How Do I Solve the Four Month Sleep Regression: Fiction? Fact? Legend?

How do I solve the four-month sleep regression?

Are you wondering why your baby is suddenly waking up more often?
Did you have a great sleeper on your hands but now it has all gone sideways?
Are you worried that it might be the infamous four month sleep regression?

The good news is that we can solve this problem fast and for the long term. You’ve come to the right place: We’ve helped thousands of families since 2009 get the sleep they need.

The reality is: When you cut through the noise on the internet, the four month sleep regression is a MYTH. It is one of the many myths when it comes to children and sleep. It might be COMMON as evidenced by the number of parents searching for answers, just like you, but it is NOT NORMAL.

The short answer is: Your baby is not going through a regression at all. They simply need to learn HOW to put themselves to sleep at bedtime and then stay asleep all through the night by developing their own internal strategies which are commonly referred to as self soothing abilities.

Why now? Your baby is growing up and has gone through a major cognitive development and is more aware of the world and their surroundings. Basically, they are smarter! Instead of staying asleep for long periods, they are waking up needing the tools that helped them get into sleep in the first place or different ones. For example, I was nursing my son into sleep and then when he woke instead of nursing him sometimes because I did not think he was hungry I would use soothers, swings, car seats and more.

The fabulous news is: Your baby CAN sleep peacefully all through the night and become a SuperSleeper™.  With our help, your child will be able to sleep anywhere, for anybody and in spite of growth spurts, teething, travel, sickness, developmental milestones and more! They will become regression proof.

With our help, your child will become regression proof

How do I know this to be true? I was once there too with a sleep deprived baby and I was a sleep deprived parent searching for answers just like you.  It was 2006 and I was ready to jump off the bridge and take the baby with me.

Little did I know that by hiring a professional sleep consultant for my own son, that my path would lead me here to you. Since 2009, I have dedicated my full-time career to helping parents, just like you, just like me, just like your best friend, your family, your coworker. We have the solution to solve this problem within just a few nights and to last a lifetime.

Ready to join the other 1000s of families we have already helped?

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“When I first started my sleep journey with my son Beau he was waking up 2-3 times before I went to bed around 10pm and 2-3 times throughout the night. It was particularly hard for me to handle the broken sleep from the night wakes because up until a couple months before he started doing the night wakes he would only wake once and occasionally would sleep through the night.

I couldn’t figure out the regression. My perfect sleeper and happy boy was no more. I just remember being tired and frustrated all the time.

When you read about the sleep training on the website it sounds like a miracle… too good to be true. Let me tell you, I have one stubborn boy and his training has been nothing short of a miracle!!

Bottom line, I got my life back after training. Was it worth every penny, YES.

I really feel I have to stress that the support I received from [Pam Nease Sleep] was above and beyond my expectations and isn’t something that can be attained by reading any book or blog.

Thank you for giving ME the gift of rest which is allowing me to be my best self again.”

~ Ashley, Luc & Beau – Kelowna BC

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