Could Growing Pains be Waking My Child at Night?

Is it “Growing Pains” or is it something else?

In this week’s Coffee & Q’s, Pam addresses the research that best explains what is happening to our children’s bodies when they are complaining of leg cramps or pain.


Over the past 7 years of sleep consulting, I have heard many parents referencing concerns of “growing pains” as a cause for why their children are waking up in the night.

If your child has had a particularly active day and you are concerned about muscle pain waking them in the night– but would prefer not to use over-the-counter pain medication– ensure they stay well-hydrated, consume foods high in magnesium ie: leafy greens like spinach (Popeye was onto something!), beans, nuts, and seeds (providing there are no allergies). Also, If they are old enough, encourage them to stretch after exercising, or you can massage their legs before they go to bed.

** As Pam will always remind you, she is not a doctor, she is a pediatric sleep consultant. Please consult your doctor if you have any concerns. For more information regarding Growing Pains, visit WebMD


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