love letters

i am so very grateful to the thousands of families who have trusted me and my team with their precious little ones since 2009. here are some of their love letters that i have been honoured to receive.
- pam nease

Elizabeth Golesic

All in all, this process of sleep training (right from our bedtime routine practice at 4 weeks old) has been challenging at times – but overall we are just amazed at how [our daughter] has learned the skills we have taught her. Watching her soothe herself and calm down in the crib, alone is so

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Lee Moorhouse

I cannot say enough great things about Pam Nease Sleep and our amazing and wonderful sleep angel Katrina. We knew our little man had the ability to sleep longer stretches at night and sometimes could fall back asleep but with Katrina’s help and guidance he is able to independently fall asleep consistently every night and

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Theresa D

Pam Nease Sleep is such a valuable asset to families and children. I have highly recommended them to families who had a rough sleeper and they were thrilled with the help and assistance from their sleep.angels. The gift of sleep is truly one of the greatest gifts. Thank you to Pam and her angels. Theresa

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Chrissy & Vernon Fiddler

Nine years ago a sleep deprived mom walked out of Toys R Us (in Kelowna, BC) literally looking for a sign of how to help her 16 week old baby sleep. Searching for the right resources around the city was proving daunting. That is when I saw an SUV with the face of an angel

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Tiffany Moore

Our little girl is 2.5 years old and is a happy, strong and resilient sleeper because of Pam Nease Sleep. We called Pam Nease when our girl wasn’t sleeping and when we couldn’t cope anymore. Pam’s team coached us, supported us and encouraged us-and, trust me, our baby was described as a “spirited” personality. We

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Aman Rai

Pam Nease is a life saver! We sleep trained our eldest son with her 2.5 years ago and we just sleep trained our second guy. He was waking up every 45min all night long and we were exhausted emotionally, physically and mentally. He needed to be bounced back to sleep every hour. I wanted to

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Sarah Hammond

I wanted to write and tell about my experience with Pam Nease Sleep & Ashlyn Ayers. First, a little bit about my babe and our situation before sleep learning… My baby Kate had a very strong sleep association of nursing to sleep. She sure loved being nestled into my chest to fall asleep. I loved

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We were lucky to work with Pam directly with one of her nanny packages. It was truly an amazing experience. I was so incredibly nervous about sleep training. However, I was absolutely desperate for a change. Pam was so kind, patient and gentle. She gave my husband and I the confidence to see it through

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Erica & Daniel

It is 6:45 p.m., and as I write this testimonial, my 7.5 month old is asleep. In his crib. Having fallen asleep on his own in 5 minutes. I can’t begin to tell you how much has changed in a few short weeks! Baby Theo is our pride and joy – but we knew he was

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