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How to boost your immune system during a pandemic

Is your inbox blowing up like mine is with information around the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic? It’s all the same advice: wash your hands and don’t touch your face. The best way to prevent colds, flus/viruses and boost your immune system is through the power of healthy sleep. Am I saying that if you teach your

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Bed wetting, potty training and SLEEP!

“Do I wake my sleeping child to prevent nighttime accidents while potty training?” My professional advice as a child sleep consultant on this topic has been shared many times with clients as well as in Pam Nease Family (our past client parenting support group on Facebook since May 2017). So wonderful parents who have done

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Show us your LOVE, send us your FACE!

It is Valentine’s Day and someone you know could be hanging on by a thread, suffering, afraid to ask for help. They are most likely posting beautiful images of themselves and their babies on social media but crumbling inside. Show us your LOVE, give us your FACE. Exactly one year ago, that was exactly the

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12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY WINNERS! Oh, we are sad that the party is over but it has been an awesome way to end 2018. Without further ado, we are delighted to announce the winners of Pam’s 3rd annual Christmas Giveaway, with over $1500 in prizes… Please email to claim your prize! Day 1

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Sleep for Christmas! Day 12 Giveaway Grand Prize

WIN A FULL VIRTUAL BABY SLEEP CONSULTATION Woop! Woop! It is FINALLY here! The 2nd GRAND PRIZE! Today, you have the opportunity to WIN GREAT SLEEP for your little one that can last a LIFETIME. Within only a couple of weeks, your sweet little baby will be sleeping through the night consistently (or getting up

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