad. The sleeping training process with our 13 month old made me so proud of her, watching her learn a new lifelong skill and completely change her behavior during the day. Pam’s daily follow-up phone calls were immensely helpful and comforting, answering all of our questions and providing reassurance and strategies to navigate our unique situation. Our lives are completely (read: COMPLETELY!) different, even after the first week. She’s getting sleep, we’re getting sleep and even our rescue pup is now getting a full nights rest. It has been totally life changing, thanks to Pam and efforts of baby and mom. I would recommend Pam’s services to absolutely everyone who wants a good night’s sleep and do it in a way that makes both parents feel comfortable. I loved hearing Pam’s stories of other clients and their experiences, it was comforting to know we’re not in this alone and the path to better sleep for all can be tackled with a little effort, consistency and support from an expert.
Laura R.
Laura R.
Sleep training our babe with Pam Nease was honestly the best thing we ever did! Charley sleep trained at 5 months, and is still a rockstar sleeper 2 yrs later! We can travel and go places knowing that wherever we set her up, she'll have a great sleep. Plus we can't complain for a full night's sleep either!So, how did the process start? We attended a REALLY helpful seminar where Pam went through the basics. From there, we knew Pam was a great fit for us, given our values and opinions towards different methods of sleep training. It was nice to be able to get a "Taste" of what the process would look like before buying!Once, we decided to move forward, we went with the full on "hold my hand" package. No regrets here. It was awesome to message the team anytime with all our crazy questions! The process felt easy. (Especially because this is a BIG change for our little ones! There were many "what do I do now oh gosh" moments, so it was nice to feel supported through the crazy adjustment.)After just 10 days, Charley was sleep trained. We'll definitely be back for baby #2!
Michele A.
Michele A.
Pam review:FTM mom here who works from home and had deadlines stacking up. I was in denial of needing help but got Pam's help as an amazing gift from my MiL.Now, my 6 month old has turned from a 45 min-*only in a swing after being nursed to sleep while being bounced*-napper into a 1.5-3 hr crib napper.She's now able to fall asleep independently after a short routine and can sleep for longer stretches at night, thanks to Pam's guidance and support.I feel very well equipped with the tools that have been taught to us.Pam got us through some tough nights with a lot of sympathy and encouragement. Her communication was personal, kind and practical.I would highly recommend working with Pam and her team if you're ready to commit and get yourself a predictable routine and rest back. (Get the text support, it is 👏worth 👏it if you have sleep-deprived mom brain like I did).Also, all my feeding issues got resolved after her sleep fell into place. Who would've thought?!
janelle K.
janelle K.
Pam is a wonderful, very experienced sleep consultant. She speaks with confidence and a has a wealth of knowledge on the topic but most importantly, she...
Crystal C.
Crystal C.
BEFORE Pam Nease Sleep : Sleep, enjoying parent hood was almost non-existent with our 4.5 month old. She would only sleep while nursing. It was draining. I would wake up shaking due to exhaustion and lack of proper sleep. My husband and I thought this was just normal part of being new mom and dad. Husband and I were on edge more, quick to snap and did not have quality time.Someone mentioned Pam Nease Sleep to us and we were skeptics even though we read all the positive reviews! But we were so desperate we tried.AFTER Pam Nease Sleep: Our baby girl sleeps so well now! We couldn’t believe it! Sleeping through the night and 2 naps a day. Our baby is growing so much better with all this needed sleep she is now getting. There is less chaos in our house due to a very cranky baby. I can sleep, dad can sleep.Working with sleep expert, Sophie was amazing. Even though it was some work and committment - Sophie made us feel at ease, and made the process fun as best as she could. We loved loved loved working with Sophie.We entered this sleep training as skeptics, and finished as believers! It works , it really really works! 100% worth it! Wish someone told me earlier!
Alison R.
Alison R.
Highly recommend. Saved our family's sleep and sanity and 7 years later, our 'baby' still sleeps like a champ, and loves bedtimes. Best money ever spent.
Allison S.
Allison S.
Our little guy was 6 months old, co-sleeping and waking every few hours in the night to breastfeed. He would only nap ON me and never for longer than 30-45mins. The fractured sleep had caught up to me and I was a shell of a human. So exhausted. Sleep training had been recommended to me to get our LO sleeping in his crib in his own room. I had SO many sleep training programs shared with me from friends and friends of friends but found it difficult to navigate them and was unsure what the right method was. I was afraid of the crying, unsure if sleep training would work for us and also so desperate to get more than a 3 hour stretch of sleep. I interviewed a few different sleep trainers and landed on Pam for many reasons but mainly my gut.Within 3 nights, our LO was sleeping through the night. Honestly, I hardly believed it myself. Naps took a little longer to come around. Pam was an incredible support for me AND my husband. She catered the program specifically to our baby and to us. She was so knowledgable, so patient, SO compassionate.Our baby is now almost 8 months old and thriving. Sleep is everything. For us as parents and for our babe. We'll be forever grateful to Pam for the gift of sleep. This was truly the best money I ever spent.THANK YOU!
David H.
David H.
We just completed sleep training for our second baby with Pam Nease Sleep, it's been 5 weeks of life changing sleep and we couldn't have done it without Sophie our sleep consultant.Our eldest is now 5 and sleeps like a rock, we had Sophie guide us through her sleep training back in 2017, since then we''ve travelled the world and moved internationally, she hasn't missed a beat with her sleep.Sophie quickly got to the heart of what changes we needed to make, and guided us through the tough first weeks to help cement a solid sleep skill for our children. With the benefits of self soothing, and unbroken rest our little ones are growing into bright, kind happy people. Thank you Sophie! and thank you Pam Nease Sleep 🙂
Jenna S.
Jenna S.
Our twins were just over a year old when I found out I was expecting again. Although the thought of two toddlers and a newborn was entirely overwhelming, we held out hope that maybe the new baby would be a good sleeper... Guess what, he wasn't! We called Pam and she delivered. Her approach was compassionate, skilled, and showed us that there was light at the end of the tunnel! The value of a good night's sleep is gold, and improved the quality of every aspect of our lives at a time when we had been feeling completely out of gas.Pam is very experienced in her field, and we felt very comfortable in her capable hands. I highly recommend Pam Nease Sleep!
Smitha N
Smitha N
I have a 2.5 yr old son who co-sleeps with us as he was waking up multiple times a night for milk. I was desperately trying to find a way to stop him from waking up because that means our sleep is disrupted. While googling, I came across an article on Pam's bottle fairy technique. I read many good reviews on it too and decided to give it a try! All it took was 3 nights and now my boy sttn!!! I am so glad I gave it a shot and I'm so happy it worked! Definitely engaging Pam again for all future sleep training needs. Thanks for the article Pam!
Amanda P.
Amanda P.
Before Pam nease sleep. I didn't know what sleep was. My baby would sleep next to me in bed (he hated his crib and is high needs) and would wake up every 30 mins-1 hour all night long I was so exhausted and sleep deprived. I had tryed everything I could think of to try and get my baby to sleep and nothing was working. After talking with Pam and working with sleep angel Sophie my baby was sleeping in his crib and sleeping up to 11 hours in a matter of a couple days. I didn't think this was possible, yes at first it is hard but it is so worth it. I wish I had found Pam sooner. I was hesitant at first because I thought there is no way my baby is going to sleep in his crib but if you stick to the schedule and listen to the sleep angel and follow all the advice it will work! Both my baby and myself are getting the much needed rest we both deserve now. Thank you Pam and sleep angel Sophie! ❤️The service I received was awesome and everyone was so friendly and caring, which is exactly what I was looking for. It made the hard times much easier. I highly recommend Pam Nease sleep. You won't be disappointed!
Kate D.
Kate D.
We started with our baby at 3.5 months of age and it was definitely one of the best decisions and hardest decisions I have made yet. Definitely not easy, but in the grand scheme of things did not last as long as it feels in the moment! My baby was a big contact napper in order to get longer than 20-30 minutes sleep. I would rock him to sleep (took about 10-15 minutes to fall asleep) transfer him and he would wake around 35 minutes later and in order to get his full amount of sleep during the day I would have to hold him to extend the nap for an extra hour. At the beginning this wasn't so bad as I could sit and watch TV while he slept, but as he got older it basically meant I was his room, in the dark alone rocking him for an additional hour. As much as I loved the snuggles, it was a long time doing nothing. At night he would get transferred 3-4 times within the first 30-40 minutes before night sleep would "stick" and he would sleep through the night. Bed time was so stressful as we knew we would have to keep trying to transfer until he was settled.This program changed his sleep for the better! Now we put him down awake, he falls asleep on his own, so theres no extra time spent stressing to get him down or trying to stress to extend the nap and at night he is a champion by sleeping a full 10-11 hours unassisted! Even with his new rolling skills! My consultant Jess was amazing and would answer my million e-mails through the day with one concise response (mostly just securing my thoughts were valid and helping my own trouble shooting). She was absolutely lovely and seemed to care for my baby as her own. She listened and was empathetic during the hard times and was so excited and joyful in the good times! And I can tell you, there were some epic crying moments that I thought we would not get through, but with hard work and effort, our baby no longer cries and falls asleep on his own within 4-6 minutes every single time.I would highly recommend this program to anyone going through a stressful infant sleep period. My little guy is happy easy going babe with his proper night sleep, and now mom is too!
Sanna B.
Sanna B.
Before pam, we were struggling to put our 8months baby to sleep. At first, we thought, her night wakes could be because of teething or crawling. As per our family and friends, this phase will pass and she will be back to her sleep routine. However, her night wakes got worst. Naps were also lasting 15-30mins and in the night she started getting up every 1.5hrs which was effecting her day activities and ofcourse our routine was upside down too.We are so glad that we chose Pam nease. The first couple of days of training were challenging as she used to fall asleep in my arms before transferred her to crib or sometimes nurse to sleep. By the end of training, she started falling asleep on her own with time frame less than 10mins.she is sleeping through the night and Nap is getting better too now.We are so happy as she is content and active during day.It was wonderful experience working with Jessica.highly recommend Pam nease.
Gina N.
Gina N.
Before sleep training, we struggled with putting our baby down for naps and bedtime. We had to constantly rock our baby to sleep and she would only nap in our arms or in a swing. I knew we couldn't sustain this so we contacted Pam's team for help and started the sleep training process with Natalie when our baby was 4 months old. Our daughter slept for 8 hours straight the first night and her naps drastically improved the next day. Our daughter is now sleeping through the night and most importantly, she is able to fall asleep on her own. It was a pleasure working with Natalie and I would highly recommend Pam and her team!
Heather S.
Heather S.
My husband, myself and our nine month old son were bone-tiered, overwhelmed and frustrated with our sleep situation. Our son needed to be nursed to sleep and if he woke up he needed to be nursed back to sleep, many, many, many times per night. Naps were the same and often were short or didn't happen at all. We had read all the books and did Google searches and still we weren't sleeping. Feeling defeated and at our wits-end we reached out to Pam Nease Sleep for a consultation and were introduced to Jessica. Jessica worked with our family dynamic, our parenting style and made sure to involve our other two children (5 and 10 years) in the plan she created for us. She addressed and validated our fears of being "stuck" at home in a ridgid, lengthy sleep routine. By day three our son was sleeping 12 hour nights and taking two 1.5 hour naps. He is now able to go from fully awake to sleeping all on his own without any tears or fussing. We have even had these amazing results when we put him to sleep at a family memebers home. No matter where you are in your sleep journey it is never too late to start. Jessica has made all of our lives so much better and we can never thank her enough. We highly recommend Pam Nease Sleep and her team and only wish we had done this sooner.
Navneet D.
Navneet D.
Prior to this sleep training , planning my day or trying to get things done was really tough. Not knowing what time she was going to nap, I couldn’t organize when I could do this or that. Furthermore, when it came to bedtime, it was like praying to the gods, hoping that it would be not horrible getting her down. Every night when it was bedtime , the anxiety and panic would kick in because it was so tough. HOWEVER, after sleep training , life is so much better. I can confidently get things done knowing my baby is sleeping and WILL be sleeping for x amount of time. And bedtime is easy peasy now. There’s no anxiety or fear anymore when the clock ticks closer to bedtime. It’s actually fun now ! And she goes down quickly and easily — with no tears !!!! No rocking !!!! No pacifier !!!! I’m so happy we went through this sleep training process. Super grateful for Sophie and the team. Disclaimer: sleep training itself was tough. Hearing the baby crying , is painful to hear. But you have to stay strong and stick through it. You will see the reward !!!! But again, you have to stay strong and power through the little cries. This is not for light hearted. All in all, it was a roller coaster of emotions going through this , but now that we’re at the end, I’m so happy we did it !
Tara K.
Tara K.
Definitely agree with all of the other reviews! I was skeptical at first but we were at the end of our rope and desperate to try anything. So glad we did! Our 12 month old was waking up ready for the day between 4-6 am for months and often waking up every couple of hours during the night. We thought we had tried everything (moved bedtime later, earlier, changed nap schedule, stopped night feeds, cry it out, pat back to sleep, white noise... and the list goes on)! We were constantly sleep deprived and irritable. Within a couple of weeks of working with sleep angel Katrina he was sleeping through the night and past 6am most mornings!! It has literally changed our lives and we highly recommend to anyone struggling with sleep issues with their little ones! Best money we have spent in a long time!
Samantha G.
Samantha G.
If there were 10 stars they'd get 100! I was up every 45mins-1.5hrs with our son & was really starting to feel the effects of sleep deprivation, I kept...
Katie F.
Katie F.
Jessica at Pam Nease Sleep is incredible! We used her to sleep train our first son back in 2018 when he was 5 months old and she told us to call her back...
Briana Y.
Briana Y.
Where to begin. We started out with a unique situation. Our son spent the first 6 months of his life literally sleeping ON me and never slept more than 3...
Alannah R.
Alannah R.
This was the best investment we made for our baby! We first contacted Pam Nease Sleep and worked with Katrina when our little one was 3 months old, in other words after 3 months of no sleep in our house, and almost a year later we have a quiet/calm house from 7pm to 7am! We loved that we had so many follow up convos so we could ask questions and also so Katrina could keep us on track in the beginning because it’s hard to stick to a plan when you’re that tired. She was great, Pam was always available as well and being part of the Pam Nease Sleep Family is something that we’ll appreciate forever! Plus, the absolutely best part of it is that we have a happy child who gets the sleep she needs at night and naps which means more time for family and fun! 🙂
Bettie J.
Bettie J.
My baby went from waking up 3 to 4 times a night to sleeping 12 hours without a peep! And he take 1.5 to 2 hour naps! This was the best thing that my...
Karissa S.
Karissa S.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! We decided to sleep train our first at about 10 months after witnessing the miracle of a friend putting their little one down for a nap within 5 min and proceeding to tell us that they also sleep through the night! I was suffering from lack of sleep or being a Momzombie, and needed help. Jessica was our sleep trainer for our first and made everything so relaxed and straight forward. When we had our second in January we knew we would get him sleep trained with Jessica asap. I cannot say enough how truly thankful I am for this service and Jessica. She is kind, knowledgeable, patient and just a truly special person who really helped us as a family! Forever grateful <3
Dani G.
Dani G.
All of the positive reviews are bang on - this really does work and is SO worth the money! Our situation was a bit different as our daughter is 6 but had bad sleep habits since she was 3, including coming in our bed in the middle of the night every night, not going to sleep on her own, and often waking up in the evening and needing an adult in her bed to get back to sleep. Now we tuck her in and leave - no evening wakes and no coming in our bed!!! Thank you so much to Sophie for eliciting such a positive change for our family. Highly recommend and worth the cost!
Ashley F.
Ashley F.
Game. Changer. We were in a rough place with our 6 month old not sleeping well. She constantly needed us to rock her to sleep and eventually would only sleep in our arms. Pam and Natalie were incredibly helpful and got our daughter to sleep through the night and self sooth within two nights. It's pricey but it was the most beneficial purchase. Couldn't recommend more!
mike W.
mike W.
Where do we even begin? How do you put a price on your sleep and ultimately your health? Sophie, our little sleep angel, has made all the difference on our little guy's sleep habits, and our own. My wife went from waking up 4-5 times a night, 1.5-2 hour stretches, nursing him back to sleep each time, to 10-12 hours throughout the night, uninterrupted, at 4 months old. If that isn't a miracle I don't know what is. Not only are his sleep habits at night incredible, his schedule throughout the day is like clockwork, making scheduling/errands/appointments, etc. much easier to manage. This has single handily been the best decision we have made as parents yet, and would do it again without hesitation for baby no. 2 if necessary.Thank you Pam Nease + Sophie!Mike, Kelsey + Milo Wahler
Megan W.
Megan W.
My husband and I are first time parents and had no idea what to expect after the birth of our son. We had all the help we needed in the birthing centre but...
Jamie C.
Jamie C.
I would highly recommend using Pam Nease Sleep. I had been contemplating using them for months and I wish I would have done it sooner!! Naps and bedtime used to make me anxious and now I enjoy our nap and bedtime routines, our daughter went from being up multiple times a night to sleeping through the night within the first week of using Pam Nease Sleep. It was definitely money well spent!Natalie was our sleep trainer and she was a delight to work with, she was very relatable and easy to talk with. If you’re thinking about hiring someone to help with sleep - this is the company you want and you’d be lucky to end up with Natalie!
Jennifer F.
Jennifer F.
We turned to Pam Nease Sleep when our daughter was 5 months old. At the time, our daughter would only nap if she was sleeping on me. I knew we couldn't sustain this. As first time parents, we needed help changing course. With Natalie, our super star Sleep Angel, we learned sleep is a skill, and learning the skill is a journey of 10 days, give or take. The cost of the program gave us pause. But we went for it, and I'm so glad we did. Unexpected surprises will pop up: She's teething! What about fevers? What if..? We wanted more individualized support than a book can provide, and Natalie was always ready with a calm, steady, reassuring hand. The sleep journey can be a lonely one for a parent, especially if the responsibility falls primarily on one of you. With Natalie, I never felt alone. Our baby girl needed the expertise of Pam Nease Sleep, and I needed the moral support and reassurance. Thank you Natalie and Pam Nease : )
Joanna C.
Joanna C.
I really thought my kids (2 and 6) were going to stump our sleep consultant, Jessica. We literally tried every single trick in the book (co-sleeping,...
Erin L.
Erin L.
My genuine feelings and thoughts on this review would take up pages and pages. What I will say, is we worked with Pam for our first daughter at age 4 mo. We...
Lindsay M.
Lindsay M.
When our daughter was four months old we needed help and a plan! After searching and reading a ton of reviews, we contacted Jessica and couldn't be happier...
Grace B.
Grace B.
I am a mom of two amazing boys. My oldest, now 7, never slept outside of my arms until he was 2 years old. We tried cry it out, loads of advice from books...
Kiana B.
Kiana B.
We absolutely LOVE Pam Nease Sleep and specifically our sleep angel Jessica. She helped us three years ago get our son's infant sleep locked down and then...
James H.
James H.
We had a really hard time keeping our first boy sleep trained. He had some surgeries and we were new parents who weren't very disciplined with keeping his...
Libby S.
Libby S.
We were at a loss at how to get our 4 year old to stop waking several times during the night. He was going to bed as late as 10pm and waking every few...
Chris F
Chris F
I highly recommend Pam and her team – money well spent! I got my wife back, my life back and all of our sanity. Getting your child good sleep is not a want – it’s a necessity, for everyone! You will regret you didn’t do it sooner. Trust me. I had some initial reservations but having Pam and her team give easy executable tasks and support during the process took all of the guessing and friction out of our sleep deprived lives and allowed my wife and I to be better parents and partners.
Andrei G.
Andrei G.
We worked with Jessica for both of our kids and she is great! For our first, we were in a really bad cycle of him waking up at 3-4am every morning, and so...
Karen K
Karen K
I recognized Pam while I was walking with my son (so he would nap!) -- I quietly yelled "I need you!" while I was trying to get away from loud dogs fearing they would wake my son early... I had fallen into the habit of having my son either on me, beside me or walking with me for him to sleep. He was 9 months old and this had started on the second night! I didn't think it would happen to me! I was underweight, fatigued, fearful, and dissatisfied with the relationship I had with my son since I worked while he was awake instead of being with him. I had become so desperate and confused researching all the various sleep approaches out there. Enter Pam: she was kind, warm, accepting, trustworthy, genuine and encouraging. She patiently took all my phone calls (there were many!) and then gently and confidently guided my husband and I through the process which was 100% effective and relatively easy since our son had a content sleep on the first night! It instantly changed and improved our lives. I could never have done it without her. I am so grateful for her help and the incredible dedication and passion she has about sleep and other issues! She and her team are definitely people you can turn to to learn the life changing skill of sleep. Thanks Pam!
A.J H.
A.J H.
Gents, this is the best money you are gonna spend. How do you put a price on sleep? What's the cost of being a useless SOB in your career because you're sleep deprived? Our lil babe is sleeping from 7pm to 630am everynight now and wifey and I get some adult time everyday. No BS, Pam could 10x her price and I'd still say it's great value.
Jenn H.
Jenn H.
We were so fortunate to have worked with Natalie of Pam Nease Sleep. I’m sure many parents going into this process feel nervous, and unsure if they are making the right choice for their child, as we were. From the beginning, she made us feel less anxious going into the process of sleep learning. Natalie gained our trust and respect very quickly and having her share her own experiences made us feel more at ease. Natalie made us feel supported and she was there every step of the way to help our little one learn to sleep. She was professional and yet very warm with her approach. She was very quick to respond to any questions that we had and gave thorough answers making sure that we had all of the information that we needed. She made us feel proud of ourselves and of our baby for doing all of the hard work. To top off our very positive experience, at the end of our time together, Natalie still reached out to make sure that we had what we needed to go forward as our little one grows and changes before our final goodbyes. I would highly recommend working with Pam Nease Sleep and count yourself very lucky if you work with Natalie.
Amanda M.
Amanda M.
Best investment I've made as a parent! My little girl was NOT a good sleeper in any way! My sleep Angel Jessica went above and Beyond to make sure the program was exactly what she needed! She is now 12 weeks and last night she slept 14 hours without waking up and independently goes to sleep every. Single. Time. the best part about it is she did it on her own!! If your reading reviews your most likely a tired family! CALL! Believe me you won't regret it!
Erin L.
Erin L.
Every time is try to write this I run out of space!!!! I want to be brief- but with 2 littles, I don’t have time for brevity... and also have too many amazing things to say.We taught my now almost 5 yr old to sleep (with Pam’s help) at 4 mo. My husband travelled constantly for work- kept wild hours... we needed this and he was on board. She took to it immediately. Currently she still does a one hour relax in her room at nap (it’s her quiet/reading/create things in her room time) and it’s magical. She loves it. She goes to bed at 630/7pm ... so so happily....and wakes at 630/7am. It’s been the best tool for time change, travel, illness, teething... all of it. She’s always slept in cars, planes.. on beaches in the sun and noise... actually unreal.So naturally, we ended up doing the newborn approach with our second. Working with angel Jessica ♥️ Um. Wow. Is all I can say. She tailored this specifically to us. It worked for us... and we had some revisions due to complications with health.. which we bounced right back from. (I swear because of the sleep she learned- and loved). My little wild one is now almost 2... and she lives for naps and nights!! We kept the night feed in until 9 mo (probably more my push than hers since I knew she was my last) but since the early weeks- she put herself down for naps and nights... so easy for having two kids!At this age I have have a (basically) 5 and 2 yr old who rest from 12-130/2... and sleep from 7-7 (though the 2 yr old typically does more like 13 hr nights.)Ok. My kids are actual Pam Nease Super Sleepers (tm) :)Parents: we have a marriage!!!!! We have time for intimacy... and the desire for it...because we’re rested and not resentful of each other :)We have time to veg on silly shows and have a glass of wine at 630 when the sun is still up... because the kids are down! We know we can (wellllllll you know) during naps because we know they’ll be safe and sound in their rooms for 1+ hrs...I mean. Honestly. Marriage saver. Sanity saver. All of it. If you’re reading this it’s because you’re considering it. Let me help you. Just do it. Invest in your family- in every way.
Suzanne H.
Suzanne H.
We hired Pam Nease Sleep over 2 years ago to help with our kid's sleep (ages 7 and 9 at the time), and the transformation has been amazing! Before Pam, our 7 year old son (who has ASD and ADHD) would regularly stay awake until 11pm or later (despite being put to bed at 8am). As a result, he would be exhausted in the morning and hard to get out of the house in time for school. We had resorted to using melatonin to get him to sleep, which really didn't help that much anyway.Working with Pam Nease Sleep was a wonderful experience. Pam wrapped our family in love and taught my husband and I simple, yet effective, techniques to get our children to sleep. The best part of the whole process were the regular check-ins with Pam to make sure we were on track and help us re-direct our efforts when necessary. I honestly believe the accountability was key to our success.After only a few weeks of working with Pam Nease Sleep, we were able to stop giving melatonin to our son! Both our kids sleep consistently through the night...even 2 years later. Plus, we no longer dread bedtime as we know the kids will stay in bed once the lights are turned out!!Hiring Pam Nease Sleep was one of the best investment we ever made! Highly recommend this amazing company!
Jessica S.
Jessica S.
I cannot even begin to express how grateful we are for Pam Nease Sleep and their amazing team. My daughter was a mediocre sleeper but it was manageable but by the time my son was almost 3 I truly didn’t think I could survive anymore without help. I had tried a variety of different sleep training methods with him over the years and just could not make it work for us.We were matched with Sophie and not only is she a Sleep Angel she is an angel in general. She was kind, funny, supportive, firm, and basically I want to be friends with her now haha! She never made me feel like I was taking up too much of her time on the phone and if she didn’t have an answer to a question (which really only happened once) she made sure to check in with the team to find the best answer!If you were ever on the fence about hiring help and you have the option to, hop off that fence and get in Contact with Pam Nease Sleep now. I promise you, you will not regret it! I have TWO super sleepers now for the first time in five long years. THANK YOU!!!!!
aman R.
aman R.
Pam Nease is a life saver! We sleep trained our eldest son with her 2.5 years ago and we just sleep trained our second guy. He was waking up every 45min all night long and we were exhausted emotionally, physically and mentally. He needed to be bounced back to sleep every hour. I wanted to wait until he 5.5months like our eldest was but we could barely make it to 5months. We had hit our breaking point.It has been completely different journey with our second guy and we were so thankful for the amazing love and support from our sleep angel Jessica!He definitely took longer and needed more trouble shooting but he is now a super sleeper!!Sleeping 11-12hours a night and 2 naps of 1hr 30min!We could not have done this on our own even though we went through it with our eldest. Each baby is different and unique in their personalities and this guy was definitely more spirited!Thank you so much for heading such an amazing movement Pam! Making a difference in people’s lives and teaching babies the most important skill of sleep!You have changed our lives is such a short amount of time! The best investment we made! It’s a life long skill!
Craig C.
Craig C.
We now have a 3 1/2 year old girl and a new 5 month old boy. Sleep training for both. Happy babies, happy parents, just do it.
James M.
James M.
When our daughter’s sleep pattern changed abruptly leading to 3+ hour bedtimes, we decided that we needed help, and fast! We had heard nothing but great things about Pam Nease Sleep from our friends, so we decided to reach out to see if they could help us. We weren’t sure about it, but once we had our first phone call, we were all in. The team was nothing short of amazing, showing us the light at the end of the tunnel. Complicating things, we had a vacation planned shortly after we started. They helped us through it all, airports, red eye flights, time change, and more. Before Pam Nease, I wouldn’t have believed that our daughter would sleep 11hrs uninterrupted. We’re two years on and so thankful. For any other dads thinking about sleep training...don’t hesitate.
Theresa D
Theresa D
Pam Nease Sleep is such a valuable asset to families and children. I have highly recommended them to families who had a rough sleeper and they were thrilled with the help and assistance from their sleep.angels. The gift of sleep is truly one of the greatest gifts. Thank you to Pam and her angels.
Tiffany M.
Tiffany M.
Our little girl is 2.5 years old and is a happy, strong and resilient sleeper because of Pam Nease Sleep. We called Pam Nease when our girl wasn’t sleeping and when we couldn’t cope anymore. Pam’s team coached us, supported us and encouraged us-and, trust me, our baby was described as a “spirited” personality. We weren’t easy clients. But, we stuck with the program because we knew our girl needed it. And it works. She sleeps at daycare, she sleeps for the babysitter and she easily does overnights with her grandparents. Having our child learn how to sleep well has positively impacted all our lives and relationships with each other, too. My husband and I even have our own nights away and we’re each confident that bedtime will go smoothly for the other spouse. Even now, with a toddler, we have Pam’s support as some of her sleep habits have changed. The whole experience has been worth it and I feel like a happier parent. The investment is worth it-it was sleep training or driving lessons (eventually) and I feel pretty happy with my choice!
Chrissy F.
Chrissy F.
Nine years ago a sleep deprived mom walked out of Toys R Us (in Kelowna, BC) literally looking for a sign of how to help her 16 week old baby sleep. Searching for the right resources around the city was proving daunting. That is when I saw an SUV with the face of an angel on it. She was with two children and the sign read: Pam Nease. Infant Sleep Consultant. With tears in my eyes, that is where our beautiful journey began. Having Pam in our home to design a plan, to give our daughter her greatest gift; of sleep, was our best investment in time and money yet. At the forefront was a caring plan for my then 17 week old daughter. But what made the greatest impression was her attention to how all of this would effect the rest of our family and life. She took in account our toddler son and his needs. She showed compassion for the demands of my husband's job as a professional hockey player and she made sure to let me know I was never going to be in this alone. The experience of working with Pam was a wonderful one. A true gift. She was always prepared. Available. And equipped with so much fascinating knowledge. I have recommended her services to many friends. And she has provided the same exceptional guidance and success to them. My daughter is now 9 years old and is and has always been a dream sleeper. Through teething, illness, moves, and bumps in the night-she loves her bedroom. She values her sleep and she will let you know it!! Thank you, Pam from the bottom of our hearts.Chrissy and Vernon Fiddler
Brigitte D.
Brigitte D.
I’ve known Pam now for nine + years as we have had mutual clients over the years. Wow! Pam Nease Sleep has helped so many moms, dads & kids sleep better and longer than imaginable. Pam’s unique sleep plan and support is unparalleled to any other service available. Pam and her sleep angel team are professional and offer so much value even after you are done working with them one on one. I am thankful to have been introduced to Pam Nease Sleep and so will you!
Lee M.
Lee M.
I cannot say enough great things about Pam Nease Sleep and our amazing and wonderful sleep angel Katrina. We knew our little man had the ability to sleep longer stretches at night and sometimes could fall back asleep but with Katrina’s help and guidance he is able to independently fall asleep consistently every night and every nap (which use to be on me).When we first started Katrina gave us detailed instructions and prepared us for our sleep learning journey but after the first night, we were ready to pull the plug and stop. Looking back, we are so thankful we didn’t. Without her guidance, we would not have had found out our little man is a super sleeper after all. Katrina was always encouraging, kind and supportive, she was knowledgeable and answered all my questions.Recently we celebrated the Christmas holidays and our sleep angel gave some advice on how to honour our little man's sleep while enjoying time with family. And he slept through it all (loud singing, lots of games, children's excitement) as well as fell back asleep when we got home later!We are so grateful for the gift Katrina gave our whole family. I am a better mom and partner and most importantly we know our little family is finally getting the rest we need!
Julia G.
Julia G.
Pam Nease Sleep saved my sanity! We worked with sleep angel Sophie when our daughter turned two weeks old. Due to some complications with breastfeeding we decided to wait a little bit before starting the sleep learning. Sophie gave us a few things we could work on to make the transition easier when the time came. Sophie was so kind and knowledgeable. We even met up with her for coffee when we traveled to Saskatoon to visit family! At exactly 3 months we started the program. The second night our daughter slept 13.5hrs with one wake up to eat! We could not believe it! We loved that the program has guidelines on when to feed, when to do bedtime, when they can wake up for the day and when to cap naps. All these guidelines take the guess work out of it and make baby sleep so much less stressful. Sophie also recommended some great products that have helped our baby girl sleep comfortably. It’s been a month since we sleep trained and our daughter happily goes down for naps and sleeps 11-13hrs every night with one wake up to eat. There were a few tough nights but Sophie had prepared us for that and the pay off is so worth it for everyone. Our daughter has made it through traveling, her first cold, false teething and the ‘4 month sleep regression’ with barely even a hiccup. Our daughter went from being a cranky baby that only napped when being held to the happiest smiliest baby who sleeps in her crib every nap and all night long. It didn’t take long to realize she was as exhausted as we were she just didn’t know how to put herself back to sleep when she would wake up. We are happier, more patient parents that get to enjoy each other’s company in the evening while our baby sleeps peacefully in her crib. This was the best money we have ever spent and we could not be happier with the results! Thank you Sophie and Pam!
Cindy F.
Cindy F.
Sleep is priceless! Worth every penny - I'd even pay double. Emma (our daughter) was already a pretty good sleeper but this solidified it. I recommend...
Karlee G.
Karlee G.
When I reached out to Pam Nease to begin sleep training, things were pretty rough in our house. Our baby (4.5 months old at the time) had been sleeping well at night, but almost never taking a nap, and it would take sometimes 90 minutes to get her to fall asleep... only to have her wake up 7 minutes later! It got to the point that all naps had to take place in my car or on my chest. We had put in effort to sleep train her on our own, but after she got sick and then reacted poorly to her vaccinations back to back, all the training went out the window. When we tried to do it again she would be crying as we headed to the stairs to go to her room. After a couple of night working with Sleep Angel Beth our daughter was easily putting herself to sleep at night, and taking 3 naps a day - though they were still short. After 2 weeks of sticking with the program, more than half of her naps were 75 minutes or more, and always falling asleep in under 10 minutes. Within the month we were on a two nap schedule, allowing me to make plans with friends and actually leave the house!!!! She has been so much happier since getting the sleep she needs. Watch out for the test days and just stick with the plan... sleep training is worth every penny. Pam and her team really care about your baby and will give the attention required to get them sleeping well... no matter how challenging of a little sleeper you have!
Chantelle P.
Chantelle P.
In spring 2012 I reached out to Pam as my then 18 month was an awful sleeper! I was being woken up between 5-10 times per night. We had created some really bad habits for our second child by the time Pam came to our rescue and I literally didn't know what to do. Something I really appreciated about Pam was there was NONE, like ZERO judgement regarding our parenting choices that caused this non-sleeping tyrant of a toddler - we were just doing the best we knew how and thank goodness for people like Pam who know better than us and are just here to help! Within just a few sessions of working with Pam and following the program, we all slept better, like A LOT better! She saved us when I literally thought there would be no saving. Pam allowed us to actually function normally again and I am forever grateful for that. My daughter learned excellent life long sleeping habits. She is now 9 and has slept amazing well ever since Pam's professional advice and caring support.
Demi Y.
Demi Y.
When our daughter was 5 weeks old, we started the newborn sleep training with Jessica. At the time we started, our daughter was sleeping incredibly late (midnight to 2am) and would have nights where she would cry and cry but we couldn't figure out the reason. Jessica had set the expectation that newborn sleep training was a slower and more gradual process but the upside is that there aren't tears involved. We were fine with it taking longer and excited that we wouldn't have to let her cry. Right when we started, it was helpful to have a plan that we could follow and we did notice our daughter's sleep gradually getting better and better. She started sleeping earlier and having a routine and guidelines of when to pick her up, put her down, etc was very helpful. After a few weeks, we decided to give up the sleep training due to my breastfeeding situation, which does not reflect on Jessica at all whatsoever. She was very supportive of our decision and what we felt was best for us at the time. Jessica suggested that we save the remaining support we had left for when we were ready to begin the baby (3mo+) sleep training package. She was very kind to stay in touch during this time and answered my emails with updates and questions regarding when would be a good time to restart the baby sleep training. I'd also like to mention that during my initial consultation, the Pam Nease representative I spoke with recommended waiting until our breastfeeding situation was solid, but my husband and I went ahead and decided to start anyway.When we felt ready to start the baby sleep training approach, our daughter was just a little over 4 months. This went much more smoothly than we could've imagined! Jessica spent a lot of time with us on the phone walking us through all the scenarios and what we should expect. The follow up calls/emails were very helpful as well as she answered all of the questions that came up. Within days, our daughter's sleep improved drastically. Before the sleep training, she was sleeping around 12-13 hours a day, after the first night of sleep training she was sleeping 15+ hours a day. She also started sleeping earlier at approximately 8pm-10pm instead of 11pm or later. Now she consistently sleeps 11-13 hours a night straight through!I would (and already have) highly recommend Jessica to anyone who wants to sleep train their child. Our daughter has gotten better and longer sleep and my husband and I finally have some time to ourselves and are getting better sleep ourselves as well! It's definitely worth hiring a professional for, because a lot of the questions I had for Jessica I wouldn't have been able to find readily available online. Thank you to Pam Nease Sleep and Jessica!
Demi Y.
Demi Y.
When our daughter was 5 weeks old, we started the newborn sleep training with Jessica. At the time we started, our daughter was sleeping incredibly late...
Lindsay-Anne D.
Lindsay-Anne D.
**Best investment** that pays off over the long term. We hired Pam in 2013 to help our first child with her night waking. Things went so well and the program was so easy to follow that we took all of our know-how and applied it to baby #2 three years later. He took to it like a champ. We felt so confident going in the second time - what a relief. Both kids are still good sleepers to this day. They value and enjoy a good night's rest (and mommy and daddy do to). THANK YOU Pam!!
Katie N.
Katie N.
It's a miracle! My baby sleeps thru the night every night now! Jessica from Pam Nease Sleep helped coach my husband and I from being " barely getting by...
Wendy P.
Wendy P.
Emily S.
Emily S.
Pam's team was amazing. They helped me with my first child. Naps and bedtime were no longer a nightmare. I have had family members comment what a amazing sleeper my child is now.
Stacey Y.
Stacey Y.
Pam Nease and her team are so wonderful. I cannot stress enough how well their plan taught my son how to sleep. Although Jessica was our sleep angel, Pam continues to stay involved with her clients, and really listens to all of the sleep issues being faced. Pam takes the time to speak with me, and reassure me throughout the hard, but rewarding process. Props to Pam and her angels for being so optimistic, upbeat, and gracious when dealing with this sleep deprived, cranky mama!Sleep training is money well spent! I recommend Pam Nease Sleep to anyone who has young children, but hasn't quite mastered the arts of getting a solid nights sleep.Thank you Pam Nease Sleep!!
Kaline C.
Kaline C.
We were lucky to work with Pam directly with one of her nanny packages. It was truly an amazing experience. I was so incredibly nervous about sleep training. However, I was absolutely desperate for a change. Pam was so kind, patient and gentle. She gave my husband and I the confidence to see it through and was so gentle with our daughter. I now truly believe that sleep training is the kindest thing you can give to your little ones. It’s an absolute must. I would recommend Pam and her team one hundred percent. She has been our amazing guiding light in all things related to our daughter’s sleep. We couldn’t be happier.
Aimee L.
Aimee L.
Working with Jessica at Pam Neese Sleep was one of the best things I've done as a new mom. My husband and I were overwhelmed with all of the books and advice on infant sleep and decided to call the experts once our baby started taking short naps and was becoming an unpredictable sleeper. After working with Jessica for a few days, our 4 month old was falling asleep independently with little to no crying and her nap length started improving every day. It is fun to watch her settle herself to sleep!Now, at the end of our two week program we are confident in what to do for every possible situation and our baby is sleeping 12-13 hours at night! The best part (aside from the excellent sleep) is the confidence it has given us as parents! The program truly works!
Ashlyn A.
Ashlyn A.
We were lucky to work with both Pam and Sophie in 2016 when our twin girls were 10 months old. Our only regret was not finding them sooner. I was an exhausted mama up 5-6 times a night and had literally resorted to sleeping beside the girls' cribs with a pillow on the floor. Pam's loving, gentle, fun and educational approach really spoke to us, and by night 3 our girls started sleeping through the night. Within just a few days we were seeing huge changes in the girl's moods, attentiveness, and engagement in play during awake times, let alone getting more rest ourselves (and our sanity back). Consistent napping followed within a few weeks, and since then I can literally count on one hand the number of rough nights we've had with our now 2.5 year old twin tornadoes who keep us running all day long, but sleep like champions at night. Our girls love their bedtime routine full of giggles, singing and snuggles! We cannot recommend Pam and her team enough, and have already referred several friends and family!
When you're expecting your first child, people tell you about how tired you're going to be and what you should expect. Right... Fast-forward to having a child and discovering what it's like to be a new parent with a child who doesn't sleep anywhere but on mom or dad's chest for the first 5 months of their life. When I contacted Pam I was in full survival mode, having not slept for more than a few hours at one time since the birth of our daughter. The thing friends and family don't tell you about having a child is that your sleep habits as a parent can change dramatically as well. It turns out while my baby girl wasn't sleeping, I had also forgotten how to sleep. Sounds kind of silly, but it's true! Anyway, we knew we didn't know how to help baby girl sleep and I reached out for help! On that first phone call with Pam, my hope soared and my fears decreased and I thought "Okay, there's help and we're going to figure this out before mommy loses her mind!" Pam was very lovey and helpful and set us up with on of her sleep consultants. We started sleep training when baby turned 5 months. By night two, baby was well on her way to sleeping through the night. By night three, she was sleeping through the night for 10-12 hours and has been every since! She is 11 months old now. Naps were trickier, but we eventually got the hang of those as well and our daughter has not slept on us or with us since we started. She sleeps happily and contently in her crib or in her playpen at grandma's no problem! Sleep training is a process, but Pam's team is with you every step of the way. They guide you through the process and are there to listen with any of your concerns. The process is challenging, no doubt, but it is so worth it.Seriously. We went from not sleeping (!!) to sleeping through the night. After a while, I even learned how to sleep again too. Our child is happy and healthy and sleeps through teething and illness, with only a few minor hiccups (I mean, she is a baby). I recommend Pam! She saved my sanity and our little family!!
Stephanie C.
Stephanie C.
Hiring Pam was the greatest decision I made in regards to my son. 3 years later and he is still super easy to put to bed and such a happy and energetic boy. I was so thrilled with the results that I have hired her again for our newest addition.
Christopher B.
Christopher B.
So glad we hired Pam Nease Sleep to help us! Jessica was more than helpful, more than flexible and more than understanding. We received an attentive, custom plan that fit our schedule and comfort levels. I have already recommended her to many friends and will continue to do so!
Sara D.
Sara D.
Kimberly Hui (.
Kimberly Hui (.
Lindsay H.
Lindsay H.
I'm not sure why it took me so long to write this review. I think it's because I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it NEVER did. I called Pam when our babe was nearly three months old. It was clear to me then that I just wasn't sure what to do next for my little one's sleep as all the "old tricks" weren't working anymore and both of us were getting more and more tired. I won't say that our experience was always easy, because it wasn't, but it worked. His night sleep was great from night one. He started sleeping through with one night feed immediately, and by 5.5 months had dropped the night feeding on his own. However, the little guy didn't want to make it too easy, so he fought his naps pretty hard for a while. He may be some sort of record-holder, but I'm sure a few more are up there with him.The thing is we completed our little one's sleep learning when he was four-months old. Has there been some ups and downs? Sure. Was it always easy? No. Is he an AMAZING sleeper? Absolutely. He's not just an amazing sleeper "some of the time" he is an amazing sleeper all of the time. He sleeps through sickness (more than I sleep when he's sick), teething and believe it or not, the fire alarm in his room (yes I set it off once after he was asleep). The thing that amazes me most is that even when he has little blips (because who doesn't?) He always gets back on track easily due to his strong sleep skills. I think I have finally come to accept this. Sophie and Pam always told me he'd be fine and get back on track, but now I really, truly believe it. In addition, since day one of daycare he has napped at least 2.5 hours every day. He still goes to bed before the other kiddos because he always sleeps the longest so needs more time!This is a little boy who loves his bed. So much so that he learned the word "bed" shortly after he turned a year. When we say "time for bath and bed" he actually crawls his little bum full-speed to his bedroom looking for his nighttime penguin buddy (most of the time)! He is such a happy, well-rested little guy, and that makes my heart so incredibly happy.If you just aren't sure, want guidance or are desperate for sleep then get your 15-minute follow-up phone-call and hire a Pam Nease Sleep Angel. You won't regret it. This changed our life and gave us all the beautiful gift of sleep. Entirely worth every penny. You will receive kind, gentle, reassuring support no matter what.
Natalia H.
Natalia H.
I am so glad I hired Pam Nease and her team to get my little one ‘across the finish line.’ I have confidence every night when he goes to sleep that everyone in the house will have a full night’s sleep. We are so grateful for the tools we acquired that help us sleep at home, travelling or in different time zones. My little guy knows what to expect and has a positive relationship with sleep. This is so helpful for the health of our baby, but also for the whole family. We highly recommend Pam Nease Sleep!
Kyla W.
Kyla W.
Pam's program saved my sanity and gave us all the greatest gift. SLEEP!
Carla W.
Carla W.
We had Pam come and help us when our twins were 5 months old with a 4 day Nanny Package. It was the best thing we ever did for our family and worth every single penny. It's been a year and we still thank our lucky stars every day that we found Pam - our lives were a sleepless misery. I hate to even think about how unhappy we all were. But a year later, our girls are still champion sleepers, they are happy and thriving and we have our evenings to do whatever we like and never worry about night wake-ups. It's likely the smartest thing I've done since becoming a mom. The skills Pam taught them (and us) about a sleep routine and VALUING sleep will last their whole lives. Could not recommend Pam more and would happily give a sleep package with her to every family member who has a baby in the future.
Ashlee G.
Ashlee G.
Melinda T.
Melinda T.
Hiring Pam Nease was a life-changing experience. There isn't a day that goes by that my husband and I don't marvel at our two little super sleepers and wonder what our lives would be like if we hadn't taken the leap and hired Pam. I co-slept with my first daughter from birth until 5.5 months. It was not working for our family anymore. I was miserable and so so tired. After learning about Pam through a friend we decided we had nothing to lose. I was skeptical but willing to try anything. The process of teaching our baby to sleep was a lot of hard work and dedication but the pay off was priceless. Our first is now 3.5 years old and still sleeps 11-12 hours straight every night through sickness, travel, time changes, anything. We worked with Ashley L with our second daughter and again the pay off was immense. At 8 months old she is sleeping 12 hrs at night and 4 hrs of napping. The support and encouragement we receieved from Pam and her team was invaluable. We never felt alone and always felt like we were given the tools and knowledge to tackle each hurdle as it came. We know now that we have taught our kids to sleep and this wonderful skill will follow them their whole lives! Thank you Pam Nease Sleep.
Meaghan A.
Meaghan A.
Ashley has been a huge help and support. She fully listened and honoured my family's needs, and helped us teach my little one to rest easier at night. Such a blessing when done with love. Thank you Pam and Ashley and Team!!
Janine C.
Janine C.
We worked with Pam with our first when we were completely lost and getting up every 1.5-2 hours a night to rock our baby girl back to sleep. We were desperate for things to change and Pam came recommended by a friend. We got in touch and immediately felt surrounded by love, comfort, and understanding. The plan was easy to follow and the email support was all we needed to create a #supersleeper. Our girl got it in only 2 nights and tested us very few times over the next few years (She's now 4 and still goes 12 hours a night!). Having your evenings back to yourself and knowing that your baby is getting the sleep he/she needs is PRICELESS. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pam and her team of Sleep Angels to anyone. It's never too early or too late to get help!
Hiring Pam Nease Sleep and her team was by far the best investment we have ever made! We came to Pam sleep-deprived and anxious after dealing with a colicky baby for the last 4 months who refused to fall asleep when she wasn't bounced, shh'd or walked around the house. Naps were non-existent and night sleeps were going nowhere. We longed to have a happier, more well-rested baby and we missed having evenings to ourselves to recharge and prepare for the craziness that comes with having two children! We called Pam out of desperation and immediately felt a strong connection to her. During the free 15-minute consultation, we felt a sense of hope. We were put with her Sleep Angel Sophie and within the first night, we had our baby sleeping nearly 12 hours straight. We had constant support and encouragement and never felt like we were alone in the process. It was a gentle, yet effective, approach and our daughter completely changed as a result of finally getting some rest! She was happier and even took feedings better! She fought off illness quicker and even made it through teething without much interruption! It's been nearly 2 years since then and we are still super fans of the Pam Nease Sleep team and truly consider them part of our family. We recommend her to all parents, new or veteran, because you're never too old to get the gift of sleep!
All in all, this process of sleep training (right from our bedtime routine practice at 4 weeks old) has been challenging at times – but overall we are just amazed at how [our daughter] has learned the skills we have taught her. Watching her soothe herself and calm down in the crib, alone is so beautiful. Seeing her wake from a nap and wait patiently for us with little owl eyes aimed at the door is comical and wonderful. Matt and I have reclaimed our evenings together when she goes to bed- we have time to talk, eat dinner, laugh about our parenting trials and go to bed together IN THE SAME ROOM! No more divide and conquer at all hours of the day and night. Likewise, the last week of my maternity leave, with 4 naps a nap, structure and a light routine, have been the most enjoyable of my whole time off. When Millie is awake she is happy and fun. When she sleeps, I get to have a shower or a hot coffee. It really has been a game changer for us.
Matt and I also found that having an objective third party (you!) involved from the start prevented us from blaming each other, or taking out our emotions on each other, or even resenting our baby. It wasn’t an easy process, and having you involved was healthy for our family to simply take guidance and not wonder if we were ‘doing it right’.
So THANK YOU for your time and guidance and patience with us. We feel like we discovered the holy grail of infant parenting, lol.
Liz Matt and Millie
Elizabeth Golesic

