sleep angel

children are my passion

Born and raised in the UK, I always knew I wanted to pursue a career working with children. After studying for my ECE, I spent 17 wonderfully fulfilling years caring for hundreds of children in both daycare setting and as a private nanny to many special families before finally starting a family of my own.

my favourite things:

I love outdoors, hiking, biking and CAMPING, rain or shine! After almost 13 years in Canada, I am still terribly addicted to the English TV show Coronation Street – thank goodness we get it here! I even make Alex watch it, he knows the theme tune. I’m equally addicted to Netflix and binge watching, especially English crime drama. I also love reading, but my guilty secret is – that rather than reading informative intelligent, mind expanding books – I much prefer a sappy, easy to read novel. I love to spend time in the kitchen baking and cooking – when I have the spare time LOL!!!

more about me

My Heart: Mother of a wild, crazy, a boy named Alex.

Part of Pam’s Dream Team since: January, 2016

Where I live: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

why be a sleep angel?

In all of my years of caring for infants, I have seen time and time again how sleep or lack of sleep could affect the little ones in my care. The gift of sleep given to my family by Pam had such a positive impact on all of us, that when I heard that Pam was looking to expand her team of sleep consultants I leapt at the opportunity and I haven’t looked back since. I love seeing the amazing transformations in the families that I work with when bedtimes are FUN and the whole family is getting lots of peaceful, restorative sleep!

how I met pam

Whilst working with and representing a local Nanny agency in Kelowna, BC, I had the opportunity to see a presentation by Pam Nease at a local baby fair. Pam’s caring, nurturing, loving approach was a far cry from any other sleep consultants I had heard of through friends. My instincts were right and I knew right from the start that Pam’s sleep solution was the right fit for my family. Within a week of working with Pam, my son had said goodbye to all his previous sleep tools and was going to bed happy and sleeping peacefully. And to this day, he still is!

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