love letters

i am so very grateful to the thousands of families who have trusted me and my team with their precious little ones since 2009. here are some of their love letters that i have been honoured to receive.
- pam nease

Candace Gaudry (& Dakota and Marlow)

Hello Sophie 🙂  Things are going really great. We’re having only one wake up per night, which is for her feed and it is progressively getting later and later into the night that she wakes (345 – 4:30 am), and I’m pretty sure she is hardly taking much milk during these feeds. Thank you so very

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Shawna Hallet

Hi Ashley and Pam, I feel the need to express my absolute delight with your service already! We are less than 24 hours in and I’m sure we are having unusual early success (I still expect challenges to come), but my son is completely blowing us away! I can’t believe he had this in him

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Dr. Trish Parsons

Hi Pam, I was just talking to a friend who is having trouble with their baby’s sleep and I realized I never updated you about Zoe’s success.  As you may remember, we started sleep teaching Zoe at 2 weeks old (Aug 2016) with your gentle newborn method.  She took to it so well and by

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Ashley, Luc and Beau

When I first started my sleep journey with my son Beau he was waking up 2-3 times before I went to bed around 10pm and 2-3 times throughout the night. It was particularly hard for me to handle the broken sleep from the night wakes because up until a couple months before he started doing

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Kim Klawitter

Eric, myself and Risa went away this past weekend. My aunt and uncle had Marshall and Lyvi. All they kept saying was Pickle(my nickname), Marshall he is so good going to bed he pretty well puts himself to bed lol. You rock!!! forever grateful for your great advice and support❤❤❤ Kim Klawitter Houston, BC, Canada

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Tiff, Chris & Finley Waite

Hi Ashley & Pam, I can imagine in your line of work you would wonder “what ever happened to…” so I thought I would to send you ladies a little update on our lil’ lady. Fin is 11 months old, crawling and attempting to cruise and loving life. She has a big personality, LOVES books…cannot get

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Jamie and Greg Wertz

Sophie and Pam helped us sleep train Cash at 4 months old…. now he’s a year old and he’s still the best sleeper!! That doesn’t stop him from laying on the charm to delay nap time from time to time (see pic below). 😉😂😍😍😍😍 Jamie and Greg Wertz Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

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Amanda & Devon Tobin

The sleep revolution has happened! Both girls in bed at 8pm. April woke at five thirty but went back to sleep, Kaylee got up at four for feeding and back to sleep. I am up, showered, kitchen cleaned, laundry started, plants watered (they were very grateful), ate breakfast and am now enjoying a cup of

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Vanderboon European Adventure

When we found out we were pregnant with our first child in Spring 2014 – we decided to postpone a trip we had planned to France for that September. This past September – we made it a family adventure and are so happy we did! Admittedly, we were nervous about how a big trip like

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