Nine years ago a sleep deprived mom walked out of Toys R Us (in Kelowna, BC) literally looking for a sign of how to help her 16 week old baby sleep. Searching for the right resources around the city was proving daunting. That is when I saw an SUV with the face of an angel on it. She was with two children and the sign read: Pam Nease. Infant Sleep Consultant. With tears in my eyes, that is where our beautiful journey began. Having Pam in our home to design a plan, to give our daughter her greatest gift; of sleep, was our best investment in time and money yet. At the forefront was a caring plan for my then 17 week old daughter. But what made the greatest impression was her attention to how all of this would effect the rest of our family and life. She took in account our toddler son and his needs. She showed compassion for the demands of my husband’s job as a professional hockey player and she made sure to let me know I was never going to be in this alone. The experience of working with Pam was a wonderful one. A true gift. She was always prepared. Available. And equipped with so much fascinating knowledge. I have recommended her services to many friends. And she has provided the same exceptional guidance and success to them. My daughter is now 9 years old and is and has always been a dream sleeper. Through teething, illness, moves, and bumps in the night-she loves her bedroom. She values her sleep and she will let you know it!!

Thank you, Pam from the bottom of our hearts.
Chrissy and Vernon Fiddler

Chrissy & Vernon Fiddler

I wanted to write and tell about my experience with Pam Nease Sleep & Ashlyn Ayers. First, a little bit about my babe and our situation before sleep learning… My baby Kate had a very strong sleep association of nursing to sleep. She sure loved being nestled into my chest to fall asleep. I loved it too until the sleep deprivation was starting to take its toll. She started only sleeping in her own crib for 45mins before needing to nurse to sleep again which would take anywhere from 45mins – 3 hours. I resorted to just sleeping upright in my rocking chair. My husband does shift work, so I was getting pretty bogged down with trying new things on my own and resorting back to nursing to sleep for all sleep – naps & bedtime. I finally just gave in and nursed her to sleep on my lap in the living room for her 1-2 hour naps and from about 4-5am onward. I felt trapped and started to feel like I’d never do things for myself again. I had heard there was a sleep consultant in Kelowna so I searched it up! I’m new to the area last year and didn’t really know anyone to ask around. After reaching out to Pam Nease, I was immediately drawn to her positive attitude and empathetic support. After meeting with Ashlyn, she had the same spirit and I knew this was the right choice for me. My husband was hesitant to spend the money, but I ensured him it would be well worth it in the end. After a couple of long nights, Kate started figuring things out and was only taking 10 or so minutes to fall asleep, and some of those she shed no tears! After night 3 she was sleeping through the night with a couple of self-soothed wakes. She is now, after 3 weeks, consistently sleeping 12-13 hours a night (with no wakes) and her naps are 45mins – 2 hours. I said to my husband after the first week – “I feel like myself again for the first time since Kate was born”. I am able to get out of the house and do the things that I’ve been needing and wanting to do. I knew if I were to continue on the path I was on before, i was headed to dark place. THANK YOU PAM & ASHLYN! I recently had my parents visit for a few days and my mom is pretty old school. Rocking and nursing babies to sleep was all she knew and she was very hesitant to what I had done, even though I ensured her that this wasn’t “close the door and let her cry for hours” she was still nervous for night time to arrive and had to sit outside. After 30 mins of intermittent mantra cries (which was abnormal for her), Kate was sound asleep and didn’t wake until morning. The next day Kate was going down for her naps in less than 5 mins and most without any protest! My mom finally realized how amazing this program was and admitted “I wish I had a Pam when I had my babies”. She saw the positive outcome and could see the life back in me! I loved the support from Ashlyn and it actually made my accountable for what I was doing. I know I could have tried similar approaches on my own from a book, but I don’t know that I would have been successful. I didn’t have anyone for support and to let me know what I was doing was right. It was also really nice to have had her been through the same process and have amazing success. Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance. I am excited to be part of the support facebook page to continue receiving and giving support from and to all the moms that have taken this big step!

Sarah Hammond, Lake Country, B.C.

Sarah Hammond

Hi Jessica! It’s been a while since you trained us to sleep train Roger (earlier this year). I was inspired to write you tonight after looking at my sleeping son and feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for your help.

You see, in the last 2 weeks we have flown from Vancouver to Toronto to St. John’s (NL – the other side of Canada!!) to Toronto to Vancouver – all the while Roger was cutting 3 new teeth and even fevering!
Thanks to your help he has been sleeping like a champ. Even on the day we flew all the way from St. John’s to Vancouver – a 15 hour travel day and a 4.5 hour time change – he still slept.
We can’t thank you enough. What a difference to have our evenings to hang out, exercise, work – and yes – SLEEP ourselves!
Jen, Tim, and Roger
Jen, Tim, and Roger

Hey Pam,
It’s been a year since we started our journey with C and his developmental delays. He’s done absolutely amazing this past year for catching right up. He was however diagnosed with ASD a few weeks back. It’s very mild with him. We did notice however when he goes to bed later or wakes up earlier… he has a lot of struggles with his behaviour  and communication. He has days where he is rested and our family doc seen him. She wondered why he got a diagnosis. Then there are days where he hasn’t had as much rest.. and it’s quite noticeable. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster of emotions since they put the label on him. Either way he’s still the same sweet little boy he always has been. Both James and I have been talking about how teaching C to sleep at such a young age was probably the best thing we could have ever done for him. One of the main questions when doctors ask about him, is does he sleep? Most kids with ASD struggle with sleep. I couldn’t imagine where he would be right now with his learning if he wasn’t sleeping. So thank you for helping us out when he was 5 months old 🙂
Tara D.
Kelowna B.C.
Tara D.

When Pam told us we would be working with Sleep Angel Ashlyn, we were thrilled!  We knew we would be in good hands. We are honored to be the first family you have helped on their journey to FINALLY getting a good night’s sleep.

Many months of sleep deprivation were definitely taking a toll on us. We were exhausted and cranky. Well-meaning folks would tell us that it was just a “stage” and that Luisa would eventually sleep through the night. Their advice boiled down to just accepting our sleep-deprived state. To be honest, if we continued on that way, we would likely have punched the next person who offered us that advice.  Thank you for showing us another way (and for preventing bodily harm to individuals such as those mentioned above…).

Thank you for showing us that this is not just a “stage,” and that babies do have the capability to sleep well and on their own.  Yes, it may have involved a bit of crying, but you were right…the crying didn’t last very long, it didn’t cause permanent baby damage, and in the end Luisa learned some invaluable self-soothing and sleeping skills.

Thank you for all the support that you gave us during our two-week sleep journey. Your responses to all our questions were incredibly informative (even the ones that weren’t sleep-related).  With your help, we went from having a baby that was waking up several times a night (to cry, party or have midnight babble-fests) to one that can sleep for 10-11 hours straight. That’s nothing short of a miracle for our family.

Our sleep journey continues (we still have to work on those darn naps), but this so much easier to do now that all of us in our family are finally getting some rest at night.

We couldn’t have done this without you!

Big hugs,

Gustaaf, Julia and Luisa

Burnaby, B.C.

Gustaaf, Julia & Luisa

I’m not sure why it took me so long to write this review. I think it’s because I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it NEVER did. I called Pam when Cooper was nearly three months old. It was clear to me then that I just wasn’t sure what to do next for my little one’s sleep as all the “old tricks” weren’t working anymore and both of us were getting more and more tired. I won’t say that our experience was always easy, because it wasn’t, but it worked. His night sleep was great from night one. He started sleeping through with one night feed immediately, and by 5.5 months had dropped the night feeding on his own. However, the little guy didn’t want to make it too easy, so he fought his naps pretty hard for a while. He may be some sort of record-holder, but I’m sure a few more are up there with him.

The thing is we completed our little one’s sleep learning when he was four-months old. Has there been some ups and downs? Sure. Was it always easy? No. Is he an AMAZING sleeper? Absolutely. He’s not just an amazing sleeper “some of the time” he is an amazing sleeper all of the time. He sleeps through sickness (more than I sleep when he’s sick), teething and believe it or not, the fire alarm in his room (yes I set it off once after he was asleep. The thing that amazes me most is that even when he has little blips (because who doesn’t?) He always gets back on track easily due to his strong sleep skills. I think I have finally come to accept this. Sophie and Pam always told me he’d be fine and get back on track, but now I really, truly believe it. In addition, since day one of daycare even he has napped at least 2.5 hours every day. He still goes to bed before the other kiddos because he always sleeps the longest so needs more time!
This is a little boy who loves his bed. So much so that he learned the word “bed” shortly after he turned a year. When we say “time for bath and bed” he actually crawls his little bum full-speed to his bedroom looking for his nighttime penguin buddy (most of the time)! He is such a happy, well-rested little guy, and that makes my heart so incredibly happy.
If you just aren’t sure, want guidance or are desperate for sleep then get your 15-minute follow-up phone-call and hire a Pam Nease Sleep Angel. You won’t regret it. This changed our life and gave us all the beautiful gift of sleep. Entirely worth every penny. You will receive kind, gentle, reassuring support no matter what.
Lindsay Skelton,
Kelowna, B.C.
Lindsay Skelton

We had originally done CIO with our first daughter, Mila, and it worked (not as well as the Pam Nease method for sure), but with our daughter Ella, I couldn’t bear the thought of letting her cry it out. She was born with reflux, which led to her crying for 8 hours every evening in infancy (leading to rocking, bouncing, shh-ing and constant babywearing. That coupled with my postpartum depression and anxiety meant that every time that baby cried, I nearly had a full blown panic attack. Even now (she is nearly 2), I still bristle when she whines or gets upset (I am learning to toughen up though, as that toddler sees this weakness in me and uses it to her advantage – LOL). I am convinced that I have some sort of PTSD from the amount of crying that baby did, so when it came time to sleep train, I knew we couldn’t do it the same way we did last time. I am so grateful that we chose Pam and her team to help us get our Ella to sleep in the most gentle and effective way possible – leading to a lot less stress and tears from both baby and mama! Every time I refer a friend (or a stranger – I have multiple friends of friends of friends reach out to me because I pretty much wear an I <3 Pam Nease t-shirt at this point with all the times I talk about our sleep training journey), I tell them how gentle and caring the approach is. That usually is one of the biggest things deterring them from taking the leap to hire a sleep consultant and reassuring them that their baby won’t be left to cry turns them into believers!

I truly do consider the Pam Nease Sleep team to be as instrumental as my doctor and my counsellor in terms of my postpartum recovery. Sleep is my biggest anxiety trigger so having that support really helped me and continues to help me to this day!

Megan Stratikopoulos

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Megan Stratikopoulos

Pam, it’s coming to the end of our 14 day sleep training schedule here, and I just want to thank you for all your help. Jessica has been a complete delight to work with!!! Thet, Madee and I cannot believe the change in his sleep patterns and we have Jessica to thank for that!! I really didn’t expect such a drastic change so quickly. We really cannot believe it!!! I don’t want to jinx ourselves, but Jack is sleeping well and is much happier!!! Thank you for giving us the tools to start this journey. It has been a great experience, albeit difficult at times, but so worth it!! Thank you!! Jessica really is an awesome and intelligent woman and you are very lucky to have her with you!

Dave Friedman
Covina, California, USA

Dave, Thet & Jack

Sorry it has taken me so long to sit down and write a Thank You letter… I just didn’t know where to begin, there’s so much to be thankful for!

