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Summer Days and Summer Sleep

As the days grow longer, many parents fear that bedtime battles will start to ensue. “But Mom! Why do I have to go to bed? The sun is still up!” Then there are also the challenges with visitors and guests with different rules in their households. “But Dad! Why do I have to go to

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When Can I Put My Baby On A Sleep Schedule?

Here is a great question from a wonderful Facebook friend: Hi Pam, I have two month old that slept ten hours last night. She usually sleeps eight hours at night then feeds and has another two. I can’t figure out naps. Is she two young for scheduled naps? I feel like she cat naps all

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Are you Praying for that Elusive 7am?

  Today’s tip is inspired by Erica on my Facebook Page. She writes: “I saw you in a group session in Sept. and you changed our lives for the better since!  But lately my 7mos old is waking in the 6am hour.   He was getting up around 7am since 3mos old. How do I

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Healthy Teeth and Healthy Sleep!

I have to admit that even though my children LOVE going to bed, there has always been one part of the bedtime routine that I have not enjoyed. DENTAL HYGIENE! Many of my clients have reported the same, although there are the rare few that tell me that their children actually love it. Here are

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Make bedtime FUN and enjoyable for you and your little ones!

One of the greatest myths out there is that you need to “wind down and relax” your babies and children into sleep. Please save the dim lights, candles, soft music for you and your spouse. Yes, it’s true you don’t want to overstimulate a newborn, but by the time your baby is 3 months and

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Sing! The Power of Song!

  SING!   The power of the Song My precious four-year-old daughter, Madeline inspired this week’s Tip. She had surgery recently. When I entered the post op room, she was crying inconsolably for the nurses. I went to her and stroked her sweet face and began to sing the song I used to sing to her

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