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Night Walking

Question: My three and a half year old was a great ‘sleep-through-the-nighter’ until about six months ago when he started to wake and come to our room. It would only take a moment to get him back to bed and asleep. We would talk to him in the morning to try to figure out what

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Travel Tips

Did you miss my recent Newsletter?  Here’s my article on Travel Tips! Q) We would like to do some travelling with our young family but are scared that they won’t sleep while away! Do you have any tips? A) Absolutely! Children are actually more flexible with their sleep compared to adults provided you honor their

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Day vs Night

One of the greatest myths out there is to have your baby learn day from night (especially your newborn) and to have them sleep in well-lit environments by day and then in a dark room by night. The BEST sleeping environment for all of us to sleep in is “cave like” darkness. This helps supress

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Soother or Thumb?

  Soother (or pacifier) and thumb sucking – what are the Pros and Cons? I have friends that swear by – and against – both! Not sure what’s best for my baby. “You can take away a soother … but you can’t take away a thumb!” How often have we heard that? How many of

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Should I Use A Night Light?

This week’s TIP is thanks to Janelle Rhode, a wonderful Facebook Fan. Please feel to post your questions too they may also end up in lights on my blog! Question: Hello Pam! My question for you is what you think about a night-light in a toddler’s big boy room (and in a big bed). You say

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