Our life before sleep training was extremely stressful. Our son would only fall asleep after being nursed and rocked by me. My husband could not put him down or he would cry hysterically. I kept thinking things would get better with time but they only got worse… he started resisting naps so much that I could spend my entire day trying to get him to nap. And at 5 months old he was still waking every 2-3 hours at night too. I was exhausted and on the verge of asking my doctor for antidepressants. Turns out I wasn’t depressed, I was sleep deprived. And so was our son!

We called Pam and within days Sleep Angel Ashley was working with us! The very first night our son SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! And he’s been doing it no problem ever since! Now he is napping 1.5-2 hours twice a day with zero fuss and sleeps 11 hours at night. We just took him on a 5 day trip which included car naps, a new location and sleeping in the playpen and he did amazing! He is still blowing us away at every turn. And he is soo much HAPPIER!! The best part for our family is that anyone can put him down now. Which means the world to my husband as he desperately wanted that bond with our son and to be able to help me.

We can’t thank you enough! We could have read all the books in the world and still not felt confident to sleep train him on our own. You gave us the knowledge, but mostly the peace of mind and encouragement we needed. Life changing!

Thank you,
Shawna & Kyle Hallet
Kelowna, BC, Canada

Shawna & Kyle Hallet

Thank you for your wonderful support over the past couple of weeks. It was the best decision we’ve made in awhile. Our lives are incredibly different now that Alec is sleeping through the night. I would be quick to recommend this plan to any of my friends having sleep troubles with their kids.
I felt you went above and beyond our expectations and it was lovely chatting with you about other issues relating to motherhood 🙂
I wouldn’t be disappointed if we had to use your help again in the future!
Take care,
Jessica, Adam, Mason and Baby Alec
Jessica, Adam, Mason and Baby Alec

Hi Ashley,
Thank you these documents and for your wonderful support over the past couple of weeks. It was the best decision we’ve made in awhile. Our lives are incredibly different now that Alec is sleeping through the night. I would be quick to recommend this plan to any of my friends having sleep troubles with their kids.
I felt you went above and beyond our expectations and it was lovely chatting with you about other issues relating to motherhood 🙂
I wouldn’t be disappointed if we had to use your help again in the future!
Take care,
Jessica, Adam, Mason and Baby Alec
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Jessica, Adam, Mason and Baby Alec

See these happy children? You played a huge part in it Pam Nease! Last Wednesday my mom and I left Houston and headed to my sister’s in Calgary. This was to be the true test of the sleep teaching in my mind. Our old trips involved sleepless nights, sleeping in the truck, driving around at all hours of the night and lots of tears and short patience. Night one: Jasper. Both girls go to sleep in their playpen. And they sleep! Kaylee was a rock star and didn’t deviate, April got up a bit earlier than usual (like an hour) but she slept. This is exciting. Next night: Calgary! This time April was so overtired and overstimulated we didn’t have a great night but we didn’t have to drive anywhere so we made progress! Then the next night. Put her down at the appointed 5:30pm and she slept until 8:15am! Hallelujah! The she does a normal 2 hour nap. Then she goes to bed the next night at her 7pm and sleeps till 7 am! She is sleeping the same away in a playpen as she did at home. Something I thought would never happen! So because they sleep, momma sleeps and when momma sleeps that means fun things can be done. We went to the zoo today! We have been to the park, for walks, played and made so many memories. Thank you for taking my “vacation fear” and empowering us to explore, travel and not plan our lives around bedtime issues! Every morning my I think of you with gratefulness!

Amanda Tobin

Houston, BC, Canada

Amanda Tobin

Hi Ashley and Pam,
I feel the need to express my absolute delight with your service already! We are less than 24 hours in and I’m sure we are having unusual early success (I still expect challenges to come), but my son is completely blowing us away! I can’t believe he had this in him and we didn’t know it! He’s doing so well already! Last night was the best sleep I’ve had since he was born over 5 months ago! But what is really getting me with this whole thing is my husband… he’s been asking me for months how he can help me get more sleep but nothing we’ve come up with has really made a difference. So to have him dive into this head first with enthusiasm and to see him feel successful and develop a closer bond with our son brings me to tears! Not to mention the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders. I already know that this is going to be successful long-term for us as well, so THANK YOU!

Shawna Hallet

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Shawna Hallet

Eric, myself and Risa went away this past weekend. My aunt and uncle had Marshall and Lyvi. All they kept saying was Pickle(my nickname), Marshall he is so good going to bed he pretty well puts himself to bed lol. You rock!!! forever grateful for your great advice and support

Kim Klawitter

Houston, BC, Canada

Kim Klawitter

The sleep revolution has happened! Both girls in bed at 8pm. April woke at five thirty but went back to sleep, Kaylee got up at four for feeding and back to sleep. I am up, showered, kitchen cleaned, laundry started, plants watered (they were very grateful), ate breakfast and am now enjoying a cup of coffee. Still kid free!!! That is almost 13 hours of adult downtime!!! Thank you Pam Nease! I can not believe we have come this far in two weeks! From April up once or twice a night and Kaylee up every 1-2 hours to this!!! Glorious sleep!!! You have joined the superhero ranks for me with Batman, Superman and the Hulk! ❤ This is one of my happy little girls thank to you!

Amanda & Devon Tobin

Houston, BC, Canada

Amanda & Devon Tobin

So, I am finally writing my testimonial for this amazing team of people. Yes, I say “team” because that is what it takes sometimes when your child doesn’t sleep. They have worked miracles for us. Our son Adrian didn’t sleep well from the moment we brought him home from the hospital. Although he had a difficult birth, even after seeing an osteopath, chiropractor and getting more comfortable, he still didn’t sleep. My husband and I read things, talked to people, even doctors and tried many things on our own, but no luck. I had even talked to Pam while Adrian was younger, but we decided to try longer on our own. I was getting between 0-3 hours sleep in 24 hours for a good 41/2-5 months, had postpartum depression, thyroiditis and I was nursing! Finally, enough was enough and my husband, Chad literally said to me one night “you need to call that lady tomorrow”. They have been so good at answering my questions even when I know they are busy. The rest is history. Now at 11 months old, Adrian sleeps through the night, has good naps and is the happiest baby you have ever met (other people say the same thing). He wasn’t always that way. So, thank you so much for all that you have done and all that you do. For all those you help. You have changed our lives and my relationship with my son. We can never thank you enough. It makes me teary to think back at what we were going through and the transformation we have made. You have forever touched our lives and you have hopefully helped my son for the rest of his life.

Jennifer & Chad Sotrteboom

Jennifer & Chad Sotrteboom

Hi Pam!

We just wanted to thank you with every fibre of our beings for helping us with Charlie. Since we worked with you, he has slept a minimum of 11.5hrs EVERY SINGLE NIGHT – and he’s almost a year old now! And from 6 months old his naps have been awesome too. They have averaged a total of 3hrs a day, which is great! He’s a MUCH happier little boy now that he gets all the sleep he needs. And he has such great sleep skills that an accidental change in the schedule is no big deal for him. We were in Kelowna for a week at Christmas and he slept just as well in his travel crib as he does in his own crib at home. He has slept soundly through doorbells, the dog barking, renovations in the attached townhouse next door, sickness, teething and even the CO2 alarm going off!!  He also stopped sucking his thumb on his own and now just plays with the tag on his stuffed monkey to get himself to sleep. He loves his bed and we can often hear him playing around in there before he falls asleep or when he wakes up.

And it hasn’t just been great for Charlie. We now have faith in his sleep skills and can breathe easy – something we were absolutely unable to do before we worked with you! We have our evenings to reconnect as adults (yay!) and can go out at anytime knowing that he can be put to bed without needing one or both of us there in order to fall asleep. As a result of all of this, we enjoy him so much more! 🙂

We sing your praises to everyone we know or meet with babies or who are expecting. Hopefully this will mean more clients for you and more families that can benefit from your expertise and kindness.

Thank you so very much.
Jeremy and Lori Wallace

Jeremy and Lori Wallace

Hi Pam, thanks again for all of your help it has been life-changing for us so far! They went to sleep so fast tonight without crying, it was incredible. We had to call our family and brag 🙂 Apparently they were in a nice deep sleep because Neil and I were cooking dinner shortly after and the smoke alarm went off right outside their bedroom (what does that say about our cooking skills haha)…. We started freaking out, but they didn’t even wake up! Amazing!

Thanks again for everything
Neil & Steph Gatti

Neil & Steph Gatti

Hi Sophie!
We wanted to say a huge THANK YOU. The whole sleep learning process was a success, and we know it was thanks to your help, that it is was the least uncomfortable for Tommy…and for us! All of your advice worked from day one and we now have a happy little guy sleeping in the crib next to us until 6:30 in the morning every day. We put up a room separator, and we leave him in bed after his 5am wake-ups…and he falls back to sleep within 15 mins and sleeps for another hour and a half, or more!

The bed routine is fun for all of us, Tommy points to his toothbrush as soon as he gets out of the bath. He has even started putting his fingers together when he knows it’s time for the itsy bitsy spider 🙂

Bun-bun (and back up bun-bun) are getting snuggled in the crib, and he is just a happy little guy all day long.
Thank you for all your help and support. We will spread the word of your services, everything was fantastic.
Julie, Paul and Tommy 🙂
Julie, Paul and Tommy

Dear Pam,

It’s been five months since we started on this sleep journey.  Looking back, I have no idea how I was even functioning on the little sleep I was getting.

Our dear little Andi suffered from an extreme case of silent reflux. Once we knew why she was crying and started medication I soon found out that to keep her comfortable I had to hold her upright. In fact, I estimated I held her about 20 hours a day. That included all night long, she had me up every few hours to nurse.

I held her all day and night for 6 months, my already injured back along with diastasis recti and an hernia made existence almost unbearable.  I was desperate for pain free uninterrupted sleep.

I had heard about Pam through a friend who highly recommend her, now I highly recommend her.

At 7 months old the stars aligned, the reflux symptoms magically lifted and we started the sleep training that week.  I was an absolute train wreck the first week but with the support of Pam and my husband, I got through it and so did our baby girl.  She went from up every two hours to 4-5 hour stretches within days and now 12 hours straight and two glorious naps a day.

A true test to the how well the program works was when we went on family vacation; Andi napped in the airport, on the plane, no fuss once we put her to bed for the night in a strange place, adjusted to the time change, even napped in a taxi.

We are so thankful to have a healthy, well rested little girl and a mom who doesn’t have to endure hours of pain and sleeplessness.

I can not thank you enough for giving Andi and our family the gift of peaceful sleep.

Forever grateful,

Wilhelmsen family

Wilhelmsen family

Hi Pam,

I just wanted to let you know that Eden is continuing to have great naps and sleeps at night! She is now 4 months old and naps 3 times per day for 1 – 3 hours at a time. She does not wake up in the night to feed anymore, and typically sleeps between 10-12 hours at night.

It is wonderful to have another great sleeper in our house! Her big brother Joel will be 2 next week and has not slept less than 11 hours at night since we hired you when he was 5 months old.

It is so nice to not have to rock, bounce or feed our kids to get them to sleep. There are no “tricks” needed like the use of soothers, swings or car rides. We just put the kids to bed wide awake and they fall asleep on their own without a peep.

It is amazing to have two children under the age of 2 who fall sleep peacefully, nap easily and sleep through the night consistently.

We are so grateful to have met and worked with you. We will all be healthier and happier for it.

Take care Pam, best wishes. We are so appreciative of you, you have no idea!

Emily, Neil, Joel and Eden Lough


Emily, Neil, Joel and Eden Lough

Hi Pam,
Thank you so much for working with our family! Mila loves her bedtime and sleeps so easily now. Bedtime is a fun time in our house that we all enjoy and look forward to. I can’t express how grateful and appreciative we are! Here are some pictures of Mila ❤️

Erin, Alex and Mila

Hi Pam!

After the birth of our son I had all the intentions in the world of sleep training him from day one.  But those night feeds as well as keeping up with our 5 year old daughter got the best of me and as the weeks wore on it was just easier to nurse him to sleep.  Some days he napped so well and went to sleep at night without any issues, I thought he must be getting it!  Sleep filled nights were here at last!  But time and time again, he would wake up and I would go in and nurse him back to sleep only for him to wake up again in 30 minutes.  I was so exhausted!  There was also the issue that he would not take a bottle.  As a business owner I needed him to take a bottle as I there were days that I had to work.  So many times I’d come home to find out that he’d been crying for 2 hours because he was hungry and then completely missed his nap as well.  Everyone was miserable.  I felt like a terrible mother and I was wondering why on earth I was working at all.  I then had the opportunity to work for Pam and meet her team, and I knew I needed their help.
Ashley, our sleep angel, came to our home to meet us and hear our story.  She was so sweet and easy to talk to.  She walked us through the steps and was so encouraging especially during the difficult first few nights.  Not only did our sweet boy start sleeping through the night and having amazing naps during the day, he also started taking a bottle.  Finally I can leave for work or an appointment and know that he’ll be fed and happy when I get home.  He is happy, even tempered, he eats so well, and I know it’s all due to the good rest he is getting.
We highly recommend Ashley and Pam to everyone!  It’s absolutely worth the investment.  Your little one will learn the skill of sleeping and you will be better able to cope with the challenges parenting brings.  It’s a win for everyone!  Don’t wait, just do it.  We spend so much money on things for our babies that are only used for a short time.  But the gift of sleep keeps on giving!
Well rested parents,

Melanie + Tim Feeny

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Melanie and Tim Feeny

Wow – what can I say?  It has been a whirlwind two weeks since we started working with Sophie.  We entered the two weeks with a little girl that needed to nap every 45 minutes and who stayed up way past a reasonable bedtime.  When Miss Ella was first born, she suffered from terrible reflux and that led to hours upon hours of movement to get her to stop crying and settle to sleep.  We carried the fear of her crying and the tools to soothe her with us until she was 4 months old, and that’s when we called Pam, who sent us the angel that is Sophie.  Before working with Sophie, each sleep event was met with a huge fight which involved bouncing on a ball, feeding, walking, swinging or some combination of all of those things.  We were lucky to have her nap for anything longer than 45 minutes and I didn’t dare put her down for naps.  The only time I got a free set of hands is when she was playing for 20 minutes in between nap fights, or for a few moments after I put her in her bed at night, only to swiftly follow her to bed in order to make sure I got in as much rest as I could while she slept.

After our initial consultation, I was terrified.  Had I not already paid the fee, I would have for sure backed out.  We were literally changing everything about Ella’s current schedule, from when she ate to how she fell asleep.  No longer was I to get her to sleep every 45 minutes, now I would be keeping her up for 1.5 hours!  I thought we were dead in the water and I doubted it big time.  My husband, along with the other families I had spoken to who had used Pam in the past, assured me that I needed to have faith.  My husband handled all nap and bedtimes for the first two days, as well as all night wakings.  That was huge.  It allowed me to take a step back and, in the long run, it created a bond between them that they hadn’t had before when all she wanted was Mommy to hold her and get her to sleep.  It was a roller coaster, many ups and downs, but looking back, it was all so quick.  It didn’t feel like it at the time, but if you would have told me at the beginning that in two weeks this would be my life, I wouldn’t have believed you!  We are still fine tuning things and getting naps to where we want them to be, but the improvement thus far is remarkable.

Ella is a completely different baby.  My husband told me yesterday “I’ve fallen in love with her all over again”, and it’s true!  Everyone comments on how happy and content she is and everyone is floored at how well she sleeps!  I get my evenings free again!!  I’ve been able to begin exercising again because of all the rest I am getting.  Before, Ella would only take a bottle from me, and that was even a fight.  Now I can pass her off to any auntie, grandparent or friend and she happily coos, eats and plays!   It hit me like a ton of bricks one night when I put Ella to bed and my oldest immediately jumped on my lap and said “Mommy, I love you so much.”  I hadn’t realized how much energy and time I was spending with Ella trying to get her to sleep every night.  My oldest was craving her own time with me at bedtimes and because of the training, I have been able to recapture that magic with my oldest.  Then, when all of the kids are in bed for the night, I get to wind down, enjoy a glass of wine and reconnect with my husband.

This is how I imagined life would be when I had my second.  We are a much happier household entirely because of Sophie and Pam.  Sophie was willing to answer any question and calm any fear I had.  The level of service I received from the team was second to none.  I know that I could not have done any of this without them.  Sophie’s voice in my head always calmed my anxiety and made us all feel stronger.  Sophie was the best friend I could have ever asked for throughout this experience.  I am so so so grateful for the team, I almost cry thinking about it.  I tell all of my friends with kids, or who are expecting children in the future, to RUN, don’t walk, pick up their phone and hire Pam and the team.  It truly was the best money I have ever spent!

Thank you so so much.  You are changing lives one baby at a time!

xoxo Megan, Peter, Mila and Ella Stratikopoulos

Chase, BC, Canada

Megan, Peter, Mila and Ella Stratikopoulos

I hope all is well with you.

I have wanted to send you an up date for a while, but wanted to get home from our last trip before doing so. And our babies just had their 1st birthday, so it has been just over 6 months since we met you. Before I gushed too much about you and your services, I wanted to have enough experiences under our belts.

We are still reaping the benefits of hiring you. Our life is much easier on many levels because of you. We are still in awe of how well your system works.

Since we have hired you, Emmett and Cierra have slept no less than 10 hours a night (usually around 11 – 11.5 hours). We have had to go in to check on Emmett 1 or 2 nights, after 10 minutes, and Cierra never. Cierra has had 1 or 2 night of not settling, and usually there is a very good reason for it. We recently got home from Hawaii, which was a bit of a disaster for a few days, as they both got very sick. One night Cierra spent the whole night on daddy’s chest, as her temp was so high and she could not be left alone. I did think of you and wonder what Pam would say to do, but I know she needed to be held. The next night she returned to her normal routine without blinking. With the 3 hour time change, massive gut issues, a open concept bedroom, new cribs, heat, a few naps on the go, and a few late nights, the babes still sleep at least 10 hours a night, settled mostly well, and their naps were mostly good. Emmett had a harder time adjusting to the time change, and was getting up really early, so we did have to adjust bed times a bit.

So, we have had teething, bad illnesses, lots of travel, different beds, and renovations, and they remain great sleepers. I will not protest to be perfect, but thing are pretty darn good!! My 69 year old father will babysit them and puts them for their naps with no problem at all, and has been doing this for months. Not many twin grandpa’s can boast that!! Emmett still tends to struggle with naps every now and then (protesting and length).

I try to get all my friends to hire you, and I am sure they all get sick of me suggesting you. I have even offered to buy your package for a few of my friends. Do you offer gift certificates or credits or something? My one girlfriend has 3 kids under 4.5, and has not had a solid night of sleep in 4 years. Can you help with all of her kids at the same time?

I just wanted to update you on our life!

Thanks again, hiring you was the smartest thing I have done thus far as a parent!! At the time it was challenging for me, but if I knew then what I know now, it would have been so much easier to get through the rough moments.
Keep up the great work. I am also really enjoying your FB posts.

Teresa (Jason, Emmett and Cierra)

Hello Pam,
We went for dinner with Devin and Matt and another couple last night. It was a PAM LOVEFEST! We both ranted and raved about you to this other couple to the point that if they aren’t sold on you, I don’t know who could sell them on the process – lol! It was quite funny, I am sure they thought we were both nuts!

Thank you again for all your help with our respective families in Kelowna and Calgary.

Matt Arruda

Matt Arruda

Words aren’t enough to express our thanks for all your guidance and support in helping Rowan become a well-rested, happy baby. When we decided to contact you for help, we were so desperate and felt like we could not go through one more night with the way things were going. As you know, our not-so-little-guy was already 18 pounds at just three-months old and we were physically and emotionally exhausted from trying to rock him to sleep for naps and at bedtime. It was taking us three hours each night to get Rowan to sleep and he was fussy and crying the whole time and for most of the day. I couldn’t even get Rowan to eat in the evening because he was just so overtired. I was starting to think that maybe I just wasn’t cut out for this motherhood thing because my poor baby was so upset and there was nothing I could do make him happy.

I can’t believe how much our lives have changed since we hired you 11 weeks ago. Rowan has slept through the night (10.5-12 hours) every single night since the first day we started working with you. I never would have believed things could be this way! We lay Rowan down in his crib for naps and at bedtime, and watch him on the video monitor babble happily and move/roll around until he drifts into sleep. When he wakes up in the morning and from his haps during the day, he lays in the crib and doesn’t cry at all. Sometimes I don’t even know he’s awake because he barely makes a peep and just lays there sucking his hand waiting for me to come in and get him! I now relax for a few hours every single night. I didn’t think I’d ever have ‘me’ time again, let alone time for myself every single night. Rowan is such a happy baby now and I feel so much better as a mother to see him this way.

If we knew how much better life would be after working with you, we would have paid three times as much for your help.
We could never thank you enough, Pam. You have literally changed our lives!

Aislinn Kane

Hello Pam,
Thank you so much for all your support and help this week. It has been a long week, but we are pleased with the successes we have had so far:

• Going to bed AWAKE at night and continuing to sleep through the night
• Having four naps in his crib on the first day of nap training
• Slept for 1 hour and 40 minutes for his 1st nap today

We will continue to use the tools you have given us and know that he will improve every day! We are so excited to have a baby that can fall asleep on his own!

Thanks again and we will definitely recommend your seminar and private consultation to our family and friends!

Debra, Paul and Reuben Rosher

I wanted to thank you for all the tools you have given us to help our 3 year old son sleep better. When we called you we were dealing with an hour of putting Carson to bed and him getting up 5 to 10 times a night with one of us finally sleeping with him or him in our bed. Today, it’s a different story! We can put him down and leave the room and Carson is sleeping within minutes. If he wakes during the night he can self sooth as he as the tools that you’ve given him to do that! Today I had my first coffee without either child awake and it was almost 7 am! Amazing!

Now if anyone tells me they have any issues with sleep and their children I just tell them to call Pam! You did wonders for our son and our family and we can’t thank you enough!

The Reynolds Family

Los Gatos, California, USA

The Reynolds Family

I thought I would send you a quick update as to how we are doing.

Mia has continued to be a great sleeper. She has successfully slept through our basement renovations of banging, drilling, etc. She had a sleepover at grandmas and grandpas, and is doing great now that new baby has arrived. I was in the hospital for three nights so she continued her sleep pattern without me…yeah!!!

Although I am up at all hours with new baby…..it is wonderful that I am not up with Mia – a lifesaver at this point in the game!!!

Thanks again for teaching us/Mia the skill of sleep.

James and Julie Diemer

Since our consultation and time together I have since read the Sleep Sense book by Dana. ( because we have our nights back.) And, I can honestly say we would not have achieved the same results having just read the book.

Your consultation and hands on approach is definitely what made it work for our family. Especially getting us all on the same page. Your confidence in the routine and your friendly approach were very much appreciated in our ‘desperate’ sleep deprived state.

I would strongly recommend your services to anyone and would encourage them not to wait until they are desperate. Like Nike’s slogan – ” Just do it” As baby No. 2 is close to being here – I am looking forward to implementing some of the strategies from the start to have him/her learn those all essential sleep skills. I can’t thank-you enough!

Julie Diemer

Thanks for all your help and support. You’ve been terrific! It’s amazing to see how far along Frances has come and you’ve really helped make us all much happier and of course well rested! I’ve already passed your name onto a few friends who are having some sleep difficulties with their little ones (including my sister!) and hopefully they will get in touch with you because this experience has been really life changing for us!

Carolina, Dave and Frances

I’ve been meaning to update you for such a long time now!
Emery just turned one and is still an awesome sleeper! She sleeps 10-11 hrs at night and 2 solid 1.5 hr naps. Anyone can put her down anywhere, and she quickly falls asleep. We went from holding and co sleeping with many wake ups, to independent consolidated sleep!

Sometimes, I even have to go in to wake her up to maintain a schedule. Wake her up….? That was unheard of before. When I do, not only does she sleep so well, in order to wake her up, I have to actually tap her! Before you, every tiny little thing would wake her up. Now I can go in, walk around, take a few pics, and still out! AMAZING!

She also loves her lovey – Simba so much that Simba was her 3rd word!
Mike and I talk all the time how it was the BEST MONEY WE EVER SPENT on Emery .. for SO many reasons:

1. Emery is sleeping better, therefore I am sleeping better which means that I am a happier person, better wife and mom.
2. My husband is now an equal when it comes to Emery’s sleep. I had to do it all solo before.
3. We eliminated mid night feeding which meant better night sleep for all.
4. We went from 3 to 2 naps which gave us more freedom & flexibility and longer and deeper naps.
5. We are confident in Emery’s sleep schedule so we can plan so much better as a family and also relax knowing that she is going to sleep – no matter what happens!

Nicole and Tom Huete

Nicole and Tom Huete

My wife and I hired Pam when our son was seven months old on the strong recommendation of a friend. Although our tenure as parents has been brief, without question hiring Pam as a sleep consultant was by far the best thing we’ve ever done for our son – and for ourselves. Before Pam our son Jack wasn’t a terrible sleeper, but he was inconsistent. He would wake up throughout the night and lacked the skill to put himself back to sleep and was at a point where he could only be put down by my wife or myself. Jack was also heavily reliant upon a soother during the night, which as we learned from Pam, interfered with his ability to attain a deeper REM sleep. However since implementing Pam’s sleep training program, our son now naps like a champion and sleeps straight through the night for up to 11 or 12 hours! As a result, Jack is more rested and happier throughout the day and the time we spend with him is now even more enjoyable.

Although initially we were nervous about the prospect of sleep training and having to hear our son cry, after a Skype video conference with Pam we quickly realized that her program is designed around the concept of giving our child the gift of sleep. Pam’s support gave both my wife and I the confidence to stick to the training, and thanks to her wealth of knowledge and her ability to answer any and all concerns or questions we had along the way the first few days of sleep training were much easier than we had anticipated.

However, what truly makes Pam’s service unique is not just her expertise in her field, but also her wonderful personality. Pam’s warmth and kindness is evident immediately upon talking with her, and her sincere care and concern for her clients is second to none. Pam makes what could otherwise be a stressful experience easy and fun, and we will forever be indebted to her for teaching us how to give our son a better quality of life and ourselves a newfound freedom as parents.

Jeremy & Susie


Jeremy & Susie

It’s been a few months and I really can’t say enough about you to anyone I come across. With Vanessa, we did Ferber at 4 months and it worked wonderfully. We just assumed that parents who said their kids didn’t sleep just weren’t tough enough. We assumed Ferber would always work and we gloated behind closed doors for being so smart. Well, fast forward to kid #2. We were humbled. That kid just would not stop crying! We did Ferber twice and at the 1.5-2 hour mark, Bradley was basically doing back handsprings in his crib.

It was horrible. We were mad at him, mad at each other and mad that neither of us knew what to do. We had been told about you by a friend who had an 18 month old who you helped successfully transition from co-sleeping to his crib. I didn’t think it made sense to hire someone when our baby was so young and had so many more sleep transitions to come. Anyway, long story short, my husband looked at my Lulu lemon outfit and said that it would pretty much pay for you.

Suddenly, $400 didn’t seem quite a ridiculous. Truly, isn’t your family’s sleep worth $400? I blow $400 on way less important things. So, the once cocky parents who thought we had it all figured out, ran to you with our tails between our legs. In 1 day we went from rocking him to sleep for 45 minutes to get a 20 minute nap (he’d wake up angry) to putting him down awake and watching him fall asleep on his own. He also slept through the night I think it was night 3? Or 2? And he has slept through the night every night since!

He is now 13 1/2 months and LOVES to sleep! The best part of hiring you is that it took the pressure off me and my husband.
I loved how you created a step by plan based on our family, and that is was so much more gentle than Ferber. The follow up support made all the difference to as you updated us with what to do next.

You are lovely and confident and honestly, I don’t know if we’ll venture toward a third kiddo, but if we do, I’m calling you on the way home from the hospital.

In case you can’t tell, in my world, the grass is greener and the sky is bluer because of Pam Nease!

Andrea and Matt Weir

Brylan is still sleeping very well! His naps have gotten better and are about an hour each. This morning he actually slept for 1.5 hours! That was really great. It has been so nice to see the surprised/relieved look on the sitter’s face when she realized that hiring you to help us was actually going to pay off for all of us!

I would love, love, love to do what you are doing, Pam. In our society, everyone treats the way we parent as such a black and white thing. Attachment parenting is so much better than putting your child in a stroller. Co-sleeping vs. independent sleeping. Baby led weaning vs. Parent led weaning. Etc., etc., etc.

It’s not though…there is middle ground and there is gray area. I think that the most important thing we can give our children is the ability to get and stay asleep. That is the middle ground for everyone. There is no denying the need for sleep. Best of all, you can teach your child to art of sleep without feeling like you are denying them the love and attention they need and deserve. Thank you for helping us to see the “middle ground.”

Another thing – it may just be a coincidence, but since Brylan has been sleeping more, he has grown leaps and bounds with his motor skills! Really-he went from wanting to be held ALL the time, to wanting to crawl, pull-up, and be on the go all the time. I really think that it is because his sleep has improved so much.

Amanda and Andrew Little, Sulphur, Louisiana

My gratitude for you Pam is immeasurable. You are incredible at listening, truly listening, you make me feel understood. You are an expert. The way in which your share/impart your knowledge is deeply compassionate. You are a star.

Mary Fulber

This is our last day of correspondence with you and it’s bittersweet! You have helped us in ways I never thought possible. Only 15 days in and Kohen has gone from waking at least every hour in the night to be rocked to sleep to sleeping 12+ hours straight through. You helped ease my anxiety about this process and made me feel confident in the outcome! You truly have changed our lives and we couldn’t have asked for someone better to help us through this journey! Thank you so so so much Pam!

Mila and Derek Harding

I think this is our last day of e-mail so I just wanted to say thank you for all your guidance, help, input and for answering my million questions. Chase seems to be doing well with the 2 nap schedule. His naps are rounding out to be 2 hours each now which is glorious! He is still sleeping through the night for the most part.

We can’t thank you enough for helping Chase fall asleep on his own. Having to rock, soother, rock, bounce before every nap and bedtime was a major stress in our lives and now we no longer have to do this. This sleep training has not only changed Chase but it has also changed the relationship between Jack and I. We no longer fight over who is going to do the bedtime routine and get along much better at the end of the day. Drop and go is a breeze. I never ever thought in a million years that it was possible to place your baby in a crib and they fall asleep in under a minute. WOW! The best part about all this is that overall Chase sleeps through the night, has longer nap times, and we know longer have to use outside props to get him to sleep. I can’t thank you enough.

Megan, Jack and Chase

Pam has been and continues to be an incredible resource for us since the time our youngest was 5 months old. Pam’s gentle guidance, expertise and understanding has given us the sound support we needed to bring sound sleep back into our family. Our children are adjusting well and we feel more confident as parents. The skills we learned from Pam are “life” skills not just sleep skills. Thank you Pam!

