sleep angel

my favourite things

My family, vintage clothes (I collect), dancing in the grocery store aisles, reading, bike rides with Roman, the beach, I love to cook, and coffee… give me all the coffee please!

my little family

I have a boy named Roman, a wild dog named Logan and Jordan is my partner in crime. Roman keeps me on my toes and we love to spend our days outside exploring. I am grateful I can be there with him at home everyday.

more about me

Before I was a sleep angel:

I taught (still do!) fitness classes. My favourite one to teach is called Pound (crazy fun class with drumsticks). ⁠

Part of Pam’s Dream Team since:

June 2019

Where I live:

Kelowna BC, Canada

why be a sleep angel?

Why become a sleep angel?: After working with Pam I noticed many changes in my relationship with my partner and especially my son all for the better. Once we all got sleep our lives changed so much. Pam saved my family really and truly! I want to do the same as she did for us, I am so excited to be a part of this team!

life before pam

Life Before Pam: I had my son Roman in 2017 and the minute he came home from the hospital he was a terrible sleeper. We spent the first month or two letting him sleep on either myself, my partner or my mom taking rotations through the night so he could safely sleep on one of us. Around the time he turned two months I caved and started co-sleeping with him (something I was very dead set against). That helped for a month or two and we got a few more hours of sleep a night but it eventually changed and we were back to sleepless nights with him up every 1-2 hours. I knew he was sleeping poorly and that became very stressful. I always knew I wanted to instill healthy sleep habits with him but there is SO much information out there! We decided to hire a sleep consultant and that’s how we came to meet Pam. She was a lifesaver!!!

Life After Pam

Our little guy sleeps 10-11 hours straight every night and he naps like a champ. The best part about going through this process is having your super sleeper go down happily for anyone and anywhere. He loves sleep and we love that we have given him the gift of good sleep.

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