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Day 2 – All I Want for Christmas is… SLEEP! Enter to WIN!

Pam’s 12 Days of Christmas: Giveaway – Day 2    How does a Hatchimal from Spain help a baby sleep? A few weeks ago, my kids came home and excitedly told me what they wanted this year for Christmas. A Hatchimal. I went online in hopes of finding a Black Friday deal.  Normally, they are selling for

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The Bedtime Pass

Reader Question! I have a little Jack-in-the-Box child that will not stay in her bed at bedtime. She comes out of her room over and over again with a new request to stall each time. How do I get her to stay in her bed and go to sleep? Thank you for your great question!

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Should we introduce a Blanket in the crib?

Should my baby sleep with a blanket? Reader Question! “The other day at daycare the teacher mentioned she was the only child sleeping during nap time without a blanket and she had started noticing/wondering about it. They tried a spare blanket with her and she slept well and really liked it. At night we only

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Improving Adult Sleep

Over the past four and half years, I have had hundreds of parents email me back and say … Can you fix me too? My child has been sleeping through the night for several months, but I am still waking up! I have sleep issues of my own and they started in childhood and followed me all

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Our Secret Weapon…Hiring Pam!

GUEST POST from a past client. The Mysterious Sleep Consultant… When I tell people that we recently worked with a sleep consultant to help with our newborn and three year olds sleep and I tell them “I can’t believe what a difference it made in our lives”….I usually get a number of questions.  Quite often,

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Is there a “Guarantee” when you hire me?

Is there a guarantee? For 99% of my clients, it is a two week journey to GREAT sleep whereby the child is falling asleep in their own bed on their own, sleeping through the night and having good naps by day.  For some clients, it is less than two weeks. For less than 1% it

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