Jay, Denise, Jake, Max, Heidi and Marshmellow

Wow! It has almost been 2 months since we contacted Pam and started her sleep program with our twin boys! It has been life changing for us and the boys! I went from rocking them to sleep for every nap and bedtime (many times for 30 minutes or more) to putting them right into their cribs wide awake. Naps went from being 30 minutes long to 2 to 3 hours after we started her program! And they sleep through the night. Thank you so much Pam for guiding us through the process and giving our boys the gift of sleep!

They are so happy and developing so beautifully! I was so nervous to start the program as I thought my babies would feel neglected if I let them cry at all but the program seemed so natural and right once we started it. In fact I feel like I have an even stronger attachment to my boys because we are all well rested and happy! The other day I could hear one of the twins laughing away as his brother talked to him from his crib!

We are so glad our friends told us about you Pam and you are honestly the sleep Guru for babies!

The Baldersons

Pam is the baby whisperer! We were smart this time, and hired her at 4 weeks of age with Weston-she had him sleeping through the night right away. I very highly recommend her.

Mel Butler

Our journey with your amazing work is over and our little one is sleeping like an angel.

We have a 4 month old son Rusty, who was a very bad sleeper. The very important word in this sentence is WAS, because now he isn’t anymore! It still seems to me like a miracle! Yes, our baby started sleep better even 3rd night! What a success after exhausting nights! He didn’t sleep well during the day, only few naps for 30 minutes and during the night we were awake every hour and half. Every time I nursed him. It was only way he would fall asleep.

When I had his crib putted totally next to my side of bed, when I nursed him so often, I knew I was close to the breaking point. My husband travels a lot with his job and we don’t have family here, so I am often alone with our baby. With almost no sleep, I was so tired and began to think that it was normal. As the days went by, I felt more and more exhausted. I thought our little one was a normal 4 month old baby but now I see a big difference in his behaviour between then and now. He cried very often because he was so tired. I didn’t know! I thought that he had so much energy, that he didn’t need to sleep! He cried whenever he was awake in his stroller or in the car seat. I thought he hated them both. When I thought he was tired, I would hold and cuddle him until he fell asleep and then I put him in stroller for his naps. He liked it only while sleeping but it needed to be in a dark place of our house. His crib for naps? No chance!

Like many of parents writing letters to you Pam, I was really scared and nervous when we started. Now I know! He cried, yes, but only for the first two nights and a little bit during the naps. On the third night, it was only once! We also understood that he was crying because he was learning. We loved that we could still be in the room with him to reassure him. It made such a difference being right beside his crib and letting him know that we wanted to give him a gift of a good sleep, that we loved him and that we were there for him. I was the one who was telling everyone all the time that I would never let my baby cry. Yes, I did it, but it was much better than I imagined and it has changed our lives!

Now, our little Rusty sleeps almost all night. I have kept one feed in. Around 1:00 am I feed him and then I put him back to his crib and he falls back asleep on his own peacefully and sleeps until the morning. He is now having three great naps in the crib and rarely cries before going to sleep. If it happens, it for less than five minutes.

Our baby is happy, all the time smiling, exploring his world. He stopped crying in stroller and in the car seat. Now I see that he is in better mood because he is sleeping well. He is calmer too.

Every day I enjoy my time for me too! After four long months, I can now sleep more than 1.5 hours at a time. I am not in a rush to do all the stuff in 30 minutes like I was used to. I have time to do house duties, emails, phone calls, even to have a nice dinner or watch a movie with my husband. It sounds great, doesn’t it? While my baby is sleeping, I miss him and can’t wait to see him in the morning. It is wonderful to see his lovely toothless smile. Oh yes! because now I am relaxed mom who can enjoy her motherhood as much as she can.

Kristyna and Family

You have changed my life! Thanks to you, Jeremy now sleeps 11-12 hours at night, and takes 2 naps that are always an hour and a half long every day. I had resigned myself to the fact that being a parent meant that I was never going to sleep again and that I would never have any more kids because having ONE that refused to sleep was just too much for me and my husband; this was up until I met you via twitter.

My husband and I used to spend the  majority of the night taking turns rocking, singing to, and bouncing Jeremy for hours until getting him to sleep for maybe 2 hours at a time; when we would get really desperate, one of us would put him in the swing and lay in front of it until he would fall asleep.

No, I am not kidding; we literally had to lay in front of the swing so that Jeremy could see us and he would eventually get so tired that he’d sometimes allow himself to fall asleep in it. These types of nights added up to about 6 hours of broken up sleep for Jeremy and less for Matt and I.

We were at each other’s throats because of sheer exhaustion, and Jeremy was an extremely clingy baby. During the day, I had to hold Jeremy almost all day long and he did not play unless I handed toys to him to play with; I actually had to play with the electronic toys in order for Jeremy to enjoy them. When I started talking to you, I was a bit skeptical since my husband and I had attempted sleep training 2 different times with Jeremy with the same results: a few nights of good sleep then back to the lack of sleep.
What I love the most is that I can lay Jeremy in his crib at nap time and bedtime, and know that he’ll giggle and talk to his lovey until he falls asleep.

When he wakes up, Jeremy smiles and talks to his lovey until I go to get him. Now that he’s been sleeping so well for awhile, Jeremy is a completely different baby. He’s always happy, hitting milestones like crazy, and incredibly independent; while he still enjoys his cuddles, Jeremy enjoys sitting or lying on the floor and playing with his toys. All I need to do is sit a toy or two in front of him and he’ll play happily. Jeremy has figured out how all of his toys work and has graduated to reaching for some of his toys himself, instead of waiting for me to just hand them to him.

I recommend you to everyone I know whose children have sleep problems, and Matt and I already plan on getting in touch with you again whenever we have baby #2 so that we can prevent sleep problems from occurring.

To other parents, if you have any doubts at all about the cost or the effectiveness of Pam’s help, DON’T WORRY. She is a miracle worker!

Jaime and Matt Barton

I hired Pam when my son turned 18 months, that was a long sleepless 18 months.
From one month old, I started co-sleeping with my son. My first and only child so far, I naively thought I could just eventually plop him in the crib when he was older and all would be well.

Of course that wasn’t the case, and no matter what book I read or sleep method I tried, we always ended up back to co-sleeping because it was the only way either of us would get any sleep.

Even sleeping with me though, he would wake up two to three times a night.

I was at my wits end. So tired, so cranky, stressed, crying, and just feeling like a failure of mom for not being able to properly sleep train my child.

Finally one day I decided to do a free 15 min phone consult with Pam, I couldn’t stop crying afterwards. I felt hopeful for once. Pam was so kind over the phone, so understanding and I knew once and for all it’s time we finally slept properly in our home, so we hired her.

Pam was awesome and made sure my husband and I were comfortable with the sleep plan she made for us. After only three days our son started sleeping better, and by day 10, he was going to bed happy, awake, and would sing himself to sleep and then not wake up again until 11 hours later.

The other amazing thing was that we went from using a soother and a bottle before bed to get him groggy, to no soothers any longer and no right before bed bottle.

His daily nap also improved. Instead of a one hour or so nap, he now has a daily 2-3 hour nap. I feel like a new person. I feel like myself again and couldn’t be happier. My son is also happier. My only regret is that I didn’t hire Pam sooner. Thank you so much Pam for honestly changing our lives.

Celine Moreau

So… our story can’t be that different from anyone reading this testimonial. I have a fantastic four year old who just would not go to sleep without Mom or Dad and would not stay in her room at night. I heard about Pam through my Dental Hygienist and quickly looked her website up …it was true, she did exist! We met up on a Thursday afternoon and as a group we created a game plan appropriate for our family. Friday night was start night and although I was apprehensive that the plan Pam provided wouldn’t work with MY CHILD, we were ready to give it a try.

Pam made sure we understood exactly what to do and included contingency plans if things didn’t go perfectly (which we didn’t expect that it would). Nighttime came and we worked the plan and the key words and guess what??? It actually worked! To my surprise, not only did it work, it worked perfectly! My child is incredibly spirited and I was ready for this change to be brutally hard. It wasn’t!

Pam prepared us as parents to deal with every situation that our child may throw at us. I couldn’t believe no one had ever told me about Pam before (it would have been nice about 3 1Ž2 years ago!!!). Pam provided continued support for a couple of weeks and made sure that the tactics were working and we were moving in the right direction. Our biggest problem? We had no idea what to do with the extra time we had at night! Thanks Pam! We love our happy child AND our sleep filled nights!

Cailla Patterson

I would just like to say thank you very much to Pam Nease. My wife and I have a four year old daughter (Teagan) that has been challenging to put to bed to say the least. We had to sit right beside her in her bed to have her fall asleep, which progressed to us sitting outside her room within eyesight. We could never progress past that point for two years I was sitting outside her room for upwards of 45 minutes a night.

We were very frustrated but clueless as to what to do next. Then Pam entered our lives and set up a very comprehensive plan for us with lots of support from her. Pam told us we could have Teagan sleeping by 7 pm every night ( not 9 pm as she was) and she will stay in her bed all night. Teagan was coming into our bed every night at around 1 am, and this happened for two years.
When Pam was telling my wife and I what we could expect in changes with Teagan’s sleep patterns it was like a dream world. We began with Pam and the results have been amazing. Teagan does go to bed every night without a fuss and sleeps in her room till 6 am.

Pam Nease’s professionalism and compassion for parents going through this process is comforting. When you do work with Pam it is a partnership and you need to do your part and with Pam’s plan and follow up you will achieve success. This was the best money spent, my wife and I have our evenings back. Thank you Pam!!

Dale Patterson

I was very skeptical and embarrased at the thought of hiring a sleep consultant to help my daughter Cassidy sleep. I had heard about Pam from a high school friend and was VERY desperate and sleep deprived when I finally decided to contact her.
Cassidy had issues with sleep right from the start. She had a very strong nursing to sleep association and previous to the training she had been waking from 3 to 6 times a night, needing to be nursed back to sleep. As a newborn Cassidy always fought sleep, and was a very very fussy baby. We tried everything to help her; rocking, the swing, car rides, white niose, anything and everything you can think of.

Her naps were never that great either; sometimes only half an hour or even non existant, making life very exhausting!
At her young age she had already been referred to a pediatrician, nutritionist, child development and had been seen by a couple doctors due to slow growth and development.

Cassidy was 7 months old when I started working with Pam, and by the 3rd night she was sleeping through the night; for at least 10 hours. Her naps took a couple weeks longer to sort out but have improved a lot. Cassidy now sleeps from 10-12 hours at night and has 2 naps that range from 1-2 hours each.

The most important thing is that she is now being put in her crib WIDE AWAKE and is able to take the journey to sleep on her own.
We have been able to put Cassidy to sleep at a friends house. Waking her up when we are ready to go home; then putting her back to bed at home and not hearing another peep from her until the morning 🙂 We have also been able to experiment with camping. We have been able to put Cassidy to bed in the camper and have her sleep peacefully through the WHOLE night; not waking until after 6am.
I would not hesitate in recommending Pam to anyone. It is so nice to get our lives back; she has seriously changed the lives of my husband and I, and our sweet little Cassidy. Thank you so much Pam!

Candis Campbell Stumpf

We hope you have been enjoying the Summer!

I’ve been meaning to send you a note to let you know how we’re doing on our healthy sleep journey!

Kaelyn continues to love bath time and story/song time. She even has started saying “night, night” in her own baby way when she knows it’s getting close to going to bed. She now cuddles with her doll, just as you predicted. So darn cute to see this when we go to check on her. She always wakes up happy! The morning is her best time. We love being greeted by smiles when we get her up in the morning! She seems to have adjusted fairly well to one nap a day also. Naps are absolutely no problem now! We rarely ever miss a nap!

Kaelyn goes to sleep so well when we are out at family or friends’ homes. We love being able to stay and visit after she has gone to sleep! Getting her home and into her own bed is no problem either! Yay for an awesome routine!

She is walking now!! She is always eager to explore and learn! We’re constantly on the move! This girl won’t sit still for long!

Kaelyn is doing amazingly well! Our little sweet pea is a star sleeper!!! Thank you soooo much for your guidance! We know who we’ll call if we have any sleep issues in the future! We have experienced the difference honouring your child’s sleep can make!

We hope you are well!

Darcy, Anderson, and Kaelyn

Thank you for all of your support. The program worked so well for us and we are thrilled with our new life! From waking at least 4 times a night to sleeping 11 hours a night without waking in less than a week is amazing. While naps took longer to come, yesterday was a turning point. She had a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and a 3 hour nap this morning. I hate to say it, but it feels like she is sleeping too much sometimes!

Thanks again, I would definitely recommend you & your seminar to others with sleep problems.

C,T, and E

Dear Pam,
I never thought that Ava had a sleep problem, but I knew that she wasn’t napping well and I just figured that her 4 am wakings were food motivated.  I was ready to return to work after a wonderful maternity leave where I selfishly held my baby on my lap, lulling her to sleep with a pacifier in her mouth.  Daddy daycare was 3 weeks away and I realized my husband just couldn’t spend 3 hours a day trying to put the baby down.  

Luckily, or maybe it was fate, I learned that Pam Nease was a Sleep consultant.  Mutual friends had relayed what great success she had with her own son – so I sent her a quick email asking if she thought I had a problem.   Contacting Pam was one of the best gifts I could have ever given my daughter.

Within a week Ava’s bedtime routine was established; I was able to put her in her crib, no pacifier, no bottle – just her Pooh Bear and she was sleeping through the night and putting herself back to sleep if she woke.  Now bedtime is fun!

When I had Ava it seemed as if doctors, nurses, friends and even strangers all wanted to offer opinions and advice, but it was just talk.  From the moment Pam came into our home it was clear that she cares deeply about the families she helps.  She is the voice of experience and her calm, gentle nature makes her the perfect guide on the journey to great sleep – for children, moms and dads!

I would not hesitate for a moment in recommending Pam and her sleep program to any family. I tell everyone who will listen what a blessing it has been.  This program truly changed our lives and I am so grateful to Pam for her kindness, knowledge and continued support as we raise a happy, well rested, beautiful girl.

Jennifer and Eamon Bennett

Hi Pam,
Our son Jack was 3.5 years old and typically took +3 hours to get to sleep EVERY night.  We would start at 8:00pm and it would end when one of us passed-out.  We really thought we could handle this ourselves because my wife is a primary school teacher and a certified behaviour modification specialist. We had read a plethora of books, tried a variety of techniques but nothing seemed to work for us.

We were sleep deprived and at wits end when we reached-out to Pam Nease.  From our first conversation, we knew we were in good hands with Pam. She had a compassionate and direct way to deal with the matter.  What we learned was the correct strategy was actually a composite of everything we had read, finely tuned and specific to our needs.

The program was modified slightly based on exhibited behaviours and we attribute that fine tuning to our success. Having spent literally years battling this problem, we could not believe that within a few days, Jack was regularly in bed and asleep before 8pm and would not get-up before 7am the next morning! He was completely habit formed in under a month.

It has been 5 months now and Jack is a different child.  He’s a happier child and his mental capabilities have increased exponentially. Time-outs were a regular occurrence for Jack and in the past 5 months, he’s been timed-out twice. Needless to say, I would highly recommend this program to any parent struggling with these problems.  It is absolutely without a doubt the best money we have spent on anything! Thanks to Pam, we have our lives back.

Edward M. Senez

Edward M. Senez

Hello Fellow Fathers,
Don’t wait – hire Pam immediately! It’s the best money I have EVER spent!

Initially, when my wife approached me about hiring a sleep specialist, I dismissed it. I felt that A) we had not exhausted our other options B) I didn’t know any better C) it was a lot of money.  However, once we actually called Pam, I was at that point where I was willing to try anything.

I felt we had exhausted all other options and I was very worried about my wife’s health and my job performance. Looking back now, I wish we had called Pam sooner.  My greatest fear when we hired Pam was that it would not work and we would still be sleepless and now out money.  I really had no idea what we would have done had it not worked out. I was very skeptical because everything else we had tried prior to Pam had never worked.

I was hoping that our son would simply outgrow his sleep issues but not until he was much older and we could reason with him. We simply couldn’t wait for that as my wife and I were too far gone. After working with Pam – in the end – I felt like it was magic.  I was truly incredulous, and of course thrilled that we were getting so much more sleep.
Don’t waste another minute deciding if this is a good idea or not – it is! You won’t regret hiring Pam to help you and your family.

Erik Henderson

Erik Henderson

This was by far the BEST investment we have ever made for our family. Pam has a wonderful ability to teach, reassure, support and care and she helped us to trust ourselves as wonderful parents in this journey to find sleep for all!! She genuinely cared about us as individuals and answered our questions thoroughly and compassionately … We weren’t “just another client”. Pam worked with us and our individual goals and we would do it again in a heart beat with future children. We cannot thank her enough for teaching our son Extremely STRONG sleep skills! 

Our son was sick for 21 days straight with a fever and on/off colds and coughs during this time…. His sleep was NOT effected!! So many people talk about how their kids don’t sleep when they are sick… But with Pam’s guidance, we were able to get through it with no interruptions. 

Our son had adjusted to daycare “better than most children” say the staff.. They can’t believe how well he sleeps…. (And our child was the “30 minute wonder” prior to meeting Pam!!)

Mandi Grim

We didn’t think it was possible but our little one is sleeping 11 hours all through the night now – thanks to Pam’s help! I love the few hours in the evening to ourselves, its so wonderful!

The Roothams

A quick update since attending your seminar only two days ago: My first night doing the routine was last night. She complained for about 5 minutes and then settled and fell asleep quite quickly. Dad was surprised! She seems to be doing okay with naps. Grandma has been trying hard to stay consistent with us, and has been reporting success! She says she notices a difference, and today she said K fell asleep on her back with her doll over her eyes!

We couldn’t believe it! She never sleeps on her back!! We were so surprised.

D, A and K

We chose Pam based off of her experience and fabulous reputation worldwide. As we went through the process, it was evident they were invested in the well being of our baby’s sleep…sometimes more than we were. The encouragement, understanding, motivation, and empathy we received made us realize very quickly that Pam is much much more than a “sleep consultant”. She is a guide, a councillor, and most importantly, a parent. I have not once regretted purchasing her services! And we surprise people over and over again, to this day, that our baby knows how to fall asleep on her own in many different environments. I would never think twice about hiring a different sleep consultant.

Genevieve Morrone

Genevieve Morrone

Felix is a CHAMPION sleeper now! He has survived a week-long vacation living with 13 adults he didn’t know and sleeping in the laundry room. It was more difficult for him at times to fall asleep and he would wake up at 5:30am but naps were more consistent. It was quite noisy with 13 dining/drinking adults!!! But he made it, made us SOOO proud of him!

Since then, we have moved to a new house. Felix now sleeps on a different floor then us and again, surprised us on how well he adapted. He’s on the same floor as his playroom and the family/TV room so he’s quite often playing in the basement.

We can’t believe how well he sleeps! It takes him a little longer to fall asleep in unknown places but he NEVER wakes up at night anymore. AMAZING!!!

I kissed my concealer goodbye like you promised I would J Happiest day of my life!

Brady and I came up with this conclusion after experiencing your help:
Although the program is a big expense at first, when you divide the price by all the nights Felix sleeps through it suddenly becomes VERY cheap per night!

THANK YOU Pam! We couldn’t of done it without you. You saved our sanity, our marriage and our relationship with our son. Can’t wait to work with you again for baby #2… one day.

Justine, Brady & Felix

I was lucky to hear about Pam when my first son was 5 months old and I was losing it (sleep, my mind, my sanity). She helped us train him to go to sleep on his own and he is even now a great sleeper at the age of 4.5. My next two sons have followed suit after using the same methods, and we are so thankful.

Bethany Schmaling

Hi Pam!

I promised an update about Rachael so here it is!!

First of all I’d like to say this was the best thing we’ve done!  It’s given us peace of mind that Rachael can now go to sleep all night, and anywhere we go.  She is soooooo happy all the time (ok she has her moments but mostly all the time), Mike & I are now on the same page, and I can actually get things done now!!  Friends & family all comment about how happy she is!

We went to a cottage for a weekend and she slept all night and napped for at least 1-1.5 hours!  It was extremely noisy and she did great despite the noise!  The cottage was packed & with only 1 bathroom we had to share a room and she still did just fine!  I was also able to go away for a ‘girls weekend’ without Mike & Rachael and they did just fine without me & didn’t feel exhausted or stressed, or like it was too much!  That is very comforting to me!!

I have since bought blackout blinds as the cottage ended up needing bath-towel curtains – ha ha!  And my only struggle is that she does cry every time we put her in the crib to go for a nap or bed.  I hope she grows out of this (or else I’ll feel bad for anyone staying within ear shot of us at any point)!  She is totally happy & content otherwise!

I am taking Rachael to a cottage this week without Mike so I am really happy that I’ll be able to handle her on my own.  I have since referred a few friends.  I’m not sure if they have contacted you or not but that is up to them!

I hope the rest of your summer was fantastic and I’ll give you another update at some point in the future!

Suzanne McMillan

Suzanne McMillan

Our first child didn’t sleep more than a couple of hours in a row for the first 11.5 months of his life.  I considered hiring Pam, and even took her up on her generous offer of a complimentary 15 minute phone call, but I was afraid and stubborn.  Afraid that I wouldn’t be meeting his needs, that I was being selfish; stubborn because parents have been doing this for ages and why couldn’t we just figure this out on our own?  When our second child was born, the pattern was repeating itself.  Every hour or two, all night long, every single night for 5 months.  We were absolutely exhausted, and now we had a two year old to care for during the day as well as an infant.  I was at a kid’s birthday party and overheard yet another person singing Pam’s praises, and something in me just snapped.  I was so mad that we were suffering terribly and other parents and their kids were sleeping peacefully.  Out of desperation, we called Pam and she met with us within a week.  When I heard the plan, I was shocked.  It’s such a simple, gentle approach.  She was confident, compassionate, and very reassuring that a solution was absolutely possible.  Within 2 weeks, our daughter was sleeping 11-12 hours and we were ecstatic.  I call Pam our miracle worker.  It was truly the best money we’ve ever spent.

Jacqui Acree

I cannot say enough great things about Pam Nease Sleep and our amazing and wonderful sleep angel Katrina. We knew our little man had the ability to sleep longer stretches at night and sometimes could fall back asleep but with Katrina’s help and guidance he is able to independently fall asleep consistently every night and every nap (which use to be on me).

When we first started Katrina gave us detailed instructions and prepared us for our sleep learning journey but after the first night, we were ready to pull the plug and stop. Looking back, we are so thankful we didn’t. Without her guidance, we would not have had found out our little man is a super sleeper after all. Katrina was always encouraging, kind and supportive, she was knowledgeable and answered all my questions.

Recently we celebrated the Christmas holidays and our sleep angel gave some advice on how to honour our little man’s sleep while enjoying time with family. And he slept through it all (loud singing, lots of games, children’s excitement) as well as fell back asleep when we got home later!

We are so grateful for the gift Katrina gave our whole family. I am a better mom and partner and most importantly we know our little family is finally getting the rest we need!

Lee Moorhouse (5 star Google review)

Lee Moorhouse

Our little girl is 2.5 years old and is a happy, strong and resilient sleeper because of Pam Nease Sleep. We called Pam Nease when our girl wasn’t sleeping and when we couldn’t cope anymore. Pam’s team coached us, supported us and encouraged us-and, trust me, our baby was described as a “spirited” personality. We weren’t easy clients. But, we stuck with the program because we knew our girl needed it. And it works. She sleeps at daycare, she sleeps for the babysitter and she easily does overnights with her grandparents. Having our child learn how to sleep well has positively impacted all our lives and relationships with each other, too. My husband and I even have our own nights away and we’re each confident that bedtime will go smoothly for the other spouse. Even now, with a toddler, we have Pam’s support as some of her sleep habits have changed. The whole experience has been worth it and I feel like a happier parent. The investment is worth it-it was sleep training or driving lessons (eventually) and I feel pretty happy with my choice!

Tiffany Moore (5 star Google review)

Tiffany Moore

We were lucky to work with Pam directly with one of her nanny packages. It was truly an amazing experience. I was so incredibly nervous about sleep training. However, I was absolutely desperate for a change. Pam was so kind, patient and gentle. She gave my husband and I the confidence to see it through and was so gentle with our daughter. I now truly believe that sleep training is the kindest thing you can give to your little ones. It’s an absolute must. I would recommend Pam and her team one hundred percent. She has been our amazing guiding light in all things related to our daughter’s sleep. We couldn’t be happier.


Vancouver, B.C.


Dear Pam, Jessica & Team,
This “love letter” has been a long time coming. It’s just that we have all been enjoying such restful sleep since working with our sleep angel Jessica that we’ve been pretty lax about doing anything else! Why run errands and do chores when we can nap? We reached out to Pam when our son Jacob was just shy of 4 months old. We were nervous about any formal sleep coaching/training as we had heard that prior to 6 months old infants aren’t really ready to physically and mentally develop better sleep habits. However, we were at out wits end as Jacob had a major sleep regression and was waking every 1.5-2 hours all night long and Kiana was about to return to work. We could tell Jacob wanted to sleep but just couldn’t get there without help from us. In swoop Pam and Jessica.

Pam took the time to talk with both of us about the process and answer all our questions over a number of phone calls and email exchanges. By the time we decided to move forward we felt confident in our decision. Once we started working with Jessica we felt even better about it and more empowered to help Jacob sleep better (and give us our sanity back). The process was by far easier than we anticipated. That’s not to say it was always easy or that there were no tears (Jacob’s or ours) (lest we forget those 5 nap days!) but we had made the process out in our minds to be this thing that had to be endured. Instead, we found a new routine in which to bond, play, and interact with our son. On weekdays when we only have an hour or so after work and before bed, the bedtime ritual has become even more important to our family. We could really go on and on about the specifics of our experience but in the end it boils down to being ever grateful to you all for your kindness, your patience, your lack of judgement, and your expertise, knowledge and skills.

Love, the Valentines (Justin, Kiana & Jacob)

P.S. We MISS you Jessica!!

the Valentines (Justin, Kiana & Jacob)

We LOVE Pam Nease !!! My name Jenny and I have three amazing boys ages 8, 5 and almost 2. We have hired Pam three times now for sleep training. Each time was a different experience and I tell everyone that it was the best money we ever spent as parents. The gift of being able to sleep at night and know no matter where you go with your children that they will sleep is priceless! We just went on holidays to Vancouver Island and I was a little nervous to go out on my Aunts boat with my still napping toddler. I brought his play pen and lovey and couldn’t believe that he went right to sleep as usual for his nap and slept 1.5 hours while I got to lay in the sun and my older boys played. So blessed we found Pam 8 years ago and so thankful for her support all these years. Is it always perfect 100% of the time? No there’s been some sleep bumps but because I can trust and know my children have learnt to sleep we have got through them! Thank you Pam!

Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson

Thank you so much Pam. Our family had the privilege of having you come to stay with us as part of the 4 Night Nanny Package and it was money incredibly well spent. We’d recommend the Nanny Package to anyone who may be considering it – you did all the heavy lifting for us to get the babies on track (and sent us out on dates while you did it!) and gave us all the support we needed to continue.   We are now into our third week of sleep learning with our 5.5month old twins and our lives are completely transformed. I’m not exaggerating to say that you’ve not only given us our sleep back but actually made our babies noticeably happier while they are awake.   When we called you we were waking every 45 minutes all night long, but by our second night with you they both slept 12 hours through the night. And they take lovely long naps! I’m so glad that we had not tried to go it alone with a book or advice from friends.  I know that the reason our babies are doing so well is that we used your plan right from the start and the babies have never been confused by starts and stops, or learned to cry to get our attention.  When we were reviewing your Nanny Packages, we compared the cost to what it would cost to hire a night nanny locally and we found that you were quite reasonably priced considering that we would not only be getting 24/7 care and support for the crucial initial days/nights you were here to get the babies started and then the weeks of follow-up support, the package gave us skills that would last our children’s lifetimes.

While it has felt like magic, we know it’s a process. Over these last three weeks there has been some testing and some nights there may be a brief wake up, but they now know how to settle themselves and we are so thrilled to feel like our old selves again.  We can sit and talk to each other in the evening. We can watch movies again!  And we now have babies who no longer whine constantly or scream in the car, they are well rested and content and excited to play.  You have done so much for our family, we can never thank you enough.  We will continue to recommend you and the especially your Nanny Packages to anyone looking to improve their family’s sleep.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Hi Pam,

It’s hard to believe that we are 7 weeks out from the beginning of our sleep training journey. We wanted to provide you with an update about how William is doing.
As you had reassured us, it took a little bit of persistence and patience for his naps to lengthen and sort themselves out. We are so happy to report that he is almost consistently sleeping beyond 45 minutes for each nap, and there are many many naps where he sleeps soundly for 2-2.5 hours! He continues to sleep incredibly well at night and wakes up chatting away happily to himself in the mornings.
We have now traveled out of town and stayed overnight in hotels on three occasions. Both Jospeh and I were shocked at how well William did. Combine a new and strange environment, having to sleep beside our bed in his crib instead of in his nursery, and the hallway sounds of busy hotels and he STILL slept like a champion. It is such a pleasure and joy to be able to travel with him and not have anxiety about whether he will sleep well or be miserable.
We want to thank you both so much for your support, guidance, and mentoring through this process. It is invaluable for all of us to have restful and restorative sleep, and be able to connect in more present and meaningful ways as a family unit. A picture of William sleeping with his favourite “Ellie” is attached.
Wishing you both well.
Dr. Michelle, Joseph & William 🙂
London, Ontario, Canada
Dr. Michelle, Joseph & William

Hello Pam & Sophie!

Somehow magically little Sophia has celebrated her birthday in the last week and we are in back to school mode, so I figured I owed you an update.  A big thanks to the both of you for helping Sophia achieve her best sleep over the last several months.  As I had stated to Pam when we talked many months ago, I had read 4 books on sleep training, achieving some success but then huge setbacks despite ensuring we had followed the book to a T.  Eventually out of ideas, and not ready to let our sweet baby just cry it out we turned to you.  I’ve stated to friends who have questioned why this worked, I say one of the biggest things is the support system we received through the process – those 7 AM phone calls were so important! We knew that whatever issue that had cropped up, you would help us through it without us needing to overanalyze, google or verify with four different sources, because it always worked!

We have transitioned Sophia to daycare in the last few weeks and she has slept like a champ.  Her first full day of daycare she did a 2 hour morning nap, followed by another 1 hour afternoon nap.  She seems to be giving us the cues that she’s ready to transition to just one nap.

