Is there a “Guarantee” when you hire me?

Is there a guarantee? For 99% of my clients, it is a two week journey to GREAT sleep whereby the child is falling asleep in their own bed on their own, sleeping through the night and having good naps by day.  For some clients, it is less than two weeks. For less than 1% it can take longer.  In many cases, nap length can take a bit longer for a baby to learn but my clients are delighted with their results and are comfortable continuing on their own. I make sure they are well equipped with their “homework” assignments before we say good-bye. You can read about all of these types of clients in their Love Letters.

A natural fear for all is what if I spend this money on Pam, and it doesn’t work? How can you guarantee I won’t be out all this money and with a child who is still not sleeping! Then, what will I do? Or, I have TRIED EVERYTHING … what could she possibly tell me that is DIFFERENT?  How can this really work when NOTHING else in the past has?

The answer? It ALWAYS works provided you follow my advice!  The first step is a 15 minute call so that you can tell me all about your precious little one, your sleep challenges, and your desired goals. Then I send you a comprehensive questionnaire so that I can understand your child’s sleep history. Our next step is a 1.5-2 hour meeting with you and your spouse where we discuss that history in detail and come up with a solution together based on my tried and true method, my own experience as a Mom, as well as feedback and experience from past clients over the last 7 years.  Before you start, you and your spouse are going to understand why your little person hasn’t been sleeping well and how we are going to solve it.

After our meeting, I email you all your written materials including a Sleep Plan specific to your family. The “Coles notes” so you don’t have to spend hours reading a book and trying to convince your spouse to read it too.

Then after you start your journey, I am there to support you with 4 phone calls the first week and unlimited email the second (or ask about my upgraded support packages that include 8 phone calls in the first 2 weeks or even my overnight Nanny Packages). I think this is what my clients appreciate the most. There are so many questions that come up and I will be there to answer them. Making changes to a child’s sleep can be a very difficult and emotional journey. I have been there personally with my own son. I know what it feels like as a parent. I can relate. The other benefit of working with me is that I have been doing this fulltime for over 7 years and have now helped over a thousand families.

I am also your LONG TERM solution. My goal is that you can put sleep on the shelf like a book and not worry about it ever again. Books, Internet advice, chat rooms and even other Sleep Consultants say to expect regressions and that you might need to sleep train multiple times. I don’t want that to happen to my clients. In addition to solving your problems today, I prepare you for the future with a series of complimentary documents on what to do when your child is sick or teething, how to handle nap transitions and how to travel successfully. I am also always updating my Blog with more free sleep advice.

Is there a guarantee? No. I looked into this at one point and it was going to involve lots of legal work. As you know, lawyers are not inexpensive. I would have had to raise my fees. Working with me is like working with any professional. If you follow my advice, it will work. If you don’t, it won’t. That’s why I offer the free 15 minute call and why the 1.5 hour meeting is KEY – you are going to feel comfortable before you start. Over the years, have there been clients that have chosen not to follow my advice? Yes, only a handful though and it broke my heart every time. I estimate that my success rate for private consultations is greater than 99% which is pretty good odds in your favour!

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