love letters

i am so very grateful to the thousands of families who have trusted me and my team with their precious little ones since 2009. here are some of their love letters that i have been honoured to receive.
- pam nease

Melissa and Patrick Magnusson

Dear Pam and team, here is my love letter to you. I was going crazy.  To the point where I told my husband I didn’t want to be the mom anymore. I wanted to be the dad.  Finnley was not on a nap schedule, only napping while on me or nursing. He would go down fine at 7pm (partly because

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Jessica, Adam, Mason and Baby Alec

Hi Ashley, Thank you these documents and for your wonderful support over the past couple of weeks. It was the best decision we’ve made in awhile. Our lives are incredibly different now that Alec is sleeping through the night. I would be quick to recommend this plan to any of my friends having sleep troubles

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Jessie, Jacquie & Sophia

Hello Pam & Sophie! Somehow magically little Sophia has celebrated her birthday in the last week and we are in back to school mode, so I figured I owed you an update.  A big thanks to the both of you for helping Sophia achieve her best sleep over the last several months.  As I had

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Kirsten, David and Michael

Hi Ashley! Hi Pam! I hope you are both doing well! Just wanted to send you an update on Michael. Since finishing our few weeks with you, Michael has been sleeping beautifully. We were in Maui at the beginning of the month and we had no troubles at all. In fact, by the end of

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Amanda Tobin

See these happy children? You played a huge part in it Pam Nease! Last Wednesday my mom and I left Houston and headed to my sister’s in Calgary. This was to be the true test of the sleep teaching in my mind. Our old trips involved sleepless nights, sleeping in the truck, driving around at

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Megan Stratikopoulos

Happy Sleep-iversary!! One year ago today, we had our first initial consult with sweet Sophie! Ella was 4 months old and was fighting sleep and even fighting her feeds! We were constantly bouncing on a ball to get her to sleep and using all kinds of foolery to get her to stay asleep! I was

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Candace Gaudry (& Dakota and Marlow)

Hello Sophie 🙂  Things are going really great. We’re having only one wake up per night, which is for her feed and it is progressively getting later and later into the night that she wakes (345 – 4:30 am), and I’m pretty sure she is hardly taking much milk during these feeds. Thank you so very

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Shawna Hallet

Hi Ashley and Pam, I feel the need to express my absolute delight with your service already! We are less than 24 hours in and I’m sure we are having unusual early success (I still expect challenges to come), but my son is completely blowing us away! I can’t believe he had this in him

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Dr. Trish Parsons

Hi Pam, I was just talking to a friend who is having trouble with their baby’s sleep and I realized I never updated you about Zoe’s success.  As you may remember, we started sleep teaching Zoe at 2 weeks old (Aug 2016) with your gentle newborn method.  She took to it so well and by

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