We looked at another company when considering a sleep consultant, and although a cheaper rate, we wouldn’t be receiving the same amount of support as compared to you.  For us, ensuring that everyone was well rested was important.  As a result Sophia has learned how to sleep with a cold, cutting 3 teeth in just 10 days, and sleeping in 7 different beds in 2 weeks.  We definitely couldn’t have achieved this on our own.

Thanks again
Jessie, Jacquie & Sophia

Kamloops, BC, Canada

Jessie, Jacquie & Sophia

Happy Sleep-iversary!! One year ago today, we had our first initial consult with sweet Sophie! Ella was 4 months old and was fighting sleep and even fighting her feeds! We were constantly bouncing on a ball to get her to sleep and using all kinds of foolery to get her to stay asleep! I was an anxious ball of nerves but both you eased my fears, and still offer their love and reassurance to this day! Your team is truly like a member of our family and I shudder to think what our life would be like if we didn’t put our trust in you! Here is a recent snap of Ella, in her sleep sack with her lovey (which she recognizes by name and even makes a silly sound in response to it, it’s like she is calling for it!). So much love to you on this special day!

Megan Stratikopoulos

Chase, BC, Canada

Megan Stratikopoulos

Hi Pam,

I was just talking to a friend who is having trouble with their baby’s sleep and I realized I never updated you about Zoe’s success.  As you may remember, we started sleep teaching Zoe at 2 weeks old (Aug 2016) with your gentle newborn method.  She took to it so well and by 5 weeks of age she was sleeping for 5-6 hours straight at night.  It was totally amazing.  Then, at 10 weeks she started sleeping 10-12 hours straight and hasn’t changed since.  It has made the challenge of having two kids 14 months apart so much more manageable. I don’t know what we would have done without this success. I share your name with every Mom and Dad I meet who is having sleep challenges with their kids.

Thank you so much for your life changing (and really saving) help.
Dr. Trish Parsons

Sault St Marie, Ontario, Canada

PS Quinn still sleeps like a champ. 12 hours a night without fail and now she even asks to go to bed after her bedtime routine is done.

Dr. Trish Parsons

Hi Ashley & Pam,

I can imagine in your line of work you would wonder “what ever happened to…” so I thought I would to send you ladies a little update on our lil’ lady. Fin is 11 months old, crawling and attempting to cruise and loving life. She has a big personality, LOVES books…cannot get enough of them, annnnnnnnd she is sleeping like a Rockstar!!! She has been sleeping 12 hrs a night and maintaining her 2 nap schedule since about Christmas. She took a good 6 weeks till she fully accepted the sleep schedule but now she’s doing great. We even successfully travelled to Kauai, Hawaii in January and she did so well on the planes and adapted to the time change almost instantly. Thank-you again for all the support, guidance and patience you showed us during the process. I really hope our experience can be used to support other families with resistant sleepers. Hope you both are doing well and getting ready for Spring cause I refuse to accept any more snow!


Tiff, Chris & Finley Waite

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Tiff, Chris & Finley Waite

When we found out we were pregnant with our first child in Spring 2014 – we decided to postpone a trip we had planned to France for that September. This past September – we made it a family adventure and are so happy we did!

Admittedly, we were nervous about how a big trip like this would go with a 20 month old – and whether in the end any of us would enjoy it. Planning the trip was easy and fun, and when it came time to get on that first flight we knew we had to trust in our little man. We sleep worked with Pam Nease Sleep when Aiden was 4 months, and honestly feel it’s the best tool we’ve ever taught him. He’s an amazing sleeper, especially proven on our trip as he rolled with time zone changes and a new place to call home every few days. We tried to time the days’ activities and travel on planes, trains and in the car to honor Aiden’s sleep as best we could and in return we have more than a few unforgettable memories as we celebrated our little family of three…

As we wait patiently for the arrival of our second child, words cannot express our gratitude for Pam, nor the sense of calm and confidence she has brought us as parents.

Thanks so much Pam!

Oriana and Adam Vanderboon

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Vanderboon European Adventure

We put Charlie to bed in my niece’s crib today. I was peeking through the door and saw her hugging and patting her new owl stuffy and the start exploring the other fun stuff in the crib I had forgotten to remove. She played and talked and rocked and kissed the other stuffies and then all was quiet. I found her like this when I went in to cover her up. In the week before she has flown Ontario to BC, adjusted to a new time zone, slept on a plane, in 2 new rooms/homes, slept through a 2.5yr old’s playing and stomping outside her door, and now sleeping through an old washer and dryer right outside her door! She has done so amazing on this trip – thank you PAM! This from a kid who never went down without hours on my part!

Dr Pip Penrose

Dr Pip Penrose

Hi Pam,

I just wanted to share Ashlyn’s second success.  After we completed the 2 weeks of sleep training, about a month later Ashlyn got really sick.  I was up with her 2-3 times a night nursing her again ( i know its horrible but it worked at the time!) I was horrified that we had undone all our hard work and that we would have to start all over again.

I spoke to you and you told us exactly how to get back on track without needing to start over. We picked a day that was about 5 days away to start the sleep program again. 4 days away from our sleep training start date, Ashlyn  surprised us with 10 hours of sleep.  She quickly settled on her own and slept until 6 15 am! ( a big difference from 2-3 night wakings and early mornings for the last two weeks. ) We held our breath because we thought it may have been a ‘one off’ but it just kept getting better and better.

Long story short- once ashlyn was feeling well again it’s like she fell right back into her routine. We didn’t even have to think about retraining as she naturally went back to it on her own. That’s how amazing your program is.

So thank you for a second time! There is really no greater gift to a family and baby.

The Nowaks.

The Nowaks

After one night of following Pam and Ashley’s sleep plan for our son Isaac, we saw a difference. Isaac slept in later than ever, took two amazing naps and bedtime is now an experience that gives us both consistency and peace of mind that we won’t be going back into his room for the entire night.  It has been a few weeks now and I feel like I’m back to my old self sleeping all night waking refreshed and embracing my time with Isaac again.  Sleeping through the night is a skill that little ones must learn early on. It is healthy for them and us as parents.  This was by far the best gift we could have given ourselves. Thank you Pam and Ashley.  Our family is forever grateful.

Sonia & Jerome Nistler

West Fargo, North Dakota, USA

Sonia & Jerome Nistler

Hi Pam,

So Landyn started napping at daycare yesterday. He went down without crying and slept for 1.5 hrs. Today he slept for 2 hours. I am in utter shock and clearly didn’t give the kid enough credit!!

They change his diaper, put him in the sleepsack, hum twinkle twinkle, and put him down. He’s also going down for just the one nap with the rest of the kids. We are proud parents! 😉 just wanted to share the good news.

Porsia Viggiani

Porsia Viggiani

In less than 2 weeks, my 4 month old is sleeping through the night! Most importantly she’s falling asleep on her own with very little to no crying! I was so shocked that within a few days, she was going down for 3 hours naps and it only took her a few minutes to fall asleep!  Her morning nap is still about 2.5-3 hours long. I was one of those moms who rocked and nursed her to sleep every nap, and night for 3.5 months- I was sleep deprived! I held her also for every nap as she would not sleep without me! At night, she would wake every 2-3 hours… and sometimes even every hour. The second night of sleep training with Pam, I slept a straight 8 hours! It was unbelievable. I honestly thought I would NEVER sleep again- I was wrong (thank goodness). Now I can say my baby girl is happily going down to bed every night wide awake and with ease. She also sleeps through noise, and our dogs barking!

Thanks to Pam and her guidance through the two weeks. Sleep training wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be so for those who doubt- I say give it a try. I admit it was tough to let go initially but now we have our lives and sleep back!  It’s so worth it! I am a much happier mommy and my baby girl is finally getting the much needed sleep.  Thank you again, Pam!

Joyce & Chris

Unionville, Ontario

Joyce & Chris

We contacted Pam when our son Aiden was nearly five months old. Aiden had gone from sleeping well to not sleeping at all, we were at a loss as to what to do each time he woke from a nap or several times throughout the night.

The sleep training and advice Pam provided not only helped us to teach Aiden to be a great sleeper all on his own but gave us confidence as first time parents to tackle all the unknowns that comes as new parents. Of all the stress that came in those couple of sleepless months, with Aiden turning one year old soon we could not be more proud of his and our good night sleeps.

We happily recommend Pam to anyone who asks ‘how we got Aiden to be such a great sleeper’ and sometimes even to those that don’t ask 😉


Adam and Oriana Vanderboon

Thought I’d share this with you…

Tate went down at 7:30pm last night and slept straight through the night (as usual) but until 8:45am. Normally I wouldn’t let him sleep in that late but he was fighting a little cold (he’s almost 15mo old and this is only his 2nd cold).

We owe this to you! HUGE hugs!

Tori Schuler

I just couldn’t help but drop you a quick note to tell you how much I love you three!!  Ella is going through what I can only assume is a growth spurt. Girl has been sleeping 13 hours through the night for the last week!!  Growth spurts used to mean night wakes and off schedules but my goodness, Pete and I cannot get over how great this one has been!  I put her to bed early last night and she slept from 5:45- 7!!  I need to wear a “Call Pam” t shirt because every parent, or parent to be I talk to hears all about you!  I even tell strangers!!

Thank you again for everything!!  I’m your biggest fan!


Megan, Pete, Mila and Ella 🙂

Chase, BC, Canada

Megan, Pete, Mila and Ella

Dear Parent,

My son William was 5 months old when we both hit the lack-of-sleep wall; which dead-ended with piles of sleep books, advice and fear – none of which seemed to help Will sleep well at night or during the day.  My overwhelming desire with Will’s sleep up to that point had been to make things as easy as possible on him and me and to avoid getting him into really bad habits, but it ended in Will getting totally addicted to his soother, his swaddle, nursing, and being in bed with me half the night.

After 5 months I was saying things like “Well, at least he was not up 6 times last night, just 2 times, I can handle that.” Well, no, I could no longer handle that and just as importantly, neither could Will. Worst of all, I could no longer handle the uncertainty of it all – I was always tense because I thought he was going to wake up, and I never knew how much time I had to do anything during the day, and the days were just surviving with such night fractured sleep. We were both craving sleep so desperately.  Will, although good natured, constantly had little bags under his eyes and he was getting fussier and fussier. And while I am usually good natured too, I was becoming very negative and complained a lot. We were both craving a happy life as much as the sleep.

Deep down, I was afraid of the whole “crying it out” process.  Other people could do that to their children, oh, but if you knew my sweet Will and they way I felt about him, well, we just could never do it (oh, the drama!!). I did finally try some letting him “cry-it-out” based on reading I had done, but it didn’t give any positive results — Will didn’t seem to learn anything, he didn’t react as the books said he would, and I was again confused.  I was really, really confused and could barely think with the fatigue.I just broke down and implored the gods to help me out.

The next day I began looking on-line once again for sound sleep strategies (and stayed off the blogs that were too polarized to help me anyways) and found Sleep Sense.  I read the book but was too frazzled, fragile and confused to want to use another book that could not answer my questions that came up and see me through.  I saw that you could hire a sleep consultant and called Pam.  This, by the way, was after about 3 weeks of fretting about doing it, and having my husband and family question whether I needed to use a consultant.  What were they thinking? Will and I were a mess, and most family who had had kids couldn’t really remember anything about how their kids slept accept that they tried starting them on solids, but couldn’t remember if it worked or not.  I would later learn that if your child was a good sleeper, they had learned to do it, and no tricks would replace that – except teaching them how to sleep.

I called Pam for the free consultation and just cried after I talked to her.  I felt so good about what was going to happen: how easy it would be, how ALL children can learn how to sleep well, what our lives would look like, etc. Once I decided to do it, all the stress came off.  Pam told me just to enjoy Will until we started and get any sleep anyway we could.

It was not really hard at all watching Will learn how to sleep.  The fussing seemed really productive and we were right there by his side. After the very first time we put him in the crib without all his supports, and he learned how to fall asleep on his own, it was a miracle. HE wanted to learn how to sleep as much as we wanted him to.

After 3 nights, Will slept straight through. I can’t tell you how proud I was of all of us.  Why did we wait so long to feel so good! After a month, he now sleeps 12 hours and sleeps straight through until 6:45am. Naps took some time to sort out, but he now takes 2 long naps a day and loves to sleep! Now I can even take him over to a friend’s house, and put him to sleep with no trouble at all!

I could not have done this without Pam’s support. It was a roller coaster for Will and I in teaching him how to sleep longer in the morning and how to nap.  Every kid needs something a little different, and Will needed Pam’s experience and my intuition to give him exactly what he needed. The books only seemed to bring out my fear, not my intuition, and they could not help when Will wasn’t progressing along their format.

Mother to mother, I want to assure you that this works in the most gentle and compassionate way. Everyday Pam works with scared, tired, and confused parents, and their vulnerable, adorable and precious children they want to protect and see succeed. After seeing how great my life is with Will, and how happy and healthy he is (and how much he loves to sleep and babble by himself in his crib upon going down and getting up), I would have paid 3 times the amount Pam charged us. It was the best money I ever spent, and as a family, we can spend hundreds of dollars on many more frivolous things without batting an eyelash.

What surprised me was that her fee covered not only up to the miracle of teaching Will to sleep, but gave us information on any sleep situation we would encounter from here on – like how to work with Will’s sleep patterns when travelling, when sick, when teething, etc.  Also, she will tell us how to transition from 2 naps to one nap, and we can come to her if any sleep problems crop up in the future. She is Will’s sleep consultant for life.

I felt confident as a parent in so many ways, but Will’s sleep problems were making me lack confidence in myself and my son.  Pam restored my confidence in myself and in Will, and has allowed Will to give himself one of the most important elements to his success now and in the future – the skill of sleep.  We have the life we deserve: Will has a happy mom who can now enjoy him and take care of him in her best way, my husband has a happy wife, and we all have the sleep and happy life we so craved.

Janelle Thomlinson

Hi Pam,
Just wanted to keep you apprised of Alfred’s sleep development. For your reference, Alfred will be turning 5 months in just a few days – where has the time gone since you last met him when he was 4 weeks old?!

The last time we spoke (just about 3 weeks ago), I told you that Alfred started sleeping on his own in his own room, out of the woombie – the transition was rather smooth, and he was waking twice a night for feedings – which I was happy with. He was capable of putting himself to sleep after a minimal fussing and crying for about 1-2 minutes. He would generally wake up 3-4 hours later, crying but able to put himself back to sleep after minimal fussing and crying for another 1-2 minutes. He would usually get up at around 1pm and then 6pm for feedings. We were pretty happy with this as status quo.

However, over the Christmas break when my parents were here, something happened. Alfred was able to put himself to sleep with no fussing, no crying. He didn’t wake up until 3 am at which point he would just play with his fingers until he fell back asleep again (didn’t make a single noise). And then the next time he would wake for a feed was 6 am. He basically started sleeping through the night from 7 pm to 6 am – every night – and still continues to do so! I do put him back to sleep, awake, after his 6 am feed and he will sleep until 8 am at which point he wakes up happily babbling to himself until we go in to get him.

His naps are now routinely timed – 10 am and 2:30 pm – for two full hours each.

Each time we put him to sleep, we do our fun reading, singing, and tickle routine, and then we put Alfred in his crib awake, and leave the room. We watch him on the monitor playing with his teddy bear then sucking his fingers until he falls asleep. Even if he rouses or wakes in the middle of his sleep, he now knows how to put himself back to sleep.

Alfred can also sleep through noise and distractions – even with Faraday running around and singing and dropping toys on the floor left, right and centre – Alfred can sleep through all of that!

Think back to when Alfred was a month old, he was taking 1.5 hours to put to sleep after lots of nursing, rocking, then more nursing and rocking, only to wake up after 45 minutes, followed by more nursing, rocking, and pretty much repeat through the whole night. We also had to be COMPLETELY SILENT when he was asleep or else he would wake up crying and needing us to put him back to sleep. He also had a wake up time of 4 am at which point it was pretty much game over in terms of Ken and I having any sleep after that point.

Ken and I now have our nights back – by 7:30 every night when both Faraday and Alfred are in bed, tucked away, awake – both completely capable of falling asleep on their own. Alfred wakes up once at 6am for a feeding and then I put him back in bed, awake, and then he falls back asleep until 8 am.

While both Ken and I had a lot of hesitation at the beginning when contemplating hiring you, I do believe that it was one of the best decisions we have made for Alfred’s development. Alfred is a much happier and content baby now that he is sleeping so well. We’ve tried both of your methods – the newborn method and the minimal crying method – and we can attest to the successes of both methods – we also believe that we would have achieved the goal of Alfred sleeping through the night much sooner had we not caved in a few times by cradling him, occasionally nursing him to sleep, and bringing him to bed with us. However, I have absolutely no regrets as I have cherished every opportunity I get to hold my baby boy, even if it meant pushing progress back by a few nights. I do admit, I still pull him into bed with me to take the occasional catnap but now that Alfred has learned the skill of sleep, Alfred still maintains his great sleep habits – win win for all over us, I get my cuddle time with him, and Alfred still sleeps through the night.

Thank you for guiding us through this journey. It’s definitely been a roller coaster but I believe it will be smooth sailing from here. We are absolutely at a point in Alfred’s sleep journey that I NEVER thought we would get to. But here we are….thanks to your methods and your compassion.

Please let us know if you and your little ones ever want to swing by for a playdate with Faraday!

Wendy, Kenneth, Faraday and Alfred

We just wanted to send you a note to say THANK YOU for all that you’ve done for our family.

Jake’s sleep routine has changed dramatically. He’s gone from barely napping during the day to consistently having 3 naps of over an hour long in less than 2 weeks. Today, after a terrible travel day, he’s settled into his crib at my parents house and had 2 naps of over 2 hours.

We also think that he would not have handled yesterday – which turned into an 11 hour ordeal – as well as he did if we hadn’t been working with you! He was able to have 3 naps during all sorts of delays, gate changes and even a surprise visit to Vancouver when we couldn’t land in Kelowna.

The positive effects of Jake’s sleep training have also extended to Josh. He’s benefiting from a better rested brother, as well as more one on one time with us again! We’re all better rested and less stressed.

We are so grateful to you.

We have already, and will continue to, recommend you to our sleep deprived friends and co-workers :0)

Matt, Devin, Josh and Jacob

A note of thank you & appreciation.

Our daughter sleeps!!!!!

Marli is thriving and happy and so very connected and affectionate. She still sleeps thru every night and naps are 80% solid. Thank you Pam. We are pretty sure you are magical and we are blessed to have connected with you.

Janine Cox

Although I feel confident moving on, it makes me a little nervous not having you to lean on anymore lol…I may have a question or two yet!

Pam, Ron and I would like to thank you SO much for your hard work in getting Aaron to sleep through the night!

All of your help, support and guidance in the past two weeks helped us get through the sleep changes and the MILLION questions we had along the way!

You sure know what you’re doing and you have such a caring way about it too. Your passion for your job is so evident as Aaron’s sleep truly mattered to you!

I will forever speak highly of you! THANK YOU for helping us teach Aaron this life skill and for giving us our sleep back!

Ron, Heidi, Emerson and Aaron

Hi Pam,
I hope you’re doing well! I just wanted to email you to let you know that Neil, myself and the boys are on vacation in a coastal town about 3 hours away from Houston.

We were a little nervous to get on the road with the boys and sleep them in their new travel cribs (baby bjorn, that you recommended) when we arrived at our destination.

However, the boys have done amazing! We got a little off schedule on the drive here, however the boys were as happy as could be when we arrived. We did everything as we have been doing and they slept from 8:30 pm till 6:00 am this morning without a peep.
They have done so amazingly well! We are so happy! Neil and I are able to enjoy time with the boys during the day, nap when they nap, and enjoy our glass of wine in the evenings with a beautiful view and just relax!

Again, thank you sooooo much! We have really happy babies as a result of working with you!

Erika Michaelsen

Sleep, glorious sleep!

That’s what we’ve been indulging in at our household thanks to Pam and her wonderful guidance and support. My husband and I were struggling with getting our 3 month old to go down for naps. We spent countless hours, several times a day, bouncing, singing, and shhhh-patting our son (and on occasion ourselves) to sleep.

Our investment in Pam’s services was well worth our sanity and our families well being. Within 2 nights, we had transitioned our little man from a bed side bassinet to his own crib/ bedroom and he slept, and continues to sleep, 11 hours through the night. And within a week or so, we were able to ‘ drop n go’ for naps.

Upon completion of our sleep plan, our babe slept anywhere, anytime and could be put down by anyone. Again, through Pam’s help, we have alleviated our sleep issues which has made parenting all that much more enjoyable- again, well worth the investment!

Coleen and Shawn H.

Pam Nease, you are wonderful! Thank you so much for all of your help with Oliver’s sleep. He is sleeping 12 hrs a night for a over a week now. It is such a treat!

For anyone who is interested in learning from an expert how to get their infants, toddlers and children sleeping soundly through the night, Pam is nothing short of incredible!

She understands first hand as a mother of two beautiful children, the difficulties of having babies or children that struggle with sleep and what sleep deprivation can do to us parents.

I have trusted her knowledge with both my boys now and couldn’t recommend her more highly.
Love you Pam Nease!

Jaime Spielmann

It has been 2 months since you gave us the gift of sleep! Owen continues to sleep 12 hours each night, LOVES his bedtime routine, crib & his sleep!

Hiring you to help us has been one of the best parenting decisions we have made. After a year of waking 4-6 times each night, cosleeping, and basically no napping, we were all a mess. We both dreaded night time because it was always a struggle to get Owen to bed, finally getting him to sleep around 10pm each night and then all of us waking several times a night.

Owen now goes to bed at 6:30pm with no crying and sleeps through until 6:30am. We all have so much fun doing the bedtime routine together and Owen loves getting into his crib. Luke & I are really enjoying our evening time together as a couple. We are really loving life. We have even noticed Owen seems to be learning so much more, eating better, and is such a happy little guy.

We have even traveled several times, staying In hotels and with family over Christmas, driving long hours in the car and Owen did fantastic. He went to sleep just as he does at home whether we were in the car, hotel or a family’s home. Our family & friends were all amazed at how easy bedtime is and how much Owen loves his sleep.

Teaching Owen healthy sleeps habits is one of the greatest gifts we can give him. It is amazing how your how life can be changed all because of sleep! Thank you for everything you have taught us!

You have been so supportive, encouraging, helpful and you are brilliant when it comes to children. This was the best investment we have ever made!

Luke & Jolayne

Initially, I was sceptical about hiring a sleep consultant for our son William, but then again, I wasn’t the one who had to get up several times each night, and didn’t really understand how exhausting mini naps were for William and my wife during the day.
We thought he would likely grow out of these sleep problems, or we felt that maybe this was normal for an infant, or he might be teething, or maybe he was going through a developmental phase, etc. My wife was reading all sorts of books, and trying to get advice from family and friends, but nothing helped.  He might go through a phase where night sleep and naps lengthened, but never for long.

I supported my wife in listening to what our consultant, Pam, had to say. We were surprised and relieved to hear that sleep is a skill that all babies need to learn.  The ones who sleep well simply had learned it, the ones who don’t simply have not learned yet. My wife was afraid that helping Will to learn was going to be hard on him and us.  It wasn’t.  Pam gave us a gentle and effective sleep training process for Will.

I did the nights and he was already sleeping better the first night, and then by night 3 he slept through. I felt proud of my son, and he obviously wanted the sleep as much as we did. My wife worked with Pam over the next few weeks to get him sleeping well during the day. Now, after one month, William sleeps 12 hours at night, and two long naps during the day.  He is very happy and we can now take him to friend’s houses and put him down and he goes right to sleep anywhere for naps and bedtime.

Now, my wife and I have our evenings free and we all sleep long and peacefully. I would highly recommend Pam and encourage other fathers to support their wives solve their baby’s sleep issues. It was worth every penny we spent!

Mike Thomlinson

Mike Thomlinson

I just wanted to say thank you again for giving my wife Amanda and I the tools to give the gift of sleep to our almost 2.5 year old son and almost 8 month old daughter. Although the implementation of the information was our job, the ease with which you dealt with us and guided us was phenomenal.

It is amazing that Hudson, who used to wake up 2 – 3 times per night and be a total bear at bed time, now loves going to bed and can do it on his own knowing we are out in the living room and also sleeping 11 – 11.5 hours a night. Our daughter also sleeps 11 – 12 hours a night when she used to wake up 2 times a night and need to eat one of those times. She also now only needs to be laid down and will fall asleep within 5 minutes on her own.

All of this within 3 weeks?!?! AMAZING!!

You are great to deal with even though my wife did all of the calls and I got the information second hand. If anyone is contemplating using your services, I would highly recommend that they do. I hope that the success stories on your page including this one persuades them to proceed.

The Johnston Family


The Johnston Family

I just wanted you to know that Max is now 14 months old and is the best baby sleeper I know.

He sleeps no matter where we are. He falls asleep in his crib almost all the time without crying and sleeps 10 to 12 hour nights. We put him to bed between 7 and 7:45 each night no matter where we go and he sleeps until usually 6:30 and sometimes when we are lucky until 7:15. His naps are on average 2 hours long and he only takes one nap per day at this point in time, no crying there too. We really respect his sleep, which breaks our day in half almost all the time even when travelling. We respect his night sleeps as well, meaning we almost always put him down in his crib for bed. We travel lots and have worked our travels around this. All our friends are envious but more importantly we are a really happy family as most of the time we have a very social, happy and healthy child. He uses no props and has one sleep teddy that is it. We worked hard to get him to this point but it really does pay off.

Thank you for all your help, it really means a ton. I keep recommending people to you.

Olivia, Robson and Max Gmoser

Hi Pam
We are still on Vancouver Island. We are planning on going home Friday morning and have decided to drive during the day.

Ryder has been sleeping great – even with all this travel! Last night he slept from 630 pm until 740 am when I woke him up this morning! We went out on the big boat today and Ryder actually slept three naps on the bed in the room that we made nice and dark as per your recommendations. Tonight he cried just a little when I put him to bed back at the house (which he never does anymore) but maybe it is because we were out on the boat all day.

I am very happy that I stuck it out with the newborn approach – it was such a gentle way for him to learn to sleep! I am so happy and amazed that my 3 month old is sleeping almost through the night. It’s so much easier this time around knowing that he will sleep good at night and that I have my evenings – especially since Trevor is away so much due to his work and I have two kids to care for. Ryder is such a happier baby and rarely cries during the day now that he is getting his sleep needs met.
Thank you so much again for your time and help!

Jenny and Trevor Wilson

I’m not quite sure how to put into words what an AMAZING gift Pam has given us, but I’ll try. As a first time mom I really didn’t know what to expect in terms of sleep deprivation. But I learned quickly.

My little Tyler was diagnosed with reflux at only 3 weeks old and we had a lot of trouble getting him to fall asleep and stay asleep. He would scream if we put him on his back so we resorted to using the swing and carseat a lot. He needed white noise, swaddling, rocking and being out down either very drowsy or sleeping every night.

The longest stretch of sleep he ever gave us before hiring Pam was 6 hours, and that rarely happened. He would wake up multiple times a night and like a zombie I would go into his room and give him a paci just so I could buy myself ten more minutes. This went on almost every night. His naps were also horrible. 20-30 minutes tops and he would either have to fall asleep on me or be rocked to sleep. He was often cranky and my husband and I became the walking dead. I thought to myself, what if I have the baby that never sleeps through the night?

What if I’m exhausted forever? Something needed to change. I read the sleep sense book and loved everything about it but I knew I would have trouble implementing it. I called Pam and right away and her calming voice reassured me that my baby was not defective and that he would absolutely sleep through the night if we teach him to. I had hope.

Well, by night two of the sleep training, which I found was gentle and loving and not cruel like some other methods, Tyler slept from 7pm-7am straight! And he was in his crib, flat on his back. Something I never thought possible with a reflux baby. I was amazed. I said this can’t be happening. We certainly had our ups and downs in the beginning but after about two weeks, he was consistently sleeping 12 straight hours and going down to bed wide wide awake and waking up happy and rested! He transformed! He was never cranky like he used to, started taking unbelievably long naps and was a totally different baby to be around.

He’s now almost 9 months old and NEVER wakes up in the middle of the night, ever! He had a bad cold and has cut two teeth and is cutting two more and still… not a peep! When I go anywhere with him, people are always remarking how he’s so calm and wonderful and what a good boy I have and when I tell them how he sleeps they are amazed. I cannot imagine it any different. I still have friends with babies of all ages, older than Tyler and they still nurse them or rock them to sleep or they only take 20 minute naps and are cranky. Not my boy. Pam was right. She has provided me with such invaluable support and was with me every single step of the way. I will definitely be calling her up with baby #2.

Thank you Pam for giving my husband and I are lives back and giving us the joy of having a happy, well resed baby, with no bags under his eyes!

Deborah Genin

We cannot believe that our two week journey has come to an end. Thinking back to the beginning and what Keiana used to be like as compared to what she is now we are in awe of the changes that have occurred. Here our little girl whom was rocked/bounced to sleep all the time, who woke up every 2 hours during the night, who would nap only for a half an hour to 40 minutes has completely transformed into our dream sleeper!! Our beautiful little girl now sleeps for a solid 10.5 hours a night, naps for an average of an hour and a half at each nap and LOVES to go to sleep!! There are no tears, just a smiling, happy baby!!!

My once skeptical husband is now a strong believer and advocator for hiring a sleep consultant. I hear him telling his buddies how his darling daughter is such an amazing sleeper and that it’s all thanks to you! He is quite enjoying having his wife back…”yeah, she is no longer grumpy cause she gets to sleep through the night.” Also, we have been able to reconnect as a couple and officially connect as husband and wife. It has been amazing and we thank you!!

There are no words that could ever express how thankful we are for your guidance and support during these past two weeks. Through all of our concerns, questions, anger, and frustration you stuck by us and helped us through. We are forever in your debt!!

Leah, Dave and Keiana

It’s been about 2 months since Pam came into our lives and changed it FOREVER! As a once dreary eyed, sleep deprived Mother who had dreams of hating her 2 year old daughter, I can now say I am able to write this email this morning in peace as my kids are still SLEEPING and I no longer have feelings of despair.

Before Pam came along, my husband slept downstairs most of the time so he didn’t have to be woken by the sleepless monster child every 2 hours. It felt like a real holiday when it was my turn to sleep downstairs and not have to get up with her.


The moment I knew my daughter’s horrible sleep habits were totally out of control was when my husband got me a gift certificate for my birthday to spend a night away at a hotel so I could get some sleep.

