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Why Hire a Doula?

We are celebrating World Doula Week here and I am so pleased to have a guest of honour and former client of mine write this post for us! Emma hired me a few months ago when she was looking for the most gentle and effective sleep solutions for her little 11 month old son. Emma

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NAPS F$%#@** NAPS!

This past weekend I was very fortunate to meet so many Moms, Dads and little ones in person at the Babies in Bloom Baby Fair.  By far the most talked about topic was Naps!  So here are my tips for successful daytime sleep! NAPS! These are definitely the hardest for a baby or toddler to

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Spring Forward into Daylight Savings Time!

Oh Spring Forward. Before we were parents, many of us hated this time change as we lose an hour of sleep.  Now, for some, Daylight Savings Time is actually good news as our “early wakers” go from 6 am wake ups to the coveted 7 am wake up time!   In this case, it is

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The Lovey – Use a transitional object!

  One of my favourite sleep strategies is to have your little ones (3 months and up) sleeping with a small stuffed animal or a small blanket, often called a “lovey”. You want something large enough that they can find it in their cribs but not too large that will cause safety concerns or a SIDS

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Beware of the Mommy Guilt!

Editor’s Note: This was originally written in September 2011 and appeared on my Facebook page. I have been feeling a lot of Mommy Guilt again recently so I thought I would share it again.   It’s my fault. I know better. My sweet little three and half year little girl had a major meltdown just

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Nurse to Sleep … is it bad?

Nurse to Sleep … Is it Bad? I was asked this question recently on Twitter. The answer in a nutshell is yes. Over the long term, it causes problems. But, let me be very clear – you can still exclusively breast feed AND create a great sleeper. The two are not mutually exclusive. When a

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