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a little about melinda

I was born and raised in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland and moved to Stratford, Ontario in November of 2007. I worked at the Stratford Festival for 11 years in Marketing and Front of House and LOVE the theatre (especially musicals!). I hate to cook, put hot sauce on absolutely everything and love travel and try new things.

my love

My husband Paul and I were married in 2012 and have two little girls, Stella and Isla. They are fiesty little firecrackers with amazing personalities and we love them dearly. Our fur baby Sampson was the first baby in the house and loves his two little girls, too.

more about me

Part of Pam’s Dream Team since:

December 2018

Where I live:

Stratford, ON

life before pam

It’s a blur! I had been co-sleeping with Stella in the guest room for 5 months when I reached out for help. I was in a very dark place and knew that something needed to change! Paul and I decided that sleep learning was worth a shot but we were skeptical. Fast forward to 4 years later and Stella is a #supersleeper. I even hired Pam a second time for Isla who also sleeps like a machine now. “What would we have done without Pam?!” is a commonly uttered phrase in our house. And now, I am lucky enough to be part of her team and speak to parents every day who were in the same place I was. I’m truly grateful to be making a difference and helping families get to great sleep!

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