Here is a testament to Pam’s expertise: After the initial 1.5 hour consultation, we started having immediate success. Our daughter slept through the night the very first night!

I feel forever indebted to Pam for the care she took with our daughter and the attention she gave to me as a parent to reassure me every step of the way.

I would pay DOUBLE the amount for the peace in our lives we have received thanks to Pam. For those skeptics out there or for those who say that’s way too much money to spend, you clearly have poor judgment of what a dollar is worth these days! Buck up and give yourself and your family the gift of sleep!

PS. It’s now 7:07am and when we started with Pam our 2 year old daughter was getting up between 5-5:30am every morning after waking 4-12 times per night!

Chantelle Prentice

It’s hard to believe its been 2 months since we hired you. I’m still shocked to reflect back on how quickly we saw results with your help.

Our beautiful daughter went from never napping in her crib, falling asleep in my arms or on the breast and sleeping in our bed so she could nurse several times throughout the night to sleeping through the night in her crib in only a few nights.
Napping look a bit longer for us, but she’s sleeping in her crib for up to 2 and a half hours at a time! I’ve been sleeping through the night for 2 months and I’m loving feeling rested enough to be the kind of mom to my daughter that I’ve always dreamed of being. I’m not in a fog any more and I’m much more able to juggle all the tasks that come along with mommyhood while still having the energy to ensure my daughter has a great day as well.

When we hired you it was out of desperation. I hated to admit that I couldn’t do the sleepless nights anymore and felt like I was failing. And when we hired you, I hate to admit it, but I was ashamed of the bit of crying we had to endure with our daughter as I truly felt my parenting style was leaning towards the attachment parenting spectrum. I felt like I wasn’t strong enough to parent my daughter in the way I wanted to…like my values didn’t allow her to cry it out in any way but yet I wasn’t strong enough to stay true to my beliefs.

In the weeks since, I’ve really come to realize that while I might not be sharing a bed with my daughter and I might have let her cry a little for a while, my parenting style is still very much attachment based.

I understand my daughter’s sleep cues so much now that you’ve helped us to recognize her needs and cherish her sleep. I’m no longer wondering why she’s fussy–I know when she’s tired and when it’s something else. And even my daughter knows it! In fact, some days she giggles or smiles when I lay her in her crib–at just about 8 months old she loves to go to bed! Could we have gotten to this point without you? Possibly. But I have no doubt it wouldn’t have been as quickly or as painlessly for our daughter and her nervous first time parents. The first few days were tough. Really tough. But looking back, it was the most important money we’ve spent and the greatest gift that we gave our family. My daughter is well rested and happy and my family is thriving. And our bedtime routine is full of smiles and a time we cherish every day. Further, we just spent 2 weeks in Mexico in a hotel room and she slept great regardless of the travel, time change and new environment. Thank you for your help…we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to hire you.

Michelle & Steve McAvoy

I was 200% skeptical when I called Pam. Going into the program I kept thinking there is no way in hell Pam can fix this….I’ll be damned if it took a mere 4 days to turn my 11mo into a rockstar sleeper. NO I am not a paid Pam spokesperson! I’m a stay at home mom who dealt with this for 11 months and had a friend recommend Pam.

It has been 3.5months now and I am STILL amazed at the outcome! If you are reading this and have a baby/child with sleep issues and haven’t called Pam… GO CALL NOW. It’ll be the BEST money you’ve ever spent!

Jessica Schultz

It has been just over 2 weeks now since we first met with you. It is hard to believe how different life has become for us in such a short period of time. Before we started with you, our 4.5 month old son Joel was only napping for 30 minutes at a time.

He would be quite fussy when he was awake, and would want to go down for a nap about 8-10 times per day. The nights were not much better. His longest stretches of sleep were about 4 hours the majority of the time. He needed us to rock, bounce and walk him around the house until he fell asleep, when we would gently put him down in his crib (and pray that he didn’t wake up!).

My husband used to say it was like putting down a ticking time bomb! In addition to this, he was reliant on his soother and would not settle down to go to sleep without it. Sometimes I would need to get up every 1 or 2 hours throughout the night just to pop that soother back in his mouth when he woke up.

I knew that I wanted to start some sort of “sleep training,” but I was not comfortable with the idea of him “crying it out.” I was also not sure where to start with the many books that are available on the subject. I didn’t want to try something, mess it up, try something else etc. I didn’t want to confuse Joel!

On night two with your guidance, Joel slept for 8 hours. We could not believe it. Joel now naps for about 1-3 hours at a time, and sleeps at night for 10-11 hours. He seems to be a calmer boy, and now sits in the car seat and will ride in the baby bjorn without fussing. We attribute this to him having such great sleeps during the day and at night.

It is truly remarkable that we can put him in his crib wide awake, and he is able to fall asleep on his own without a peep (and without a soother!). It is such a sweet sound to hear him in the monitor when he wakes up, but then goes back to sleep on his own because he is still tired. I really believe that these are skills he will have for a lifetime, and am so grateful to you for helping us teach Joel the skills of sleeping.

Thank you for giving us our rest and energy back! We are so happy that we met and were able to work with you.

Emily, Neil and Joel

So, I thought I would send you an email to say that Shawn and I have seen BIG improvements since the seminar and implementing the sleep plans!

Chloe is sleeping just about 12 hrs every night as well as taking at least an hour and a half naps I her own bed without me there! I bought the gro clock and she is so excited to see Mr.sun in the morning and super excited to see what her prize is. I love it!
We love being able to get her wound up in the evening and just have fun as a family. It’s also nice to have our evenings back as a couple!

With Sophie, she is doing well, I would have never thought! Sophie has been sleeping through the night the last 2 solid nights for 12 hrs and her naps have been better, once in a while she soothes herself at the half hour, 45 min mark; otherwise I go in there to prolong the nap.

I have nothing but positive things to say about this experience so far and we really appreciate your well defined answers to my questions, as well as your expertise.

I hope one day my family will get to meet you as I say Pam a lot. It’s funny even Chloe says, “Pam wouldn’t like that”. (if Sophie tries to fall asleep on the breast, for example).
Thanks again!

Carrie Louttit

It seemed like the longest two months of our lives before we met Pam.

Noah would sleep for 2 hour stretches and every once and a while he would sleep a little longer at night. I was getting up 4 times a night to nurse him. I was exhausted and frustrated and so was my husband.

I would sometimes start crying when I heard Noah crying only an hour after I put him down. I had nothing left in me some nights.
My hubby came home from work on Christmas Eve with a gift from his boss. I guess they saw how tired and frustrated he was. It was a consultation with Pam. If I knew how effective it was going to be, I would have called Pam two months ago.

Night 2 Noah slept 11 hours. I jumped out of bed in the middle of the night to make sure he was still breathing. I was in shock. Ever since then he is sleeping 9-10 hours straight.

I feel like a new women. Pam gave us back our lives, relationship and sanity. The first phone call I will be making when our next child is born will be to Pam to set up a visit! She was amazing. If you haven’t seen Pam, you NEED to, for your whole families sake.

Stephanie, Daniel & Noah

Two weeks ago our three and a half month old was not sleeping and neither were we. We tried everything, we read every book, we were so sleep deprived we couldn’t function, we were hitting some dark, dark places. Some nights our little man was waking every hour. We had to rock him to sleep with his soother and gently put him down in his crib (which usually woke him) and then stand by his crib putting the soother back in his mouth until he fell back to sleep. Good nights he was waking every 3 or 4 hours but once we hit 3:30 or 4am he woke every 30 mins to 1hr. Naps were in the stoller or in the Bjorn – if we wanted him to sleep more than 30mins or 40mins. In his crib he was only capable of 40mins and of course that was after rocking him to sleep, and using a soother and just feeling on eggshells and full of anxiety. As mommy, I was a wreck, not happy, anxious, jumpy, insecure, just lost – trying so hard to keep it together – wanting so bad to just be a happy wife and mommy.

The first couple of nights and days following Pam’s plan were very challenging for us. BUT, the third night our little man slept 12 hours straight through the night. Now, 2 weeks later he rarely wakes in the night and when he does he is able to quickly (within 10 mins) put himself back to sleep. His naps are consistently over 1hr and he has had a few 2hr plus naps. He falls asleep within 5 minutes and we don’t use a soother – it’s gone. Truly astonishing.

What a shift from 14days ago – its a whole new life. I think I am still in shock, unable to articulate my appreciation for Pam. This process has brought my husband and I closer together and we have fallen deeper in love with our son and being parents. I am a happy mommy. I have control, I feel empowered and more sure of myself. What a gift.

Pam will elegantly support and guide you through this process.

The Fulbers

Pam, Today is Ethan’s 2nd birthday and we could never have gotten here so rested without you. He is such a delight and we owe it all to good sleep! We hired you at 9 months and have never looked back. Not only do we have a wonderful young man, we have our time back. Steve and I both get to workout, watch tv, play softball (he goes to sleep for Nana just as easily as either one of us), get caught up on work…all the stuff that used to be interrupted or did not exist! I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a true blessing to us. Here’s to 11 hours a night and 3 hour naps!! You rock!

Teresa Begley

I am so thankful for Pam for helping our entire family to sleep better! It was a great decision to hire her!
We started working with Pam when Brighton was 7 weeks old. We would spend most of our day trying to get her to sleep, she fought it big time.

We would use the stroller, carseat, white noise, no noise, holding, soother etc……
Me and my husband were feeling so discouraged that we would never again have any time to spend together, we thought our lives were over.

After working with Pam our little Brighton puts herself to sleep, doesn’t need anyone to help her. She also knows how to put herself back to sleep when she wakes in the night, or early early in a nap.
She goes to sleep easily, and on her own for naps and bedtime.

All 3 of us are a much happier and rested family 🙂 Thanks again Pam!
If you’re thinking about hiring her……do it!

Tasha Arnall

Just thought I would send you a quick update. Each night we are reminded just how much your seminar six months ago changed our lives!

Since we last spoke we have gone on a trip and stayed in a hotel and Avery had no problem adjusting to that. A few days later we moved. I was worried that the move would have its challenges in the sleep department, but our little star sleeper never missed a beat. The first night in the new house we got there a little late and after a long day of moving we had one tired boy. Joel was busy assembling the crib and Avery was trying to climb in at the same time, and was out like a light the second it was done.

I can remember the days of crying a bedtime and multiple wakings. Those days are long gone and we could not have asked for a better sleeper.

At bedtime we do our routine and Avery happily walks to his crib and says “bye” and then talks/sings himself to sleep.
We cannot thank you enough for this gift! He wakes happy and rested as do we 🙂

Kate & Joel Robertson

I was a little skeptical when my wife told me she hired a “sleep consultant” but when Pam came to our home, she was warm, professional and knowledgeable. She had all sorts of suggestions and advice right from the start. She put my wife’s mind to rest and helped her and myself understand what our baby boy needed to become a great sleeper.

Pam worked with us when Chase was 3 weeks old for some tips and then at 15 weeks. By night 4 our little guys was sleeping 11+ hours a night and he is now going on 5 1/2 months and is a rock solid napper and a rockstar sleeper. My wife and I are able to enjoy time together and go to sleep knowing our little guy is sound asleep for the night.

He is happier and way more content. He does not use a soother or any kind of prop to go to sleep. He gets a song and his Rudy the rabbit and he goes to bed with a big smile on his face and puts himself to sleep. Without Pam and her guidance, we wouldn’t have benefited as much from just the book on its own.  If you are a dad and reading this….trust me when I say, this was worth every penny. My wife is a new woman and she deserves it.

Brian Reilly


Brian Reilly

Just wanted to say thank you again for giving us the tools to help our little guy become a great sleeper!
Before we met you bedtime was a dreaded time of day for us. It would take up to an hour of trying to get Avery to sleep. He depended on us to get him to sleep by singing, rocking, and laying with him only to do it all over again in a few hours when he woke next. It seemed our whole evening and night was revolving around his sleep (or lack of.)

I have purchased enough sleep help books to open a book store, none of which helped with our situation. We hoped that he was going to outgrow it, but after 18 months things were getting harder.

After just one night on your program we noticed such a dramatic change in his sleep habits. He has not shed a tear or so much as a complaint since that very first night. I am happy to say that within a week of starting the program he is consistently sleeping through the night!

Bedtime has turned into a peaceful and special time of the day for us. After our bedtime routine we lay him in his bed where he falls fast asleep all by himself. If he wakes up in the night he now possesses the skills to settle himself back to sleep, no longer requiring our help.

Once again Pam, I cannot imagine how we could have overcome this without your program, encouraging words, and support! You have changed our lives so drastically!

Robertson Family

After many long years of trying to start our family we were blessed with the arrival of our baby girl Megan. Unfortunately the elation soon turned to despair as she was diagnosed with colic and reflux. This was the start of a downward spiral that we couldn’t seem to get out of. Following a severe allergic reaction to various reflux medications causing her skin to blister, burn and peel, she started eating little and often. I was advised to go along with this as it was her way of dealing with the non-medicated reflux. She stopped gaining weight and was labelled “failure to thrive”.   

At 5 1/2 months she was only 13lb 9oz. Each and every night she would wake, sometimes every hour or two hours at most. This continued into the daytime where she would not nap and if she did it was only for 30-45 minutes each time. She was always overtired and fussy. She was also diagnosed with a cow’s milk protein intolerance which complicated things further. At her young age she had already had a family doctor, pediatrician, dermatologist, allergist and nutritionist allocated to her. I don’t mind admitting at times we did wonder exactly what we had done.

Both my husband and I were severely sleep deprived and unable to enjoy this wonderful gift we had been given. The days were exhausting and the night-times were something to dread. A friend had told me about Pam’s program and one desperate e-mail to you changed our lives forever.

With her weight concerns and other issues I was apprehensive about starting the program, but having had our consultation with you my fears soon diminished. You have been there for us right from the start and throughout the entire program. With your reassurance, gentle guidance and support to help us through we noticed a dramatic difference within the first few days.

We now have a wonderful, happy and playful little girl who is a joy to be around. She eats more than ever during the day, has two long naps a day and sleeps peacefully through the night. We have no more fussy times in the evening and Megan goes to bed wide awake, cuddles and talks with her blankie and falls into a long and deep sleep.

With all of her issues taken into account we would never have dreamed that anyone could help us. We cannot thank you enough for giving us our daughter that we had always longed for and helping us to give her the gift of sleep. Words seem inadequate to thank you for all you’ve done and we would wholeheartedly recommend you to everyone!

Gaynor, Kevin & Megan Hart

I’m blown away – I can’t believe this is the same baby! Jad and I are happy to report that we can now do the nap/bedtime routine, tuck Mya into her bed, close the door and walk away. I can put her to bed and go clean the kitchen and make dinner, talk on the phone and she eventually goes to sleep. She plays and babbles for about 15-20 minutes until she finds that sweet comfy spot and then drifts off. She sleeps 11-12 hours and is having 2-3 hour naps in the morning and 1-1.5 hour naps in the afternoon. Your program has saved our sanity!

Kira, Jad and Mya

Woot Woot!!

It’s night 3 and I, Mom, actually put A in her crib, AWAKE (not asleep while nursing), but AWAKE, and walked out of her room no more than 5 minutes later, with her asleep.

After her song, I turned off the light, said sshhh twice, patted her back twice, she whimpered a few times and then fell right asleep!!!  I am in shock right now!  

This morning, she woke up at 7:30 am, after sleeping for 12 HOURS!! Dad heard her stir at around 4 in the morning, but she fell right back to sleep.


Guess what? It’s 7:39 am and Lily is STILL sleeping! She has been AMAZING since we got down here (she was amazing before we left too) ever since November 27 when we met, life has been incredible! I really do tell EVERYONE about you and how wonderful you are and how you truly transformed our lives!

Kristin Edstrom

Thanks again for the advice and help. After 7 months of no sleep my husband and I were at our wits end and our health was deteriorating because of it. It has been about 6 weeks since we started the program and our lives have changed dramatically. My husband and I now have time and ENERGY for each other in the evenings.
We are also, after 6 weeks of getting proper sleep ourselves, feeling rejuvenated and way less stressed out and agitated. Before we started the program my husband was experiencing panic attacks and migraines due in large part to a lack of sleep. I am happy to report now that those are now very rare for him to have and he is now able to focus on his work again!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for your help! I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know!!

C, J and L

Hi Pam,
Just wanted to tell you how happy we are we did your sleep training. Jacksen is still sleeping awesome and he is such a happy baby. The last 6 months have been a “breeze” thanks to you! Have a great Mother’s day and we wish you well!

Lee and Grant

Hi Pam,
Just wanted to give you an update on our amazing trip. We had a great time and Rosie was a master sleeper. She actually managed to nap on us a lot on the plane so I think that helped make our the travel days easier. And while we were there, we tried to stick to a schedule on the days we remained at the house in the morning. But other days, we spent full days out and she was very flexible!!

Since we’ve been back, she’s been equally great. I’m not sure if the trip adventures tired her out but we are all of a sudden having 7am wake-ups (a dream for Eddie and me!).

Thank you again for all your incredible advice and support!! I’ve attached a couple pictures from our trip (included one of her and her friend napping in their strollers at the airport on a layover!)


Thank you so very much for all your help and support! Since doing this with Jacob first, we know the importance of proper sleep and how much happier the whole family can be. And being able to give Hadley the same gift of sleep is amazing!

Jodie, Ryan, Jacob, and Hadley

We chose to hire Pam after hearing her speak at a baby fair. I remember being so excited that there was someone out there to help us with our little one. She helped us through the processes of teaching our little one the gift of sleep after 8 months of no sleep! Pam was wonderful, supportive, encouraging and understanding throughout the whole processes. We did not hesitate to hire Pam for our second baby. It has been one of the best investments we have made for our family!

Tara Antonsen

Dear Pam,
it’s been 6 months since we hired you and in the words of my sceptical husband, it was the best money we have ever spent!
You feel a bit “silly” hiring someone to help you “get your child to sleep” but in fact it is more than that. You taught us how to teach G-man to sleep.  We are very tear sensitive and were apprehensive, but the two weeks it took (and that is longer than the norm) went by so fast and relatively pain free.
When I reflect back on what we were doing for our almost 2 year old to put him down to bed and keep him asleep, I cannot believe where we are now.  The child we would have to rock for hours on end only for him to wake up a few hours later to do it all over again, is now happily diving into his crib sleep and sometimes tells us to “go”.  He is also a much happier and calmer child. As I watch him in the monitor singing and talking himself to sleep, I smile and kick myself for waiting so long to contact you.  We could have saved ourselves months of sleep deprivation and misery!  The gift you have given us is truly amazing! Travelling? No problem!  Adjust the routine a bit and we have a sleeper!  Sick? No worries!  Several checks and some cuddles, he wants right back into the crib after and sleeps well.
My husband and I have time together every night to talk, and we are not in a panic to get our chores done before “he wakes again”.
Thank you so much Pam!  You are awesome!

The Kerwins

3 years later, he is still a sleeping machine!! 2+ hour naps every day, and 12+ hours every night! Hiring Pam was one of the best decisions we have ever made!

Faith Lyle

When we discovered Pam, we had all but given up hope that our little one would ever sleep through the night. Our situation was unique because our son was adopted and came home at twelve months of age. Sleep was a challenge from the very beginning and after months of struggling, we finally stopped resisting the battles and he began sleeping in the bed with us (or mom in the bed with him). We knew things had to change but we debated for months on reaching out for support. Our greatest fear was that no one would understand our circumstances as adoptive parents. As the dad, Austin was admittedly skeptical and feared that investing in a sleep coach would not prove to be valuable. After the initial session with Pam, we both felt a glimmer of hope that our situation could improve. While it was hard work, we trusted Pam and worked the plan that she developed for us. By the end of our package, our son was sleeping through the night, waking up happy and rested. Not only was he sleeping great at night, we also saw the same positive changes with his naptime. It’s not an exaggeration to say that working with Pam changed our lives—we can’t recommend her enough and are so thankful we found her!

Austin, Abby & Shay Cooper

Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Austin, Abby & Shay Cooper

Thank you Pam for your incredible advice, guidance and program. I was hesitant at first as I figured this is my second baby, and my older child is a pretty good sleeper, but wow! I have a happy, well-rested baby and it has been incredible. From night 1, she slept 12 hours!
Now that I have a happy baby who sleeps without me, I have so much time to play with my other child, run a household, shower (lol, really!) and actually see my husband!
Putting little Brooke down at friends’ places is so easy and we can have people over to our place any time now without disrupting her sleep.
I was sick this week and it was so nice to know I that I just had to keep it together until nap time, then I can take care of myself… It really saved me!
Thank you again for everything!!!

Heather & Terry Hallworth


Heather & Terry Hallworth

Thank you so much Pam for the completion of Pearl’s sleep learning. Here she is with her book we read before sleep, and her pink bunny that she sleeps with.

Natalie Brown

PAM IS A LONG TERM INVESTMENT! Can’t say enough good things…

This is a different kind of testimonial, and lengthy… but I thought still worth sharing because it is amazing to me and I’m once again SO thankful to Pam!

I hired Pam with my first baby when she was 8 months old. Textbook terrible sleeper, (she needed soother, rocked, held, co-slept, two night feeds) she was still up every 1-2 hours a night and terrible napper. When I was at my absolute wits end, I finally broke down and hired Pam. It was hard to admit as a new, first time mommy that I couldn’t do it and needed to hire someone to “fix” my baby.

From the first phone call she was amazing. Every step of the way she gently helped my daughter learn how to sleep. But honestly equally importantly made me felt amazing along the way too.  Truly what I needed as a new mom… Some confidence boosting! Within a week my daughter was sleeping through the night, no night feeds, no soother, no rocking (except our pre-bed snuggle!), in her crib, and the best part, EVERYONE was in a much better mood! Since then she always been a sleeping rockstar!

I had baby #2 this spring and prayed I would be blessed with a natural “good” sleeper. This never happened.  My beautiful baby boy was colicky, had reflux and all sorts of tummy issues. So this led me to doing whatever it took to make him comfortable and sleep. 4 months in and he was also a textbook terrible sleeper! This was devastating to me, however I know I would hire Pam again and she would “fix” him also! At 5 months old, I decided enough is enough, I can’t keep getting up every hour at night, (I was becoming that sleep deprived crazy person again, and now I have a 3 year old, so that’s definitely not fair to her) it was officially time to teach him how to sleep.

I was going to hire Pam, but decided, I am going to give it a shot myself first, and use the techniques and tools she taught me with my daughter. I am not on day 14 of teaching him how to sleep, and WOW! He used to only nap for 30 min at a time, and up every hour or two. On night 4 he slept 11 hours straight!!!!! And was napping 2+ hours at a time!! Seriously unbelievable. Most nights he sleeps 11 hours, and is up once for a feed, then right back to sleep.  Has slept right through his feed 3 times. This once again has been LIFE CHANGING!

Yesterday he had a nap at grandma and grandpas and rocked it! Tonight he went to bed with not one second of crying. Just snuggled and chewed on “Pluto” and fell asleep!! I’m in disbelief and beyond thankful to Pam again, without her even knowing she’s helped another baby, which is why I decided to write this!

Like I said at the beginning, hiring Pam is an investment! She has given me such great skills, I was confident and able to teach my second baby on my own and it worked!! I talk about her to everyone I know and always passionately recommend her to anyone I know struggling with baby/child sleep!

Tonight I was even able to go in my sons room and snap this pic with the flash! Never he woke up  🙂


Nicole Huete

They say pictures say 1,000 words– so here is Mackinley napping on our Kelowna to Calgary flight:

And once we boarded the Calgary to Halifax flight, we did the bedtime routine (even a little naked splash in the airplane bathroom sink!) and Mackinley slept across our laps the entire 4.5hour flight with the exception of take-off, landing and about 10 minutes of turbulence! Several people while getting off the plane told us they didn’t even know they were sitting near a baby.



Ashley, Rob & Mackinley

Dear Pam,

We wanted to write to you to express our sincere thanks for the life-changing advice and support you provided us for the benefit of our beautiful baby girl, Alyssa.  Words simply cannot fully express our gratitude.

As you know, we were nearing the end of our rope the first time we spoke with you, with our baby girl waking in the night upward of 7+ times, and unable to nap anywhere but in mom’s arms, in stroller or car.  As first time parents, it was difficult to find that what we thought were decisions made and actions taken in our daughter’s best interest were actually undermining our intentions and, potentially, our own long term health and the health of our daughter.  In summary, our short term solutions to “just get Alyssa back to sleep” were in fact creating bad habits and impeding our longer term success.  It was also having an extremely negative effect on our own sleep habits!  We all learned the hard way just how important adequate sleep is to our physical and mental wellness!

With your incredible insight, practical solutions, and personal support, we are now pleased to report that Alyssa routinely gets upwards of 12 hours a night of continuous sleep, naps twice per day in her crib, and has developed the ability to soothe herself to sleep.  Looking back on our experience, the only regret we have is that we didn’t reach out to you sooner!

Thank you so much for all that you have done for our family!  We enthusiastically recommend you to friends, family, and anyone else that will listen!
We wish you all the best, and remain your biggest fans!

Scott, Kristi, and Alyssa MacKenzie

Our first child didn’t sleep more than a couple of hours in a row for the first 11.5 months of his life.  I considered hiring Pam, and even took her up on her generous offer of a complimentary 15 minute phone call, but I was afraid and stubborn.  Afraid that I wouldn’t be meeting his needs, that I was being selfish; stubborn because parents have been doing this for ages and why couldn’t we just figure this out on our own?  When our second child was born, the pattern was repeating itself.  Every hour or two, all night long, every single night for 5 months.  We were absolutely exhausted, and now we had a two year old to care for during the day as well as an infant.  I was at a kid’s birthday party and overheard yet another person singing Pam’s praises, and something in me just snapped.  I was so mad that we were suffering terribly and other parents and their kids were sleeping peacefully.  Out of desperation, we called Pam and she met with us within a week.  When I heard the plan, I was shocked.  It’s such a simple, gentle approach.  She was confident, compassionate, and very reassuring that a solution was absolutely possible.  Within 2 weeks, our daughter was sleeping 11-12 hours and we were ecstatic.  I call Pam our miracle worker.  It was truly the best money we’ve ever spent.

Jacqui Acree

Pam Nease Sleep is such a valuable asset to families and children. I have highly recommended them to families who had a rough sleeper and they were thrilled with the help and assistance from their sleep.angels. The gift of sleep is truly one of the greatest gifts. Thank you to Pam and her angels.

Theresa D (5 star Google review)

Theresa D

Pam Nease is a life saver! We sleep trained our eldest son with her 2.5 years ago and we just sleep trained our second guy. He was waking up every 45min all night long and we were exhausted emotionally, physically and mentally. He needed to be bounced back to sleep every hour. I wanted to wait until he 5.5 months like our eldest was but we could barely make it to 5 months. We had hit our breaking point. It has been completely different journey with our second guy and we were so thankful for the amazing love and support from our sleep angel Jessica!

He definitely took longer and needed more trouble shooting but he is now a super sleeper!! Sleeping 11-12 hours a night and 2 naps of 1hr 30min!

We could not have done this on our own even though we went through it with our eldest. Each baby is different and unique in their personalities and this guy was definitely more spirited!

Thank you so much for heading such an amazing movement Pam! Making a difference in people’s lives and teaching babies the most important skill of sleep!

You have changed our lives is such a short amount of time! The best investment we made! It’s a life long skill!

Aman Rai (5 star Google review)

Aman Rai

It is 6:45 p.m., and as I write this testimonial, my 7.5 month old is asleep. In his crib. Having fallen asleep on his own in 5 minutes.

I can’t begin to tell you how much has changed in a few short weeks!

Baby Theo is our pride and joy – but we knew he was going to give us trouble with sleep from the very first night! At 7 months old he was still sleeping in the middle of our bed (much to my husband’s frustration), and waking 4 or more times per night to feed (much to my frustration). We struggled to get him to sleep every night with endless amounts of tears, rocking, shush-ing, walking, nursing, etc. Once asleep, if I dared try to slip away for a few minutes of free time, he instantly awoke, starting the entire process over again. My husband and I convinced ourselves that he must have the best survival instincts of any baby to ever exist – he knew the moment he was away from our arms.

We knew something had to change. Even with our subpar sleep arrangements, Theo simply wasn’t getting enough sleep. We made numerous attempts to get him sleeping longer, better, falling asleep faster/easier, sleeping alone, etc, including sleep training on our own. I think I read every book, blog, online forum, post about baby sleep that I could find (hey, I had a lot of free time while the baby slept in my arms!). However, we really just weren’t making any progress. The lack of sleep and stress impacted all of our wellbeing.

When I received an unsolicited and fortuitous referral to Pam Nease Sleep, we jumped on it. We were quickly matched up with Sleep Angel Ashlyn, and started implementing her plan the next weekend. Having done so much research myself, the advice we received was not completely unexpected or mind blowing – but it helped us sift through the endless amounts of conflicting information that exists. It also implemented important tweaks that we were not expecting that made all the difference to our approach. I’m not going to lie – it was tough for the first few days. We were expecting it to be (I think we told Ashlyn that we expected Theo to be their most stubborn baby yet – he wasn’t quite, for the record!). However, it was so comforting knowing that we were there for him (and Ashlyn was there for us!) every step of the way, and encouraging to see how quickly he made progress. By the second night, he slept through the night (9.5 hours straight) for the first time in his life. IN HIS OWN CRIB. Within a week, he was consistently falling asleep at night with minimal crying and sleeping 11-12 straight. We didn’t think it was possible.

While we continue to work on perfecting naps (oh those dreaded 45 minute naps….), they have also come very far in a few short weeks.

Thank you Ashlyn and Pam for giving us a much more rested (and happier) baby and for giving us our evenings together back!

Erica & Daniel

Vancouver, B.C.

Erica & Daniel


I wanted to let you know that she has been going to bed at 6:30 and really only waking the once in the night, then getting up at 6. She has been doing great on the 2 nap a day schedule! She naps at roughly 9:15 and 2:00 and has been napping over an hour at every nap — sometimes 1.5-2 hours even. She goes down for her bedtime and naps with no crying except for the rare occasion she will whine a bit (I think when we have stretched it too long) but always falls asleep in less than 5 minutes. When she wakes from her naps she usually plays quietly with her lovey for a few minutes before squealing to let us know she is awake! She is always so happy and calm during her wake time, going with the flow and enjoying whatever we are doing. And she has come to love her bedtime routine, especially her bath and story time. We have had family over a few times who have taken turns putting her down and getting her up from naps with no problems! SO basically my point is that we couldn’t be more pleased — we both keep saying this is the best money we ever spent and are just so relieved and enjoying our day-to-day so much more. We recommend you guys to all of our friends with babies who bring up the sleep topic. We truly had no idea what we were doing when we began and we have learned so much and are so happy we made this investment and got Avery set up for good habits so young. We are also of course thrilled to be sleeping so much better ourselves and have greatly reduced our daily stress and anxiety we were having with our sleep struggles with Avery. I could go on and on but my point is a huge THANK YOU!!! For all of your guidance and support – you made this doable for us and we truly couldn’t have stuck with it or found our way without you. Now we know why they call you “sleep angels”!

