Make bedtime FUN and enjoyable for you and your little ones!

One of the greatest myths out there is that you need to “wind down and relax” your babies and children into sleep.

Please save the dim lights, candles, soft music for you and your spouse. Yes, it’s true you don’t want to overstimulate a newborn, but by the time your baby is 3 months and older, you can start with a fun and enjoyable bath. Dads, get in there with your babies and young children! Then move into a wrestling match and tickle fest on the floor as you dry them off in their bedrooms. Play peek-a-boo as you
put on their PJs and Sleep Sacks and let them roam and play in their room as you read stories.

Boys, in particular have a harder time staying still so let them be active while you read – they will still be listening. Chances are too, once you start reading and the more engaging you make the book, they will happily climb into your lap, snuggle in and give you the cuddles we all crave as a parent. Then when you move into the song portion, feel free to get up and dance! Kids love it when we lose our inhibitions and act silly. Here’s your opportunity to be a kid again… and … by making your bedtime routine enjoyable … it will become the BEST part of your day, for both you and your little one(s).

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