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Baby Sleep & Vaccinations

Reader Question:   We have our sons 4 month vaccinations tomorrow, what can we expect for his sleeping for the next couple of days? How can we make it easier for him? Answer:   Hello!   I know it’s natural to be nervous and worried about your little man. Here are some thoughts: 1) Think about postponing your

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Nightmares Vs. Night Terrors

Hello Pam. My husband and I took your seminar when our daughter was 8 months old and things have been going very well! Unfortunately, we have hit a big road bump. Not sure if you have any advice or insight. The last few nights she has been waking somewhere between 10 and 11 and very

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Could Developmental Milestones Affect Your Baby’s Sleep?

One of the most fascinating things about babies and sleep are how they love to “move and shake” while they sleep! For your newborn, invest in two very good swaddling blankets to prevent the startle reflex also known as the “moro reflex” from waking them up. You will also notice that they will make grunting

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Night Walking

Question: My three and a half year old was a great ‘sleep-through-the-nighter’ until about six months ago when he started to wake and come to our room. It would only take a moment to get him back to bed and asleep. We would talk to him in the morning to try to figure out what

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Travel Tips

Did you miss my recent Newsletter?  Here’s my article on Travel Tips! Q) We would like to do some travelling with our young family but are scared that they won’t sleep while away! Do you have any tips? A) Absolutely! Children are actually more flexible with their sleep compared to adults provided you honor their

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Day vs Night

One of the greatest myths out there is to have your baby learn day from night (especially your newborn) and to have them sleep in well-lit environments by day and then in a dark room by night. The BEST sleeping environment for all of us to sleep in is “cave like” darkness. This helps supress

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