Kelly Campbell,

West Kelowna, B.C.

Kelly Campbell

Our 17 month old son was waking up throughout the night. Our nighttime routine was bath, bottle, rocking our baby to sleep, and slowly putting him in his crib (praying he doesn’t wake). Every time he woke up we ran into the room to pick him up and rock him back to sleep. We were doing this about 3-6 times a night! My husband and I both work crazy schedules. We were losing our minds. I made every excuse for all the night wakings. He’s hungry, teething, etc. We were all SO tired and grouchy.

My husband had finally had enough and wanted to sleep train our son. I told him to do some research and we would discuss it. He found Pam, and had a consultation over the phone with her and was sold. My husband first wanted the virtual consultation, but then decided on the Sleep Nanny Overnight package. I thought it was a huge investment, it wouldn’t work, and we would be wasting our money. I was not a believer. There was no way this was going to work. I didn’t want to sleep train our baby because I thought he would outgrow the night wakings. Most of all I was afraid and anxious of the all the crying that was going to be involved. I didn’t want our son to feel sad and scared. The thought of having a stranger come into our home to help our baby sleep was just weird.

Jessica was our Sleep Angel. She was so sweet and personable. I felt comfortable with her, and she was a delight to have in our home. She educated us and everything she said made sense. I know I needed to be open minded and trust her for this to work. The first night was a bit rough. Our baby did cry, but he was never alone. Each night after got better. We started this journey in July and it has been amazing. He is now sleeping about 11-12 hours a night. If he does wake up, he knows how to self soothe and put himself back to sleep. Our new nighttime routine is bath, story time, songs, we put him awake in his crib, and he puts himself to sleep. The naps were the hardest in the beginning, but now it’s taking him about 5-10 minutes to fall asleep. He is taking anywhere from 1.5-3 hour naps. All the tools Pam and Jessica gave us are being used daily. We are happier well rested parents, and our son is loving his new routine. My husband will say this is the best money he’s ever spent!

A month later we took our baby to Maui for over a week. I thought being in a hotel and sleeping in a playpen would make it difficult for him. He slept like a champ. He was able to adjust easily while traveling. #happysleeping #supersleepers  ? ? ?

The Friedman Family
Covina, California, USA

The Friedman Family

Just wanted to share our success story we experienced this week….

I was really nervous to go on holidays with the kids- thinking their sleep would be completely turned upside down and we would be dealing with late nights , early wakes, and grumpy/overtired kids. Our family vacation turned out better than we thought. We luckily ended up upgraded to a 2 bedroom suite so that SOLVED the “cram a family of 2 adults and 2 toddlers in one room” worry.

Kids surprised me. They ASK to go to bed. “Set the timer mom. When it goes off it’s time for my bed ” …. my almost 3 yr old asked this before every nap and bedtime this week.

We even had the fire alarm go on the first night at 8pm. Our sleeping baby didn’t stir and our toddler stayed zoned… on her way to sleepy-land. No issues arose whatsoever.

We were reassured by Pam, as well as other parents, how our kids would surprise us, and adapt easily to new settings. Of course they were right, but It’s something you need to experience to believe and trust wholeheartedly!

We ❤️ the habits we’ve instilled in our girls. It’s our saving grace !!! Not to mention theirs as well. Xoxo.

Genevieve Morrone

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Genevieve Morrone

We can’t even begin to thank you enough for guiding us through this journey (again lol). We thought for sure since we had done it once we could do it again no problem. HAHA- Lawson just has plans of his own since the beginning lol.

It’s been such a good couple of weeks getting to know you and trusting in you. We thought we had a happy yet sleep deprived baby. And now he’s a whole other level happy 🙂

So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!

It’s been so lovely working with you! Thank you for giving me the gift of sleep again and making me feel like a much happier and better Mama for my babies!!

Jess & Jamie Coates
Blackfalds, Alberta, Canada


Jess & Jamie Coates

Hi Ashley,

You worked with us back in December with my son Wesley who was almost 5 months than. We took him  to Australia and I wanted to let you know how great the trip went with him. He adjusted so well there and did well with the flight also. My cousin said he was a dream child when he watched him for a evening. Wesley has been sleeping through the night since 7.5 months. Naps aren’t terrible anymore. Bed time is no longer a nightmare for me anymore, since you helped us.

Thanks again,

Emily, Sean and Wesley

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Emily, Sean and Wesley

Dear Pam and team, here is my love letter to you.

I was going crazy.  To the point where I told my husband I didn’t want to be the mom anymore. I wanted to be the dad.  Finnley was not on a nap schedule, only napping while on me or nursing. He would go down fine at 7pm (partly because he was probably exhausted), but then wake a few hours later and would not go down unless he was attached to me. I was sleeping in a separate bedroom with my child, and not really sleeping.  I was going crazy… did I say that yet?  I was a ‘momster’.  He was 8 months old when we contacted Pam Nease.  

That was 6 months ago.  BEST parenting decision made to date. Yes, it was costly.  But we rationalized it to a couple nights in a nice hotel room. Yes, Finnley cried.  But we were in the room with him.  It took him 2, yes 2, nights for him to sleep through the night.  We were astonished.  In the last six months we’ve gone into his room about 10 times to pat his back and let him know he’s ok. 

The daytime naps took a bit more work, but looking back, it was really nothing.  He still has 2 glorious naps a day for 1.5+hours each. 

Finnley is an extremely happy child.  And I am one happy mommy. The time we spend together in his awake hours is quality time.  I owe this to the sleep training we did.  I love being the mom now.

If you are on the fence about sleep training, jump off now and call Pam Nease.  You will not regret this decision.  You will only regret that you didn’t call sooner.

Thank you!
Love from 2 grateful parents who still look at the monitor every night and say ‘I can’t believe he is such a good sleeper!’.
Melissa and Patrick Magnusson
Melissa and Patrick Magnusson

Hi Ashley! Hi Pam!

I hope you are both doing well! Just wanted to send you an update on Michael. Since finishing our few weeks with you, Michael has been sleeping beautifully. We were in Maui at the beginning of the month and we had no troubles at all. In fact, by the end of the day, we would place Michael in his crib and he would lay down with his lovey, and look at us if to say “alright, now, turn out the lights I’m tired!”. All the time at the beach and pool wore him out!
We’re going to start to transition him to one nap a day beginning this week. I think he’s ready…his naps are getting shorter and he seems to want to play and motor around for longer periods of time in the morning. The timing will work out nicely, as he will be going to daycare a couple days a week starting in May. I’m sure he will not have time for two naps once he starts playing with his new friends!
Thank you again for the support and guidance. It truly was a wonderful experience.
Take care,
Kirsten, David and Michael
Langley, B.C. Canada
Kirsten, David and Michael

Hello Sophie 🙂  Things are going really great. We’re having only one wake up per night, which is for her feed and it is progressively getting later and later into the night that she wakes (345 – 4:30 am), and I’m pretty sure she is hardly taking much milk during these feeds.

Thank you so very much for all your support through these 2 weeks.  I’m so rested and refreshed. I’ve even started doing my hair daily for the first time in many months.  Marlow is capable of waking up and putting herself back to sleep with ease.  She leans toward her crib during her lullaby, eager to be set down.  She has a very tight bond with her lovey. Dakota has adjusted to the new routine, and decided yesterday that she is a big girl and hasn’t worn a diaper since.   Also, good riddance soothers!   I have not had to buy, look for, sanitize, or wakeup to re-insert once in 2 weeks!!  Good bye forever.

So all in all, thank you.  From the very bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me back my sleep. Thank you for helping me teach Marlow to sleep.  Thank you for being the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you!!!

Candace Gaudry (& Dakota and Marlow)

Prince George, BC, Canada

Candace Gaudry (& Dakota and Marlow)

When I first started my sleep journey with my son Beau he was waking up 2-3 times before I went to bed around 10pm and 2-3 times throughout the night. It was particularly hard for me to handle the broken sleep from the night wakes because up until a couple months before he started doing the night wakes he would only wake once and occasionally would sleep through the night. I couldn’t figure out the regression. My perfect sleeper and happy boy was no more. Everyone said he would grow out of it, but he slowly started waking more and more and I slowly started to lose myself a severe tired and irritable haze. The biggest argument to be had with my husband at the time was about him being too loud and waking the baby. I just remember being tired and frustrated all the time.

When I called Pam and had my first emotional consultation with her I thought it would be her training Beau. She told me her excellent trainer Ashley would be helping me. I was so nervous because I hadn’t heard about Ashley or her work, but Pam assured me that we would get on great.

I feel SO lucky that I got to work Ashley because as it turned out she was the exact person and personality I needed to support me through this period of learning for Beau. As a first time mom I was paranoid about letting my sweet little guy cry for even a minute. I breastfed him and rocked him to sleep for every nap, every night wake every time. It was so important to me that Beau knew that I was there for him and I was so concerned about what the sleep training process would be. Ashley is the most empathetic and patient person I could have asked for. She was so genuine and caring and I sincerely felt her love and care when we had a rough night or when I peppered her with 100 questions. She never wavered  and she was literally my rock for the training. And it’s important that all you other sensitive mama’s know that you get to be with your little ones through the whole thing. It is NOT cry it out.

When you read about the sleep training on the website it sounds like a miracle… too good to be true. Let me tell you, I have one stubborn boy and his training has been nothing short of a miracle!!

There were so many miracles along our journey that I have to list them point form or I might end up publishing this as a novel!

  • Beau slept through the night on day 2 with minor night wakes where he put himself back to sleep
  • he slept through the night without rocking, breastfeeding or white noise after we had been doing this for his entire life
  • he immediately started sleeping for 10-12 hours through the night which was crazy incredible for a mama who hadn’t slept more than 3 hours straight for 2 months
  • he goes to bed wide awake. We play and I sing him a song and tickle him right before bed without worrying about winding him up
  • I play music all day, have people over and clean house while he sleeps now and he doesn’t wake
  • we went on a trip to Mexico and by doing the routine he slept on every flight down and slept through the annoying dings and the loud drink service and other babies crying. See picture!!
  • he got terribly sick while we were in Mexico where he would cough and wake himself up every 20-30 minutes. He put himself back to sleep every time. Even sick he could get back to sleep on his own and within minutes.
  • the way home was really tough with terrible flight times and layovers and it didn’t go according to plan for sleep. I was worried that he would wake too early when we got home with the time change and being sick
  • when we got home Beau started sleeping from 7-7 consistently (this is a big one because during training he started waking at 5am and with Ashley’s guidance and help we got him to 6am but 7!!!! It’s a dream)
  • 2 months after training I am finally starting to sleep through the night myself. Yes, I took longer than Beau. But let me tell you I am a better mother and wife with 7-8 hours of straight sleep
  • he has started napping for 1:30-2:30 hours consistently every day for at least one of his naps. The most he would do before and early in training was 30 min and if I was lucky 1:20

Bottom line, I got my life back after training. Was it worth every penny, YES.

I really feel I have to stress that the support I received from Ashley was above and beyond my expectations and isn’t something that can be attained by reading any book or blog.

If you have a baby who isn’t sleeping hire Ashley, my god! Do not delay. I assure you, I questioned her and pushed her and doubted the process but I never strayed from her advice or the process and I now have the happiest most well rested and thriving 10 month old I could have ever dreamed of.

Thank you Ashley and Pam for giving my son the gift of rest. Thank you for giving ME the gift of rest which is allowing me to be my best self again. Thank you Ashley for empowering me and giving me the strength to do this very important thing for Beau.

Ashley, Luc and Beau

Kelowna, BC, Canada


Picture of Beau asleep on the seat between Luc and I. All tucked in with his lovey and sleep sack. 🙂 you can see the adorable but very loud kids across the aisle from us.

Ashley, Luc and Beau

Sophie and Pam helped us sleep train Cash at 4 months old…. now he’s a year old and he’s still the best sleeper!! That doesn’t stop him from laying on the charm to delay nap time from time to time (see pic below). ??????

Jamie and Greg Wertz

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Jamie and Greg Wertz

Hi Pam!

I wanted to start off by saying thank thank thank thank you for all your support with Miles this past week! I thought I would let you know the huge success he had (or is currently still having ) last night ….. He went to bed about 5:40 because he did not have a very good “one” nap yesterday . I trust your 530 bedtime even though a lot of people thought I was crazy for putting him down at 530. Well he talked/cried/squirmed himself to sleep by 6pm and its 730 now and he is still asleep!!! I never had any doubt that you ladies knew what you were talking about and last night just proves it!!!!!

Jane and Gord

Good morning! 
I’ve attached a picture I just took of my daughter Stella after her two and a half hour nap! Her first nap of the day is typically this long. That’s something Paul and I NEVER thought we’d say. Stella is a new little girl; so happy and content. Almost every day we talk about what things were like before we were all sleeping – it’s a distant memory!

Thank you again! 
Melinda, Paul & Stella Timmins

Melinda, Paul & Stella Timmins

Hi Pam,

It’s been about a week since we finished our two week sleep journey with you. I am absolutely blown away! My daughter who was up every hour or two who would need to nurse to get back to sleep, who slept in my bed because I was too exhausted to fight her on it- is now sleeping 11 solid hours a night and napping an hour +  for each of her naps IN HER CRIB! It takes her seconds, not minutes, seconds, for her to soothe herself to sleep. She even slept through the night while being pretty sick with a bad cold. She is a different baby, and I feel like a new woman! My husband is so happy with the outcome and we would recommend you to anyone! Thank you so much! You saved our sanity and supported us through what we thought would be impossible.


Rachel and Trevor

Rachel and Trevor


Thank you so much for your work with our family. You and Pam’s program have truly changed our lives! In the weeks leading up to sleep training, I was so exhausted I could barely function. I would go to Pam’s website and read the “love letters” multiple times a day, because they gave me hope that we would soon have the life changing experience the other families’ referenced. And we did!

Baby Thomas now naps three times a day, which gives us time to cook, do chores, call a friend, read a book, or do nothing at all! After Thomas goes to sleep at night, Kurt and I have several hours to ourselves to catch up, enjoy a glass of wine and watch our favourite shows. When we go to bed we sleep ALL NIGHT LONG and wake up feeling refreshed!
Best of all we have a happy, happy baby! I can’t tell you how upsetting it was to see Thomas get distressed so often. Sometimes I could soothe him, but often I could not. He would cry incessantly and I would feed him, change him, rock him and walk him and nothing helped him settle. When we were in public well-meaning people would offer to help or suggest that I take him to the hospital. Once at the health centre I overheard a mother tell her daughter that my baby was crying “because he just had his shots”. He hadn’t, but I didn’t correct her.

Now I understand why Thomas was so distraught – the poor baby was simply exhausted! Now that he is getting the sleep he needs, he is like a different baby. He is happy and laughs often. He is observant, curious and rapidly learns new skills. When we go out, people now tell me I am “lucky” to have such a “calm baby”. I tell them it’s not luck. It’s sleep!
Thomas’ weight also jumped from the 3rd percentile (at his 4 month check-up) to the 15th percentile (at his 6 month check-up). And that was after only 3 weeks on the program. We found it remarkable that going from multiple night feeds to zero night feeds led to an increase in his rate of weight gain.

Prior to starting the program, I had been concerned about his weight and had been advised to feed him “as much as possible”. I was feeding him as often as he would permit, but he nevertheless remained at the bottom of the percentile chart. Now we are excited to see where he will be at his next check-up!
Kurt and I are so grateful for your work with our family. The only thing I would have done differently is start the program sooner.

Thank you so much!

Kathryn and Kurt

I would like to say a very heartfelt “Thank You” to Pam Nease and our sleep angel Jessica Byrne. Were it not for their gentle, personalized approach, our baby man would still be waking frequently during the night, and getting segmented, unfulfilling rest; Not to mention the sleep and productivity Lee and I would still be missing out on. Through working with Jessica and Pam Trey is learning, very well, the skill of sleep. Simple as that. It was a process I would recommend to anyone and everyone who is having difficulty getting their child to have a good nights sleep, which is so important for health, happiness, and quality of life. Sleep training is a boggling task with SO many different approaches to choose from. We couldn’t be happier with the decision we made and the commitment shown to us to get Trey on a great schedule. So thankful that we heard your name Pam!!!! Jessica, thank you so much, for everything.

Love, two well rested parents and their happy little baby boy!
Xo The Nobles

The Noble Family

Bonjour Pam,

We just wanted to give you a quick update of our amazing boys. We are now all moved in and the boys are sharing a tiny bedroom. It is going so well and they are sleeping through the night!!! We maybe had 2-3 nights where they would keep each other up for about an hour, but would eventually fall asleep. I am so amazed by their ability to stay asleep while the other is singing, playing, fussing a bit. I almost feel that it is comforting for them to know that their brother is in the room! Anyway, we are a happy sleeping family!

Merci merci merci!

Sid, Marie-Ève, Léo & Noah

Sid, Marie-Ève, Léo & Noah

Hi Pam!

It’s Radka, Allan and little 14 month old Emma here from Calgary:) just thought I’d write you a quick note to say hi and let you know that we are still having great sleep and we couldn’t be more grateful to you and your support!!! I wanted to thank you again!!! So many of my friends are struggling with sleep with their kiddos and a lot of them think that sleep training is some kind of a “low point to get to” and that it’s just normal for babies and toddlers not to be sleeping well…Sigh…it’s hard to see! I’m so grateful for our decision to work with you:)

From the beginning of sleep training at 4.5months, Emma continues to sleep 10-10.5hrs a night. We’ve come to embrace this even though at first I was so confused and concerned about this as it’s more typical for babes her age sleep 11-12hrs…She loves her two naps a day though, and sleeps 1.5hrs each nap, on occasion even 2hrs:) we couldn’t be more pleased as Emma is well rested and happy!

I wanted to also let you know something that I think you’d find interesting. Emma does just fine when her bedtime routine is shortened due to an occasional later outing or just being too tired or when grandma puts her to bed at her house and there’s no bathtub! We can skip her normal evening bath and it doesn’t change a thing! She still goes down with absolutely no fuss and sleeps the same amount. Thought I’d share that with you:)

Anyway, thanks again!!!

Hope you are well:)

Radka Tam

Radka, Allan and Emma

We went to Mexico, and before we left, I told my 2 year olds about going on the plane and having a nap on the plane. They were quite excited. When it was nap time, we did the nap time routine, and they went to sleep, with very minimal, typical 2 year old, stalling tactics! It was so adorable and easy, that we had to take a photo! I read my book for a long time!! Ahhh, life is so great with good sleepers!

take care,

Teresa and gang!!

Teresa and gang

Well – we survived!  A ten hour road trip (each way!) with two kids and a dog and we survived!  We made sure to honour Ella’s sleep routines and timing, even if that meant a quick stop to do a nap routine.  Once we arrived at our cabin,  she settled right back into her sleeping habits, despite the fact that it was a new environment and sometimes a little chilly!  She had to sleep in the same room and us AND Mila and she hardly ever made a peep!  If she did, it was only for a few seconds!  She napped like a champ!  We moved from cabin, to truck, to boat, to house all in a matter of 4 days and she barely skipped a beat. We got home yesterday and despite an early wake this morning (which we expected), she slept great – 12 hours!

All of this is to say – thank you thank you thank you!  I never could have expected it all to go this well or for her to be that strong of a sleeper!  We had a harder time getting Mila to sleep.  I’m so grateful for all the hard work you’ve put into our family!  She even cut her first tooth and we had no idea!!

You guys are miracle workers!  I can’t say enough about you to everyone I know!

Thanks again,

Megan (and crew).

Chase, BC, Canada

Megan Stratikopoulos (& crew)

I don’t know how to thank you !

You saved me from nights of no sleep, fighting little girl, cranky and just bad nights. When we first moved back from the caribbean in March till October our little Nevaeh slept perfect, then one night changed it all. My husband and I were nervous to spend the money for you to come to our home and help us with our own little nightmare. But now, 3 weeks later, we are so happy that we invested in your time and training.

Now our little girl loves her bedtime routine, and can’t wait to go read her books. Now she is trying to Crawl IN her crib at bedtime…. we never thought she would want to go to bed. I don’t know how to thank you Pam. But were so happy to have our happy little girl back.

Lori and Darrel Placide (and of course Nevaeh)

Pam is absolutely amazing! After putting up with our son Gage not sleeping for 14 months, with the hopes that one day he would just start sleeping through the night we decided to treat our selves to the gift of sleep for Christmas.
It has been the best gift ever!

Before, Gage was waking every 2 hours for bottle or just because and nothing seemed to help not even co-sleeping and we were lucky if his nap lasted 30minutes. Now Gage sleeps through the night and his naps are 1-2.5hours long and he is happier during the day too.

Just last night we had our first full night away in 14 months while grandma babysat, which never would have been possible before with his constant wakings.

We couldn’t be happier with Pam and the great results she has helped us achieve


Thank you Pam for the wonderful emails and continued reassurance.

Maverick has had nice long sleeps every night since our last update. Today’s second nap was even over 2 hours long!

He’s also been a very happy boy these last couple days… Our little family has sooo much to thank you for.

I know I may not have been the easiest client to work with – And I do admit I found it a litter tougher than I thought I would at times… but thank you once again for continued support and endless positivity. We are soooo happy that we followed through and can’t thank you enough. You certainly do have this down to a science! I appreciate that ;o)

We will certainly touch base again in the future should we happen to “fall off the wagon” and need a little support. I have already recommended your services to a few girlfriends and have told them they won’t be disappointed!

My favourite part is always the tickle play/roughhousing during every bedtime routine… this is SUCH a good idea and truly makes so much sense… thank you especially for that. Love love love!!

All the best to you my dear Pam – we are ALL so happy to have crossed paths with you. .. and hoping to have some more future run-in’s at our local coffee stop!

Best of luck to you! Your children are so lucky to have such a great mommy…

Feel free to use us as a reference should you ever need one.
Big hugs!!

Maverick, Scott, Mami, Lucie, Angie, and Papi too

Hi Pam!

I’ve been meaning to email you for so long but we’ve been so busy!! We travelled for almost 2 weeks and my boys were amazing!! I can’t thank you enough for everything you have taught us. I tell everyone, I wish I had hired Pam three years ago and my life as a mother would have been so much easier! I even travelled to my parents house without Jeremy for a few nights and my boys slept!! AND I left my boys overnight with my parents!! I could never imagine doing this before sleep training with you and they did great! They went to bed and slept through the night for Grandma and Grandpa!

Dane still sometimes wakes during the night but is definitely getting less frequent. Kolby is still sleeping through the night, and even sleeping until 6:30 or 6:45 some days. He has gone from 15 minute naps to 1 1/2 -3 hour naps and waking several times a night to sleeping for 11 hours straight!

Thank you so much for everything and if we decide on baby number 3 (which almost seems manageable now) I know who I’m calling!! 🙂

Ashley and Jeremy

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again. Your assistance, advice and support have been invaluable to our family! Within 1 week, Addy went from waking several times at night to sleeping 12 – 14 hours every night! We had gotten into the bad habit of rocking her to sleep every time we wanted her to sleep. This was hurting my back and my emotional spirit! With your help we have taught her how to put herself to sleep.

She is a happier baby now! She used to hate the car seat and would cry endlessly and get herself so worked up she would vomit. Now she enjoys car rides and will fall asleep or simply enjoy her surroundings!

We can’t thank you enough for the gift you have given us! Sleep is a wonderful thing! I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any family (and have already recommended you several times!

Nikki, Wilf, Alex and Addy

Our one year old daughter had been waking every 1.5 hrs pretty much from when she entered our life. We naively thought that people brought their babies home from the hospital and they slept…. not our baby. As a newborn she would have between 7-8hr wake periods! We had no idea that you had to “teach” a baby to sleep, we assumed that when she was tired she’d just fall into a deep slumber (yeah, right). Needless to say we were at our wits end with the lack of sleep. We had coslept with our baby from day one as it seemed the only way she would settle plus she would breastfeed pretty much all night long. Finally, at nine months of age mommy and baby moved out of the family bed and onto a futon in baby’s room thinking that this would help everyone sleep better – WRONG!!!!! Did I mention that naps too were a challenge?!?! Our darling girl would only nap in our arms or in the ergo carrier.

Some friends of ours could see that we were at our wits end and shared that one of their colleagues had used Pam to help them with their son’s sleep. We were extremely reluctant as we had tried so many other things to try and get our baby to sleep to no avail (we read countless books, explored the internet for hours on end, talked to other friends) but realized we needed to make a huge change as we couldn’t continue living without sleep. We contacted Pam and she put my fears at ease yet in the back of my mind I was thinking how can we go cold turkey with a one year old without her completely losing it – she coslept, she breastfed every 1.5hrs, she had a soother, she had a sound machine. We were going from all of these so called sleep aids to nothing. Pam reassured me that all would be fine and That Isla would be able to learn to sleep as gently as possible withn someone being with her every step of the way. The transition was’t a painless one but was much easier than both of us could have anticipated. The instructions that Pam provided us were straight forward, thorough and easy to follow. Through it all Pam was there to lend support, guidance and encouragement. We also really enjoyed her sense of humor!

We are now into week 5 since working with Pam and I am thrilled to be able to say that our baby is sleeping through the night in her own crib without breastfeeding, without a soother, without a sound machine….. all thanks to Pam. We now have time together during the evenings and are finally back in the same bed. WOW! Also, our baby seems much more present and engaged now that she’s sleeping. We would recommend Pam to anyone ….. she was a lifesaver for us and we will be forever grateful.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Joanna, Schaun and Isla

We are happy to tell you all is well at our home.

It’s been one year since we contacted you about Jane. Bed times are no longer the screaming fight or laying with her till she falls asleep ( or we do). The other night we read books in Henry’s room and after our song and dance, she did her round of kiss and hugs, and walked of to her room. She had her light off and was in bed before I got there. We lost the afternoon nap a while ago but is sleeping from 730 to 7 just about everyday.

Henry is a little man now. He is still sleeping through the nights. He was 3 months when we talked to you for him. Now hes 13 months, walking and climbing. 730 to 6 is his normal. He’s gone down to one nap, for about an hour and a half to two.

When people tell us about their sleep issues, we try not to brag or preach. I look at hiring you as the same as swimming lessons. Everyone should learn how to swim its a life skill. We spend money on that why won’t we on sleep.

The Lawtons

The Lawtons

It was so wonderful seeing you at the Babies in Bloom Fair on Sunday. You reminded me how grateful we are as a family. We have our lives back thanks to you.

Amira sleeps the way a “baby” should and the whole family is benefiting from it. She wakes up happy, alert, ready to go. As do we. It is so important that we parents are well rested too. It’s so easy now to pick up on her tired queues and like clockwork she knows when nap and bedtime is. I see a smart, intelligent, alert toddler everyday and I don’t question anymore is she tired? Does she need a nap? It’s all on schedule. One less thing too worry about.

The best thing we as parents can do is to put our hand up and say “help”! I’m so glad I did. I look forward in working with you again.

Sharon and Bob Gill

Since working with you just over 12 weeks ago, we are at such a great place. Rosie is sleeping through the night 11-12hrs, through teething and colds (the one time we had trouble during the night was when she had a very bad stomach flu) and we are able to put her down in her crib happy.

Although we are still working on nap length (it is getting much better!), you have absolutely changed our lives. Even after a week of working with you, Rosie was sleeping through the night. Eddie was immediately doing better at work because we were not being woken up during the night anymore. And best of all, we have one happy baby 🙂

We talk about you constantly and hope that you are able to help others as you have helped us. We know that we have given Rosie the best gift of all: the gift of sleep.

What you do is incredible and we really cannot thank you enough!

Jenn, Eddie, and Rosie

I just wanted to share a little story with you. I recently returned from a trip to see my family (in New York). It was the first flight for Maisy (7 mos.). We went by ourselves, 4 hour flight, 4 hour car ride and 3 hour time change. To say I was nervous would be an understatement especially considering life before your seminar where our precious baby was classified as colicy, sensitive baby, spirited baby, no sleep through the night baby, etc.. However since your seminar we have had the “angel” baby who has a schedule and has really thrived (what we thought babies were like). OK so I was worried if she doesn’t get her sleep she is going to revert back to that “sensitive” child.

Well, the plane ride went so well I actually had people tell me what a good baby I had. Then we had a very long car ride but she held up like a trooper. I put her down a little later (trying to keep BC time) and she for the most stayed on that. I was worried she would wake in the night, not sleep in her new bed and simply fight sleep. To my surprise she was incredible. We were there 10 days and she kept her 3 naps a day (sometimes in the car, due to the many visits to make). My family was shocked at how easy she went down. My mom and dad met Maisy when she was first born and saw how difficult it was to care for her. They could not get over how great she was. She met soooo many different people but had a smile for everyone. Her smile made many people’s day. I had so many comments on what a good and happy baby I had. If they only knew what she was like in the beginning.

The flight back again we had comments on how good she was. Now on the return I thought, oh boy she is going to get up at 3am (NY time) because she was starting to assimilate to the time change toward the end of the trip. To my surprise she slept all the way until 6:30am. We have been home 3 days now and she is back on track. I could not be any happier. Maisy has come into her name, amazing! I have to say I attribute this amazing child to her sleep and honoring her sleep. Thank you for helping us figure out how to do this. Whenever anyone asks me what are you grateful for I have to include you!

Bridget Ross

I never got around to writing a testimonial after Dylan, so here is a double.

My first son, Dylan, was born in May 2011. Being a new mom I struggled to get him to sleep. There was one thing I knew for sure; the sound of his cry was torture. After 3 months of sleepless nights I was asking nurses, doctors and parents about my son. Most people told me that ‘it was normal’ and that ‘it would get better on its own’ and my favorite was ‘welcome to motherhood’. As you can imagine these words of wisdom were not a comfort.

Things just got worse from the 3 month mark. Instead of waking up every 3 hours at night, he started to wake up every hour. I was losing it. I was an emotional wreck and I would take things out on my husband and my son at times. I read many books tried many techniques to get him to sleep. The logic was all there but nothing worked. The one thing I refused to do was ‘crying it out’. It seemed cruel to me. My son would feel abandoned, I could not let him feel that way.

