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Getting the help you need

We seek out professional advice when planning for our retirement years, we see a dietician when we have nutritional concerns – I am here as your qualified and experienced Pediatric Sleep Consultant to guide you through the process of teaching your child/ren the beautiful skill of sleep! Check out my recent broadcast on Shaw TV’s

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Early Wakings!

Are you struggling with 5am or 6am wakings?  Are you praying for that elusive 7am? It CAN happen! 1) If it is once or twice a week – continue what you have been doing. Ignore him/her if she is playing in the crib. We simply don’t want to encourage your little one to get up

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Creating Quiet Time!

  Creating a Quiet Time Period for your Pre-Schooler and you: Step 1: Take Out a very large white piece of paper and at the top write: Mommy, Suzy and Little Johnny. Draw, write and colour all the great things you do together. Have Suzy draw and colour as much as possible. When finished, ask

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How to Fall Back into the Time Change

The thought of the time change at the end of daylight savings can strike fear in the majority of parents… Oh no, they are going to wake up too early! How do I help them transition through the time change and into their new bedtime successfully? Not to worry! Simply follow these easy easy steps:

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Halloween Sleep Tips!

Halloween is just around the corner. The costumes should be scary, but not bedtime. Here are some simple and practical solutions for your family.   3 Years and Younger: If you have young children and are a stay at home parent, think about a breakfast Halloween party instead. Babies and toddlers are at their finest

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Is it time to drop the Nap? Know the signs!

      Sleep begets Sleep. It is not logical but it is biological. The more your child sleeps during the day, the better they will sleep at night. This does not change until somewhere between their second and third birthday. You will know with one of these three signs or a combination thereof: 1)    

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