sleep angel

my favourite things

Going for walks in our hilly neighbourhood with my family. Playing soccer or rock climbing. Coffee in my biggest mug. Watching stand-up comedy after the kids are in bed. Fresh-picked cherries. Decorating. Seeing my kids play together in the backyard (and actually get along?! #parentinggoals). Celebrating with them when they’ve learned to crawl or read or play the drums, and everything in between!

my love

My three boys, aged 9, 7, and 5 are proud big brothers to their new baby sister, who just turned one. They all have their own beautiful little personalities and I love watching who they’re becoming!

more about me

Before I was a sleep angel:

Most recently, I worked with kids and adults for a local church. Before having my own kids I worked in corporate sales and customer service for an outdoor gear and clothing company.

Part of Pam’s Dream Team since:

August 2019

Where I live:

Kelowna BC, Canada

why be a sleep angel?

Ever since working on my babies’ sleep with Pam, I have wanted to work with her. I even told her that after our final phone call 7 years ago! Life brought me in other directions and I had more babies, but we kept in touch. When this opportunity came around again, I jumped at the chance to help other families, like ours, who want to sleep again — who want to stop feeling like sleep-deprived zombies walking around. I am excited to combine my love for people, my bit of counselling training, my customer service experience, and all-around passion on the subject of sleep to better the lives of as many families as possible!

life before pam

Life before Pam: When my first son was a baby, I had no idea what I was doing. People told me to just follow my instincts (which worked to a certain extent) but I was given much conflicting advice, and eventually read conflicting books about how to get my baby to sleep. I tried EVERYTHING from shushing, rocking, bouncing, co-sleeping, nursing to sleep, using the baby swing, dream-feeding, etc., but my 5-month-old was napping poorly and waking numerous times at night. I was going crazy, feeling like, “This should be easier by now!”

Life After Pam

Enter Pam Nease. I had heard about her through my mom, who had worked at the local pregnancy care centre in Kelowna. Pam’s method was clear and easy to follow, and my husband and I were able to implement it with confidence knowing our son would eventually “get it” and sleep well if we followed her advice. He did! He is still a super-sleeper at 9 years old. We then hired Pam with our second child when he was old enough to learn to sleep. With our third and fourth children we helped our babies sleep on our own, using what we had learned from Pam with our other babies, with great success. We weren’t always perfect but in the end, having Pam’s tools in our parenting tool belt has been a great blessing!

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