Is a baby sleep consultant worth the money? How’s your sex life? Meet Katie

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Get YOUR Sexy BACK! Meet Katie, a mom just like you who was worried about spending money on a Kelowna based Sleep Consulting company. Let’s be honest. When you are sleep deprived, bags around your eyes, overwhelmed and exhausted, the last thing you feel is SEXY. All I wanted to do when my own son was not sleeping, was to brush my teeth and crawl into bed.  Clients have told me since 2009 and now via my team of professional sleep coaches (all past clients), they never even want to ever entertain the thought of being intimate with their partners again.

it can all change in ONE Night

Yep. Truth.

Why am I so sure? How can I be so confident? The hundreds of stories I have heard from families just like Katie’s.  In the words of the iconic JT, get your SEXY back Mama. Life is too short to wait under minute to stay stuck in a sleep deprived fog. Do it for YOU. Do if for the person you LOVE. Do it for your CHILD.  Trust me. Your precious baby will benefit the MOST from all the healthy sleep you will give them for a lifetime.

“She is warm and happy in her own crib and my husband and I have our relationship back”

“I was going to wait to write our experience with sleep training because I was fearful of how and if it would work. I am a new Mom my husband works away with very limited time at home.

When we began our journey as parents we did what we thought was right. We kept our baby clean, safe, fed, warm, happy and very loved. So loved that she learned the only way she could go to sleep was by being rocked and bounced by myself or my husband.

This was okay for the first few months. We loved it and we thought we were doing a great job – until we got exhausted.

“Bedtime became a fearful experience an exhausting time for all of us, even the baby”

My only regret is not hiring Pam Nease Sleep sooner. This is our second night of sleep training and our baby went to bed without a peep. She is warm and happy in her own crib and my husband and I have our relationship back. IT WORKS! It actually works and it has worked since we started.”

– Katie Mather, Armstrong (North Okanagan), British Columbia, Canada
September 2018

because katie & tim got their sleep and therefore their sexy back…

They’re expecting baby #2 and I was the 2nd person they called to announce their pregnancy! When Katie asked Tim should they invest in my services the 2nd time around here’s what his reply was:

Are YOU ready to get your relationship back on track with the power of healthy sleep?

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Photos: Katie Mather. Photography by Cierra Carlyle.

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