Finally I got a new family doctor and on my first visit (Dylan was 7 months) she recommended Pam Nease, Sleep Consultant. She told me about her experience. It sounded great except that it required some crying. The thought made me cry. The doctor told me that it was hard but well worth it. On my way home that day I thought about it. I cried the whole way home, I knew I didn’t have a choice.
Things had to change. I COULD NOT keep going like this anymore. I was such a wreck that I hated myself for not being a good mom and wife. WHY? Can’t I do this. At one point I thought I was depressed until my husband told me to look up the symptoms for sleep deprivation. He was right, I had all the symptoms.

So that night I call Pam Nease (15 min free consultation) within minutes I was in tears. Not because I was worried about the process but because Pam had me convinced that my life could be better. I remember her saying “I am going to give you the best Christmas present you could ever get; I’m going to teach your son to sleep” the thought was such a relief. She then told me “not only will you be able to put him to sleep but ANYONE will be able to”. Wow!!!

We got to work that week. And I am not kidding when I say; Dylan was sleeping full nights within 8 days. By full nights I mean 11-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It wasn’t just the nights she fixed it was the days as well.

I told everyone about my experience. It was the BEST Money I’ve ever spent.

I remember I went out on New Year’s Eve and ran into some moms there. They asked where Dylan was, I proudly told them he was sleeping and being babysat. They told me how lucky I was, as if my son was naturally a good sleeper. I made it very clear that he was extremely difficult and that I had hired help. After explaining everything to her and her husband they told me I sounded like an infomercial. Haha! I said ” maybe but it really works”.
Later that week, I found out I was pregnant.

If I would have found out before Dylan was sleep trained I think I would have lost it. But now, I knew everything would be just fine.

My second son (Liam) was born August 2012. We tried ourselves again with just one phone call of advice from Pam.
By 3 months he was much better then Dylan but still no where near where I wanted him to be. I knew what I could have, so we hired Pam again.

It’s day 5 of my training and Liam is sleeping full 12 hour nights and napping three long naps a day. We had all he information from our previous son but we still preferred hiring Pam. It is great having someone there to support you and to give you confidence through this process. We probably could of tried on our first but I strongly believe if you are going to sleep train do it right the first time.


I am proud to say that we hired a sleep consultant. My kids sleep better than all of my friend’s kids. I love bragging about it.

Julie Folka

My daughters sleep habits started to change when she was about three months old. By the time she was four months old, it was a serious struggle. Day or night, she put a fight before going to sleep. She woke up constantly through the night, and refused to sleep during the day. Her personality and behaviour were being affected by her lack of sleep, and I was exhausted myself.

I spoke to doctors, nurses, hotlines- anyone who I thought could help me. They had suggestions, but all said the same thing: she’s a baby, and she will sleep when she is tired. Well that obviously was not true. My daughter was exhausted, bags under eyes, constantly rubbing her eyes and face all over blankets and furniture. But no matter what I did, I could not get her to have a decent sleep.
I visited the Okanagan Valley Pregnancy Care Centre throughout my pregnancy, and it was there that I finally found help. I went in for some emotional support one day when my daughter was about ten months old. A volunteer who happened to be working that day listened to my story, and mentioned Pam’s name. She printed off a web page that had some information about Pam and her group seminars. I was a little skeptical, but was willing to try anything. After contacting Pam, she felt that a one on one sit down would be more productive with my daughter than going to a seminar.

Less than two weeks later, Pam was sitting in my living room. She was so friendly, and so personable, and we immediately had a connection. She told me that the next few weeks were going to be difficult, but assured me that if I listened to her advice, and stayed strong, that my daughter and I would finally get some sleep. She was right, going through the change was extremely challenging, but my goodness was it worth it!

Pam changed my life the moment she walked through my door. She told me that it usually takes some time for adjustment, and not to give up if the first few days didn’t go well. But, my daughter took to the adjustments remarkably well. The very night Pam left my house, for the first time in her life, my daughter slept for twelve hours. The next few days were the same, putting up a fight, but then sleeping between twelve and fourteen hours a night. There were tough times, and some nights were seriously difficult.

Pam was there every step of the way, with advice and encouragement. If I had a question or a worry, she was always there to ease the stress, and remind me of the outcome. Now that my daughter has gotten used to the changes, there is no more fight, there is no more stress, and we are both getting the sleep we need.

I am so thankful that I welcomed Pam into my home. She changed our lives in ways I can’t even explain. Now that I’m getting the sleep I need, I don’t know how I ever functioned without it. My daughter turned into a completely different person too. She’s more focused, so much happier, and so much easier to get along with. Pam was the answer we so desperately needed, and I am so grateful for all she has done.

Jennelle Hubert

We are so thankful for the help, support and reassurance that we received from Pam, while sleep training our son. At 5 weeks old, Jax was diagnosed with acid reflux and became a very colicky baby.

For about 3 months there was an incredible amount of crying and not a whole lot of sleeping for anybody. This was a whole new world to my husband and I, as our first child was happy as could be and sleeping through the night by 6 weeks.  At around 4 1/2 months my son started to come out of his colicky stage, was taken off his meds and was eating enough during the day, but still was not napping well and was waking almost every two-three hours during the night.

Everybody in our house was sleep deprived and I found myself losing patience at the smallest things, my husband and I were arguing over silly stuff and I could see the tiredness in my daughter’s face (who was being woken up in the night no matter how hard we tried to avoid it).  We tried various methods but nothing seemed to work.

The hardest part for me, was not knowing whether he was waking because it was routine or because he was actually still feeling some discomfort when lying down.  At 5 1/2 months I remember thinking in my head that everything was such a struggle with him and that I just wanted to enjoy my little boy.  That’s when I knew a call to Pam was needed.

Friends of ours had hired Pam for their daughter and kept telling us how life changing the experience was. Both my husband and I were at our wits’ end and willing to try anything. With one 15 minute call to Pam I felt confident that she was the help we needed. We saw huge changes in Jax within days of implementing the plan, although he was a bit stubborn and took almost the full two weeks to really get in the groove.

Pam provided me with the reassurance that I, as a mother, needed. Now 4 weeks later he is sleeping soundly for 11-12 hours at night and has 3-1 hour naps during the day without even fussing. He is my happy, smiley baby boy and a pleasure to be around now (people actually comment on how happy he is while we are out).  Pam has given us the tools to teach our son the amazing gift of sleep, has restored our energy and our sanity!!! We are back to having fun as a family. She has definitely changed our lives for the better!
I would recommend Pam to all my family and friends over and over.


It was a lot of fun working with another former client of yours, Kiki the Eco Elf at The Scarecrow Festival last weekend. The children LOVED getting their faces painted, doing coloring sheets while they waited in line and the parents had an opportunity to speak with me and enter your draw.

One of my favorite stories from the weekend is when a lady, who works at the Kelowna Sleep Clinic came up to the booth. She wanted to say THANK YOU for what you do! She went on to say that she works with so many adults who have told her that they have had sleep issues ever since childhood. She said the work you are doing with children is so vital and to keep up the GREAT work!

Chelsey Gray

I am absolutely in love with the sleep I am getting now that Pam gave us all the tips and tricks to make Lane love bed!! He goes to bed like a dream for anyone, sleeps through more noises then ever and the me time i get at night from 7pm on is amazing!!! Thanks Pam! Unbelievable results, I would recommend Pam to anybody struggling with sleep issues. The gift of sleep is priceless! Thank you so much Pam!

Rayne and Jordan McDonnell

I just wanted to thank you for the peace you have brought to our evenings!!! No more standing and rocking Emma to sleep for an hour at a time, no more going into her room to find her sucky for her in the middle of the night, no more stooping over the crib with a cramped back, no more tip toeing out of her room and no more needing the house to be silent after she is asleep!!! You truly have given us the gift of peaceful adult time!!! Emma loves Ferdinand her sheep and will not let him out of her arms at sleep time…I think it took what…one day?? to break her of her sucky!!

It is so nice being able to have the evenings to ourselves and know that she is sleeping well. She goes to sleep for other people now…including daddy [;)] She still wants mommy when she is teething or not feeling well but knows the rules and will only protest with daddy to see if we give in. This week we are attempting the sleep routine when she starts at daycare…I am hopeful. Did I mention she loves being cut down to one nap a day!!?? so much better now. Thank you again for everything!!! We will definitely be recommending you to our friends and family!!!

******And for all you skeptics out there… do yourself a favor!! Hire Pam and then go pour yourself a glass of wine and put your feet up!! You will love your freedom in the evenings!!!******

Angela Cutt

Thank you for helping me appreciate motherhood even more with the gift of sleep! My little princess let me sleep in till 8am & is rocking a 2.5 hour nap right now!! Her sleep gives me “me” time which means I can be a better mom & we owe that gift to you! So celebrate today for you & knowing how many moms like me you helped appreciate this incredible journey we are on!

Heather Seidell

Caleb was 5 months old when I went to Pam’s seminar.  At the time Caleb was waking every 1.5 – 2 hours at night, and naps were pretty much non-existant.  I was desperate for help, and sleep!  Going to Pam’s seminar was the best decision I made!  With her help, Caleb was falling asleep at night, on his own, within 4 nights, and was waking only once at night for a feed by the second night, and waking up anytime between 6 and 7 am.  I couldn’t believe it!!  

His naps took a little longer to get under control.  IN the first two weeks he was napping 3-4 times a day, for 30-45 min.  It took some time, but with Pam’s help, by using her tips for nap extensions, after the 3rd week he started to sleep longer.  Now he has one really good 1.5 – 2 hour nap followed by one or two 1 hour naps.  I can easily put him down for a nap at his grandparents, and he will still sleep for at least an hour.  He will even go to sleep for his grandparents without my help!

I can’t believe this is same baby!  We are now working on dropping the last feed in the middle of the night.  I am so grateful to Pam for her help in giving Caleb, and me, the wonderful gift of sleep.

Christina & Caleb

It has been about 4 weeks since working with Pam and we still cannot believe how easily Lucas (19 months) goes to sleep and stays asleep. After 19 months of struggling through anxiety-filled nights, and exhausted days we finally thought, “What if this sleeplessness isn’t a phase and doesn’t get better?”

To give some perspective on Lucas’ nighttime habits, he would wake frequently crying, and on the toughest nights, would be awake for 3-4 hours. Working full time, trying to be the best parents we can as well as have a solid relationship ourselves was too much. We decided that we would have no more children because we were too tired and fearful of two children that didn’t sleep.

Needless to say, Lucas’ poor sleep habits dramatically affected our lives. We shut our house down at 8 pm, we slept in separate beds so at least one of us could get a full night’s sleep, and we stopped having company and going out. It was awful, but until you realize how much you’ll give up for your child, and how much you have given up – you might not think you need help.

We were hesitant thinking that we could buy another book (we had 5 on sleep alone) and save some money (which honestly makes me laugh now). We’d just try something else. But when we were honest with ourselves we realized we needed professional assistance. I know we were a little skeptical at first, what does Pam do that is so different than everyone else? We batted that back and forth until we kept reading testimonial after testimonial and thought, we are nuts! Knowing there is someone in your corner who is unbiased and experienced is something that is priceless, really, honest advice and a solid plan that covers the “what ifs” was what we needed.

Like all of the other happy sleeping families touched by Pam, we do not regret our sleep journey. Watching Lucas’ little bags disappear (as well as ours!) makes us feel that we did the right thing.

We have our lives back with happy night-long sleep.

The Taylors

I thought my wife was INSANE when she said she wanted to hire a sleep consultant but I was desperate so figured we may as well give it a shot. We have never slept so well, and I couldn’t be happier. I enjoy being a father now and am amazed by my little man. Thanks Pam.

Matt Barton

Matt Barton

I’ve been meaning to write to you for probably 4 months now and haven’t been able to find the time juggling two wonderful children, a husband and work.

I really want to thank you for the help you provided to our family. Our daughter is still sleeping well with her 2 naps and bedtime is a breeze.

It is so wonderful to know that there is someone with your knowledge and expertise that can help others give their children the gift of good sleep.

We would never be able in Family Practice to provide all the advice and especially the quality time that you were able to offer me and my husband and your other clients.

Keep up the great work! Sleep is a basic need that is often overlooked by today’s society. It so important for the health and well being for babies and children and the whole family. Thanks again for helping us!

Dr. Lydia Middlekamp
Kelowna, BC

Dr. Lydia Middlekamp

I was just thinking about last year at this time, and all the sleeping/screaming trauma that we were dealing with. I’ve been meaning to e-mail you for the longest time.

Clark refers to your seminar as THE BEST MONEY WE EVER SPENT! Luke has become an amazing sleeper. He sleeps well at night, and naps well in the day. He is the happiest, most content little guy I know, and I’m sure much of that has to do with being well rested.
We have travelled (Mexico, California, Toronto) with no problems (although he won’t sleep on a plane – too much going on!). We took numerous camping trips, and he’s sailed through everything with ease. His bedtime and sleeping has allowed us more time at night – I even had the time to train for and complete 4 triathlons this summer, as well as a half marathon.

The routines have been a saviour for us, he has also transitioned to daycare really well and I’m sure part of it has to do with having a familiar routine. He has also become so attached to his monkey that we’ve purchased 6 that we rotate – it’s so good to see him bonding with something, and taking comfort in it, especially when we aren’t around.

We try to sing your praises to everyone we know. I remember the horror’s that we had a year ago and I’m so happy we took your seminar and followed through. Our “impossible sleeping case” is a great success story.

Clark, Tanya & Luke

Within two weeks of our first meeting with Pam, our one year old twins, Lucy and Sam were consistently sleeping through the night. It has made a world of difference in our lives!

Pam Nease is worth her weight in gold!

Amy Beeman

Our third son lost Sleep. He hid it somewhere for 11 months. We looked for Sleep everywhere, even under the bed, but Sleep was gone and we were desperately tired. Then we hired Pam and she FOUND SLEEP in 3 days! We are forever thankful.

Svea Brousseau

The investment was well spent was worth thousands to us!!! And now we have the happiest, most content baby and my hubby and I have a life without the bags under our eyes! You cannot put a price on what you do Pam!

Janey Reilly

For the first time since Maisy was born I feel a little more at ease and have some kind of structure. We are enjoying her so much more now as I think she is too. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me/us!! As for your next seminar I will recommend everyone with a child attend. I had all the books, even got an e-book so I could listen to it, had the advice (put pablum in the bottle, don’t breast feed, let her cry, etc) and nothing really worked until you!

I wish I knew about you 5 months ago, but I’m so thankful we both attended your seminar when we did. It has even helped our own relationship. You’re AMAZING!!! Keep up the great work!!

Bridget, Craig & Maisy

Hi Everyone,
Please don’t spend another sleepless night — call Pam right away!  Before the her program, we were stressed, exhausted and desperate for help.  Days would consist of us walking Henry up and down the stairs for 15-30 minutes until he fell asleep, for each of his 3-4 naps.  Evenings had us waiting on eggshells, as he would often wake up 15 minutes to an hour after bedtime.  During the night, he would wake up 3-6 times and it was often taking hours to get him to go back to sleep.  The real problems started when we would put him down asleep but he would wake right back up and we would have to start all over again…only to have him wake back up again, and again, and again.

Now, Henry is falling asleep on his own, (and staying asleep) without us having to walk, climb, or rock him.  On the second night of the program, he slept through the night! Since then, he has continued to sleep 12 hours a night, with only the odd whimper, after which he promptly goes back to sleep.  We also no longer have to tippy-toe around  him; he sleeps solidly!  He wakes up happy and refreshed in the morning, and is super happy all day long.

We are so thrilled to have our lives back.  Now, we can relax and enjoy our evenings, confident that Henry won’t be waking up until morning.  We are also now able to get a babysitter and get out of the house.  Best of all, after 6 months of sleep deprivation, we are now sleeping soundly and are back to our old selves.

We couldn’t have done it without Pam.  Her knowledge, professionalism and dedication were truly impressive.  She worked patiently and cheerfully with us until we could handle things on our own.  She showed sincere care and concern for our family and went out of her way to make sure that we had all the help and support we needed.

We highly recommend Pam and her program.  As my husband says: “It was worth every penny!”. I say, “Why didn’t we call sooner?”

Jessica and Bart Drennan

Everything feels so much better Pam.  I really cannot thank you enough for seeing our family through this process with Andrew (4 months). We will definitely be back in touch regarding our daughter Grace who is now 4.
I really do see the sleep training as a necessary part of our job as her parents. Thank you for giving us the knowledge and tools to tackle this tough parenting challenge. I would recommend your services to anyone serious about making a change for the better in their child’s sleep habits. Please feel free to use me as a reference for anyone considering this!

Deanna Reiswig

Thank you so much for your support and guidance over the past week after your seminar as I implemented the sleep sense program with Cole.  It has already made a world of difference and I’m happy to say that he has now had four nights in a row without nightwakings (11-11.5 hrs sleep).  Naps are also coming along but less consistent.  I feel comfortable continuing on my own from now on.

I will definitely be recommending your program and services to my friends.


This was by far the BEST investment we have ever made for our family. Pam has a wonderful ability to teach, reassure, support and care and she helped us to trust ourselves as wonderful parents in this journey to find sleep for all!! She genuinely cared about us as individuals and answered our questions thoroughly and compassionately … We weren’t “just another client”. Pam worked with us and our individual goals and we would do it again in a heart beat with future children. We cannot thank her enough for teaching our son Extremely STRONG sleep skills! 

Our son was sick for 21 days straight with a fever and on/off colds and coughs during this time…. His sleep was NOT effected!! So many people talk about how their kids don’t sleep when they are sick… But with Pam’s guidance, we were able to get through it with no interruptions. 

Our son had adjusted to daycare “better than most children” say the staff.. They can’t believe how well he sleeps…. (And our child was the “30 minute wonder” prior to meeting Pam!!)


Dear Pam,
My husband and I were blessed to have a wonderful, happy, healthy baby in Feb 2009. Caden was the text book baby, except for one thing. Up to 18 months he never slept through the night. In fact he would wake up at least three times a night and I would have to give him a bottle and rock him back to sleep. By the 18 month mark I was physically and emotionally exhausted and my husband just wanted his wife back.

We had tried everything, co – sleeping, rocking , crying it out, me sleeping in Caden’s room; nothing worked. I actually was debating not having anymore kids if this is what it was going to be like. I searched for answers from friends, family and even my doctor. No one seemed to have any real answers, except for ” well you just have to accept that you won’t ever sleep again.” Then a friend of mine came across Pam’s website and sent it to me.

I immediately called and set up an appointment with her, a little skeptical at first. Well sure thing within ten days Caden slept through the night! It was the most amazing feeling being able to sleep back in my bed and not wake up until 7 am! I never realized how important good sleep was until I was sleeping again! Now our whole house hold is functioning happier and better! My husband is so much happier as well, because he has his wife back and I am happy again.

Caden is smiling and happy when he wakes up and so am I ! He is now sleeping from 8 pm until 8 am! I can’t say enough great things about Pam! She is friendly, sympathetic, trustworthy,professional and very passionate about her job ! We will definitely be hiring Pam for our next baby! Thank you Pam !!

Jenny Wilson

Pam gave us the gift of sleep back into our lives!

I contacted Pam one day in desperation saying that I needed a sleep coach asap in order to help us overcome the insomnia we were facing having a 4 month old baby. I was on a waiting list with another sleep coach, but realized I couldn’t go one more night with our baby girl waking up each and every 30 minutes, needing a soother or rocking or nursing to get her back to sleep. Pam graciously offered to work with us the very next morning on her day off, in order to help.

I could tell she was such a caring soul and was so grateful for this opportunity. I literally couldn’t think straight and thought I was going crazy in the head due to accumulated sleep deprivation. Pam helped us to help our baby learn how to soothe herself to sleep. Pam’s method was tailored to our parenting style, and to our daughter’s age, health, and temperament. It was the number one best investment for us as first time parents!

Our baby sleeps roughly 12 hours throughout the night and takes regular naps throughout the day. It’s such a wonderful feeling to have energy back again, and to have the evenings free to connect with my husband. Thanks again Pam!


If you’re thinking about hiring Pam…DO IT! She has given our 15 week old, My husband, and I the gift of SLEEP! You won’t regret it.

Tasha Arnall

We chose to call Pam when our 6-month-old began waking in the night. Given the many schools of thought when it comes to ‘sleep training’ we chose to trust Pam, hoping she could provide some peace of mind through hands-on support and a customized plan.

Pam visited us in our home, met and played with our daughter, got a feel for her unique personality, remembered the names of her favourite toys, and ultimately made us feel like we had a the biggest cheerleader on our side. As we’d hoped, a plan customized to our daughter’s needs was laid out and we followed it. Clear, straight-forward and easy to follow. She now sleeps 12-13 hours at night with two solid naps during the day. She is thriving – such an alert and happy baby.

As parents, we feel relaxed and confident – like we’re more in tune with our child (less guessing and uncertainty). We’re so happy we hired Pam. Here’s to a well-rested family!

Kelowna Family

Pam is a gift to us as new parents.

She is much more than just a sleep consultant. Her knowledge, experience and support gave us the confidence and understanding that allowed us to teach our 3 month old how to sleep on his own. Her non-judgmental approach and encouraging ways made us feel comfortable and in control. Family and friends can only offer advice based on their own experiences, and what might have worked for them doesn’t mean it would work for us.

We needed clarity and assurance that the training we were doing was in no way going to have a negative effect on our child and would only lead to many worry-free, sleep-filled nights for the entire family. This is exactly what Pam gave to us.
“We are very grateful Pam, you really are a sleep angel!”

Nadia Alterio and Cory Smith

Before Pam, our boy/girl twins were overtired and fussed and cried during playtime. Instead of hitting milestones they were intolerant of wanting to learn.
One day while I was at the gym, my twins were in the daycare and my boy twin was so tired that he screamed so loud, all of the children grabbed their ears to cover them from the noise. Needless to say, I didn’t go back until we started with Pam.
When I talk about Pam to my friends and family, I get emotional because she saved my life. My twins are so happy to be awake now and really enjoy learning. People have taken notice that my boy twin no longer screams the high pitch scream anymore. I feel so at ease putting both babies down for their naps and for bedtime because they always fall asleep.
Naps are 1 hour or more and they sleep 12 hours per night. Hurray! So to the lady at grocery store: Yes, I have twins. Yes, I have my hands full but no, I am not exhausted!
Thank you Pam!

M and B

Hi Pam,

It’s been about a week since we finished our two week sleep journey with you. I am absolutely blown away! My daughter who was up every hour or two who would need to nurse to get back to sleep, who slept in my bed because I was too exhausted to fight her on it- is now sleeping 11 solid hours a night and napping an hour +  for each of her naps IN HER CRIB! It takes her seconds, not minutes, seconds, for her to soothe herself to sleep. She even slept through the night while being pretty sick with a bad cold. She is a different baby, and I feel like a new woman! My husband is so happy with the outcome and we would recommend you to anyone! Thank you so much! You saved our sanity and supported us through what we thought would be impossible.

R and T

Just wanted to say how great Pam’s method is!! We started when our son was 4 months old.It took 2 nights and we haven’t looked back since! He is now 19 months and still sleeping like a champ!! 2.5 hrs during the day and 10 to 12 hrs no wake ups during the night! Thanks Pam

Melissa Fauteux

We called Pam for help at a time when we hadn’t slept in about one year.  We were exhausted, overwhelmed, and feeling defeated.  Our 3 year old son had started out as a great sleeper but after turning two years old, he started having difficulties sleeping.  Getting him to sleep at night was challenging and dealing with his multiple night-wakings was even more challenging. During this stressful time, we changed our two daughter’s sleep routines so they wouldn’t hear our son protesting at bedtime and crying through the night.  We found ourselves in a situation where all three of our children had developed dysfunctional sleep behaviors.

Pam’s sleep program worked extremely well for our two daughters as soon as we started.  Our son was a tougher-sell and we knew that he would be.  We stayed consistent with him, following Pam’s advice and instruction, even when we were doubtful that he would be capable of achieving a full night’s sleep.  When our son had his first successful night’s sleep, we were over the moon.  It didn’t take long before he got into a groove of consistent sleep and we got our life back on track.

Our son’s behavior improved immensely after he started to sleep again which changed our family dynamics in such a positive way.  Looking back now, I think we were so used to dealing with our son’s sleep issues that it started to become normal.  We didn’t even know what it felt like to be well-rested.  We are now in a place where we put all three kids to bed at the same time.  There are no protests or arguments.  Our kids go to bed and stay in bed throughout the whole night.  I would never want to go back to the place we were in before we called Pam.

Thank you so much to Pam for all her help, guidance, and support.  Life is so much better and easier now that we are well rested.  You cannot put a price on good sleep!

Lauren & Barclay Folk

Dear Pam,

Sending you a big warm hug and wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!!! You are an amazing, mother, teacher and friend. On behalf of all of the Mothers you have helped, I thank you so much for your guidance, wisdom, patience and friendship.

Thank you for caring about us mommies and giving us the gift of sleep (and our little ones).

Vince & Kyla Vaughn

I wanted to give you an update on Fin since we’ve been back from our trip. We got home a couple weeks ago now so I’m sending this a bit late, but better late than never I guess 🙂 I want to say thank you again for your help and support with Fin’s sleep training. He is a champion sleeper now! He slept through the night every night on our trip and on the way home both flights happened during nap times and we stuck with our routine and he went right to sleep with no complaint 🙂 I’ve also put Fin down for naps at friends and families homes (in a crib) and at outdoor events (in his stroller) with no issues at all. It is such a relief and I feel so lucky to have such a great sleeper now. It still feels too good to be true 🙂

Amber, Cam & Clayton McQueen

Last Tuesday, we started Vedder on the transition from 2 naps to 1 after a week of him playing and standing inhis crib for an hour during his afternoon nap. Yesterday was his first day with his new nap time of noon…and he slept for 2hrs! I thought this was a one off, but today, as I write this he is still asleep. Vedder has only ever napped for 2hrs once (besides when he was a newborn) and he was ill at the time. This transition has been a lot less stressful then I thought it would be. He is still a little bit more irritable but that is understandable. I want to thank you both for giving us the guidance to make all these sleep transitions easier for Vedder and us. Don’t know how I would have survived without you! You will certainly be getting a call whenever we have another. I am not waiting till 6 months to start the process.

Stephanie Childerly

We can’t thank you enough for all your help and support with our little man Ethan’s sleep plan! It has made the world of difference for our family and Ethan is such a happy well rested little man! He had he’s first birthday and was able to play with he’s cousins and still get his nap in so he was well rested for his cake smash! 🙂 little man sleeps about 13 hours every night! He doesn’t wake and never fights us to go to sleep! He goes down right away and wakes up happy as ever at 7-7:30am!!! (Seriously love that I get to sleep in a little sometimes!!)  He has he’s two naps that are typically an hour and half! It’s blissful in our house! And we always honor his sleep even on our busy days! I don’t know why we waited to contact you but all I can say is we are beyond happy that we did!

Chad, Sara & Ethan

After waking 2-8 times a night to help our little 4.5 month old girl back to sleep, we knew that we needed help!! The more I read on various approaches and techniques, the more confused and frustrated I got. That’s when our good friends talked to us about Pam. We were so excited after our initial call with Pam because we knew that help was on the way and there was light at the end of the tunnel. Pam was so encouraging and so patient with answering my million questions.

Our little girl was so dependent on a soother to fall asleep and I couldn’t even imagine taking it away. But after only couple days, she no longer needed anything to fall asleep!!! It was like magic!! Emma slept through the night on the third day. We couldn’t believe it! Our sleep journey did not end there, however, as Emma proved to be a bit of a tough nut to crack…She would take two steps forward and then one step backwards. We were so thankful for Pam’s ongoing support and encouragement. After a few weeks of consistency, however, we finally began to see some consistent results. Emma was the queen of 30 minute naps. Those took the longest to improve and even now, they are still not  but they are better than what they used to be! It’s been over 2 months since we began sleep training and I couldn’t be happier. Sleep deprivation prior to sleep training was really affecting my mood and taking away from enjoying motherhood. I’m now so passionate about Pam’s approach to sleep training because it truly works and I can’t stop telling all of my friends about it! Thank you, Pam!!!

Radka & Allan Tam


Radka & Allan Tam

It’s the gift that just keeps on giving.  What our lives would have been like without Pam, I don’t even want to know.  I will sing her praises to everyone and anyone that will listen because she truly gave our family the greatest gift.  My husband tells all new parents that it was the best money we spent after Sophia was born!  When she was just 10 weeks old we met with Pam and began the most wonderful journey to a full night’s sleep.  Pure bliss!!  Sophia turned 2 in May and has been an AMAZING little sleeper every step of the way.  I find myself in awe sometimes how easy bedtime is.  We have just entered some new territory in our journey as we are currently phasing out extended breastfeeding.  I had always hoped that I would breastfeed for a long time because of the many benefits, but never expected for it to continue past her second birthday.  We’ve never used it as a sleep aid, but rather another step in the bedtime routine and the occasional soothing aid if she took a nasty spill or hurt herself in some way.  As many parents can attest to, toddlers do not sit still for very long so nursing before bedtime has been our special time to cuddle and chat.  Although, she occasionally still asks to nurse, she understands (after some explaining *smile*) that she is getting to be a big girl and that we are no longer nursing.  She gets it.  We still go through the same routine at bedtime, minus the nursing, and she falls asleep like a dream.  I can’t tell you enough how priceless a gift you will be giving your child by hiring Pam and her team to help teach them to sleep through the night.  The time you will have with your spouse, to yourself or whatever you like to do to unwind – you can’t put a price on that.  You can have this.  And you will have a happy, well rested little person in your life.  Who doesn’t want that for their family?  Don’t wait – do it – get some sleep!!


Camilla Smailes

what is getting in your way?

You are still here! I am impressed. By the way, every testimonial & review are REAL people. There is no “fake news” at Pam Nease Sleep.  This tells me that really do your research and want to hear from other parents … just to be sure. I get it. I was scared, nervous, and anxious too.  Sleep Training can be much better than you think. My guess is that by coming to the end of this section, you have most likely tried at least once, twice, and maybe three times. You have probably invested in many books, do it yourself programs and even other Sleep Consultants like many of our clients have since 2009.


Let’s address your very real fears and concerns. 


I am not selling water bottles. I am working with tiny fingers and tiny toes. Even though this industry is unregulated (I agree with many in the Pediatric Sleep Medicine Community that it should be, by the way) I treat it like it is. Basically, everyone on my team knows that if I ever find out that they ” are making sh%t up” it is grounds for immediate dismissal.


Now  it is your turn, what is getting in your way of booking a FREE Initial Sleep Consultation? I promise to reply personally.