sleep angel

a little about natalie

I was born in Australia and came to Canada when I was 5. I lived in the GTA for most of my life, but moved to Kelowna, British Columbia for 2 years after I got married, and then moved back to Ontario. We have a wild one year old named Shepherd who is the light of my life!

My favourite things

I love my iced-coffees all year round, a beautiful sunny day, sitting by the pool or at the beach, thrifting, my work as a doula, essential oils, and travelling – specifically to Hawaii – my happy place.

more about me

Before I was a sleep angel:

I mostly worked in Retail Management at Roots, Teavana, and Dynamite. I took a break to be a Nanny throughout my pregnancy, but thanks to Pam, I am now blessed to be able to work from home.

Part of Pam’s Dream Team since:

October 2019!

Where I live:

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

why be a sleep angel?

I am so excited to work with parents to help them and their children to learn a skill that will have a lasting impact. Sleeplessness and sleeping problems in general have been a constant struggle in my life, and to be able to help establish healthy sleep habits for families is a privilege. I am excited to dive in in October, join this team, and meet all the wonderful families who are desperate for sleep, knowing that sleep is on its way!

life before pam

My son would be up every 1-2 hours at night, would need to be nursed to sleep, and would only nap in my arms. My body, boobs, and back were constantly sore. I was having panic attacks, getting sick, pushing myself, and feeling like a failure as a mother. I was terrified of having any more kids because I didn’t think I could handle it. Thankfully, a friend pointed me to Pam Nease Sleep, and our beloved Sophie worked with us and gave us the gift of sleep.

Life After Pam

He sleeps around 11 hours a night now! The first night we started, he only woke up once. He slept through the second night. He went from being a terrible sleeper to not waking up once. I was the one up most of the night anxiously anticipating him to wake up. It has been incredible to have my evenings and nights to catch up on housework, spending time with my husband, just relaxing or going out. I know he is healthy and growing because he is getting the sleep his little body needs.

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