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little history about Ashley

Since 2017, I’ve been a marketing and media consultant for Pam Nease Sleep on special projects. More recently, I became the host of Pam’s new video-series: Life Hacks with Special Ops to share easy and creative parenting tips!

I love getting to work casually from home, helping promote and support Pam’s Team as they educate families on the impact of teaching children the skill of independent sleep in loving, simple, practical, and fun ways.

I was born and raised in Fort McMurray, AB. I received my Bachelor’s of Communications, majoring in Journalism from MRU in Calgary. Fast forward a few years and I sort of fell into the role as an on-air personality at a radio station in my home town. In fact, it is how I met my now husband; he used to tune into the morning show and followed me on Twitter (not in a creepy way LOL)! Fast forward a few more years and we left Alberta for beautiful British Columbia when our daughter was just six-weeks-old—where until recently, my brain power as a stay-at-home mom was primarily used to memorize the 300+ books my daughter loves and asks me to read 1,000 times daily.

life hacks with special ops Ashley

my pride & joy

I’m the mother of a busy 3 year old daughter Mackinley, who is precocious, silly and sweet and Daniella, a bright-eyed baby girl who is full of smiles and coos.

more about me

Part of Pam’s Dream Team since:

January, 2017

Where I live:

Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada

my favourite things

Any vegetable you can spiralize—I’m obsessed. Watching ‘The Bachelor/Bachelorette’ has been a 15-year guilty pleasure of mine. Spending all day on the boat on Okanagan Lake with my family, good friends, music, and plenty of snacks. Wine. Wearing my husband’s sweat pants. Vanilla matcha lattes. My insulated travel mug: because without it, my tea would forever be cold by the time I get around to drinking it. Homemade nachos. The TV series ‘This Is Us’—I ugly cry at least once during every episode. And probably my favourite thing ever: those sweet, momentary snuggles with my little girl.

why be a sleep angel?

as “Special Ops”

During my farewell call with Pam, I was so impressed with her and how genuine she was I asked if we could be friends. We kept in touch and as she began to grow her brand, she had a growing list of projects she’s had on the back burner she wanted to tackle. I was finally ready to dip my toes back into the working pool and there was no one I would rather work for than Pam.

I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful team of women who are helping so many families give the gift of sleep to their precious children– just as Pam had done for my family.

life before pam

For the first five months of motherhood, I was utterly exhausted, running on less than 4 hours of consolidated sleep every night. I felt like a shell of my former self, unable to enjoy all the aspects of my baby girl’s daily developments because I was just hoping both of us could get rest at some point that day or night. And forget about having any spare quality time with my husband that didn’t involve me crying about being so tired, or getting frustrated and losing my temper over the smallest of things.

So many people kept reassuring me that, “It’s normal for a baby not to sleep through the night until they’re a year old.” Or: “She’ll sleep when she is tired.” But Mackinley was so beyond overtired. It broke my heart to see her constantly yawning and rubbing at her eyes. I desperately wanted to give her the gift of sleep.

I had tried many different sleep training plans (Ferber, Babywise, Shhh Pat etc.) once Mackinley hit 3 months old– all with little to no success and I began to feel like a failure and an emotional wreck. I reached out on social media about our lack of sleep, a few friends recommended I look into sleep consultants. I had never heard of such a thing, so I started to research it. I came across Pam’s website and Facebook page and immediately she stood out from the other sleep consultants – not just from reviews from overjoyed parents but with the genuine way she presented her business and own personal experience with sleep.

Pam’s methods were like taking bits and pieces from all the advice I had read and combining them all into one consistent, beautiful package. The best part was: for every question we could possibly have, there was an answer or solution ready for us– something so many of the books and articles I had been reading didn’t include.

That first night, though there were a few brief night wakes, Mackinley slept for 10 hours!! We were blown away.

life after pam

Finally, I wasn’t being physically and mentally drained nursing her to sleep for two hours straight. Or bruising my hips leaning over the crib railing as I would attempt to slowly and very carefully put her down then tip toe away hoping not to step on any squeak toys, or bump into anything in the dark.

It’s been more than a year and a half now, and our daughter has consistently slept more than 11 hours every single night and naps 2-3 hours each day.

My husband and I can actually sit down at the dining table after we put Mackinley to bed, enjoy a home cooked meal, and watch an entire movie from start to finish without any disruptions before getting a good night’s rest ourselves. We are all happier and healthier because of Pam!

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