love letters

i am so very grateful to the thousands of families who have trusted me and my team with their precious little ones since 2009. here are some of their love letters that i have been honoured to receive.
- pam nease

Gustaaf, Julia & Luisa

When Pam told us we would be working with Sleep Angel Ashlyn, we were thrilled!  We knew we would be in good hands. We are honored to be the first family you have helped on their journey to FINALLY getting a good night’s sleep. Many months of sleep deprivation were definitely taking a toll on

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Tara D.

Hey Pam, It’s been a year since we started our journey with C and his developmental delays. He’s done absolutely amazing this past year for catching right up. He was however diagnosed with ASD a few weeks back. It’s very mild with him. We did notice however when he goes to bed later or wakes

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Kelly Campbell

Sophie, I wanted to let you know that she has been going to bed at 6:30 and really only waking the once in the night, then getting up at 6. She has been doing great on the 2 nap a day schedule! She naps at roughly 9:15 and 2:00 and has been napping over an hour at every nap

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Lindsay Skelton

I’m not sure why it took me so long to write this review. I think it’s because I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it NEVER did. I called Pam when Cooper was nearly three months old. It was clear to me then that I just wasn’t sure what to do

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Jen, Tim, and Roger

Hi Jessica! It’s been a while since you trained us to sleep train Roger (earlier this year). I was inspired to write you tonight after looking at my sleeping son and feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for your help. You see, in the last 2 weeks we have flown from Vancouver to Toronto to

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The Friedman Family

Our 17 month old son was waking up throughout the night. Our nighttime routine was bath, bottle, rocking our baby to sleep, and slowly putting him in his crib (praying he doesn’t wake). Every time he woke up we ran into the room to pick him up and rock him back to sleep. We were

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Megan Stratikopoulos

We had originally done CIO with our first daughter, Mila, and it worked (not as well as the Pam Nease method for sure), but with our daughter Ella, I couldn’t bear the thought of letting her cry it out. She was born with reflux, which led to her crying for 8 hours every evening in infancy

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the Valentines (Justin, Kiana & Jacob)

Dear Pam, Jessica & Team, This “love letter” has been a long time coming. It’s just that we have all been enjoying such restful sleep since working with our sleep angel Jessica that we’ve been pretty lax about doing anything else! Why run errands and do chores when we can nap? We reached out to

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Genevieve Morrone

Just wanted to share our success story we experienced this week…. I was really nervous to go on holidays with the kids- thinking their sleep would be completely turned upside down and we would be dealing with late nights , early wakes, and grumpy/overtired kids. Our family vacation turned out better than we thought. We

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