love letters

i am so very grateful to the thousands of families who have trusted me and my team with their precious little ones since 2009. here are some of their love letters that i have been honoured to receive.
- pam nease

Jane and Gord

Hi Pam! I wanted to start off by saying thank thank thank thank you for all your support with Miles this past week! I thought I would let you know the huge success he had (or is currently still having ) last night ….. He went to bed about 5:40 because he did not have

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Jennifer & Chad Sotrteboom

So, I am finally writing my testimonial for this amazing team of people. Yes, I say “team” because that is what it takes sometimes when your child doesn’t sleep. They have worked miracles for us. Our son Adrian didn’t sleep well from the moment we brought him home from the hospital. Although he had a

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Dr Pip Penrose

We put Charlie to bed in my niece’s crib today. I was peeking through the door and saw her hugging and patting her new owl stuffy and the start exploring the other fun stuff in the crib I had forgotten to remove. She played and talked and rocked and kissed the other stuffies and then

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Melinda, Paul & Stella Timmins

Good morning!  I’ve attached a picture I just took of my daughter Stella after her two and a half hour nap! Her first nap of the day is typically this long. That’s something Paul and I NEVER thought we’d say. Stella is a new little girl; so happy and content. Almost every day we talk

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Jeremy and Lori Wallace

Hi Pam! We just wanted to thank you with every fibre of our beings for helping us with Charlie. Since we worked with you, he has slept a minimum of 11.5hrs EVERY SINGLE NIGHT – and he’s almost a year old now! And from 6 months old his naps have been awesome too. They have

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The Nowaks

Hi Pam, I just wanted to share Ashlyn’s second success.  After we completed the 2 weeks of sleep training, about a month later Ashlyn got really sick.  I was up with her 2-3 times a night nursing her again ( i know its horrible but it worked at the time!) I was horrified that we

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Rachel and Trevor

Hi Pam, It’s been about a week since we finished our two week sleep journey with you. I am absolutely blown away! My daughter who was up every hour or two who would need to nurse to get back to sleep, who slept in my bed because I was too exhausted to fight her on

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Neil & Steph Gatti

Hi Pam, thanks again for all of your help it has been life-changing for us so far! They went to sleep so fast tonight without crying, it was incredible. We had to call our family and brag 🙂 Apparently they were in a nice deep sleep because Neil and I were cooking dinner shortly after

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Sonia & Jerome Nistler

After one night of following Pam and Ashley’s sleep plan for our son Isaac, we saw a difference. Isaac slept in later than ever, took two amazing naps and bedtime is now an experience that gives us both consistency and peace of mind that we won’t be going back into his room for the entire

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