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Please check your email including spam/junk. Since 2009, I can get babies & children sleeping like machines but for some reason, I cannot seem to find the solution to this problem. Perhaps you can help me once your family is sleeping? 🙂 

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YES! I recommend that your partner joins us for this introductory call. We can conference them if they are at work. 

Why? Simply put, I do not want to WASTE YOUR TIME. With the 1000s of parents I have spoken to, 99% of the time, it is us Moms searching for solutions but our partners have questions and concerns of their own. Let’s include them. It is their tiny human too!

During the call, we will discuss your fears in addition to your goals. Together, we will discuss how we can make sleep training as gentle as possible for you and your little one.

I look forward to helping you get sleep and your LIFE back.