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THANK YOU for being here

I know most likely you are feeling helpless, worn out and exhausted.  I was once there too in 2006 and ready to jump off the bridge and take the baby with me.  It was that bad but no one knew as I was too scared to tell the truth.  Everything changed for the better once my baby started sleeping and it can change for you too.  By the way, it is not SELFISH to want your baby to sleep so you can sleep.  It is SELFULL in my humble opinion.  Think about it for a moment.  How can you raise a healthy child until you start with a healthy parent?  Sleep is the foundation.  It is the missing link you are searching for.

Perhaps, you are like the hundreds of families we have helped where it is not that bad but you want to fix it before it is broken.  You have heard or witnessed the nightmare stories from others and you wish to be proactive rather than reactive.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my services.

Obsessed with your baby as many of our clients put it? Want the very best and you know that the vital life skill of healthy sleep is critical for their optimal physical, mental and emotional health and well being? You have already done the research on the importance of healthy sleep for brain development and learning such as hitting the various milestones.(My very favourite was the pincer grasp. It literally blew my mind when my son picked up the cheerio for the first time).

Simply put, you want to set your baby up for SUCCESS. Well, my friend you are way smarter than I was in 2006. All I wanted was my baby to sleep so that I could literally have five minutes to brush my teeth and have a shower. I am grateful for you being here too because this has become my WHY to keep going. I will be frank. Owning a small business is challenging, especially when you are trying to carve out a very different path in this multi million dollar unregulated and unlicensed sleep coaching industry.


What do I want you to know about little old me?


First and foremost, my ultimate goal is not to be the biggest and/or most well known Sleep Consulting Co. in North America.

My goal is:

  • To be the one the most worth knowing.
  • There is a big difference and I hope you agree.
  • What else do I want you to know?

I am a single mompreneur. I am bootstrapping meaning every dollar that I earn is going right back into the company and my team of past clients now Sleep Consultants and admin staff.

WHY do you want to trust me with your child? ⁠

  1. Over 10, 000 hours of full time hands on sleep consulting experience before I started teaching others in my method. Talk to any professional in any industry, experience brings wisdom and mastery. ⁠
  2. While I watched the sleep consulting industry take off with sophisticated marketing and certification programs, I focused on relationships and outcomes. I stopped marketing completely. I was too overwhelmed with business due to word of mouth referrals. This will always be the cornerstone of my business. Clients are like family to all of us at Pam Nease Sleep.
  3. In addition to a hands on approach and constantly asking each and every family, how I could improve, I immersed myself in the subject. I am university educated. No, not in sleep. I had no idea in High School that my path would lead me here. To you. My dear reader. I am a student at heart. That will never change. I promise you. For example, in 2017, I was invited to the Bi ennial Pediatric Sleep Medicine Conference by a US based Sleep Doctor due to a family that worked with both of us. I went back in 2019 and will continue to make it a priority. Do I need to attend? No, I choose to as I am literally obsessed with the subject.
  4. I am a parent too. I was once a sleep deprived Mom. I get it. I understand. If you have watched any of my videos, you will often hear me say. “I am not selling water bottles. I am dealing with human life, tiny human beings with tiny toes and tiny fingers. I take that so seriously. Some argue, too seriously and it is inhibiting my income but I dismiss their criticism and will continue on a one family at a time and one Consultant at a time approach for now.
  5. Since expanding in January 2016 with my first Consultant, Sophie, I have learned a lot. I have fallen flat on my face at times. I have made mistakes in hiring and had to let people go. If you know any small business owner, this is to be expected but it has been hard on me. I care deeply about people. Some say your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness. By the way, the term Sleep Angel came from a client testimonial who wrote, “We called Pam Nease and she sent us an Angel named Sophie …”
  6. I am extremely proud to say that we have built policies, protocols, red flag escalations and surveys to check in with our clients after a consultation is completed. When someone does sign up, a welcome email goes out to each and every family encouraging them to call me directly if at any point they might be unsatisfied with their experience with one of my Consultants.
  7. My Dream Team (also named by a client) knows that I am available for them too for on the fly coaching when needed. In a nutshell, I want you to feel supported … but them too. I am also extremely proud of the fact that two of my Angels are now qualified (based on their training and more importantly, their hands on experience and ecstatic clients) to run the company and support newer Consultants when I am unavailable.
  8. Your Consultant has only one goal: to teach your family how to get sleep with my loving.simple.practical and FUN solutions. They do not need to know all the other methods out there, just one that works. They do not have to worry about the headaches of running a business and acquiring clients so that means they are gaining experience faster which in turn makes them better for YOU. The only way I can guarantee that you are getting the “Pam Nease Sleep Method” is if you see their name on this website. We believe in constantly educating and improving based on client feedback and new information when it comes available.
  9. We are FUN! Ok, I know there is a lot of heavy stuff above but we all have a wicked sense of humour. And, don’t we need that? Even once your family is sleeping, raising children is still by far the most rewarding job but still the hardest one. It never ceases to amaze me on why some people can and choose to do it sleep deprived. There is no way I could have survived especially now during this crazy time in history … aka … can you say Pandemic? The ONE thing that I have been able to count on since 2006? That my kids will get a good night’s rest and the entire team wants that for you too.
  10. Most importantly, long term, regression proof* outcomes. Our goal is that you can all head to bed rested and you never ever have to go on line and research sleep ever again. How awesome would that be? Can you imagine sleep done & dusted as one my team members often says?


  1. Professional Advice
    We will cut through the noise on Dr.Google and social media to give you the advice that you need. This way, you and your family cannot only have a quick fix but more importantly long term outcomes. Yes, we are all moms and all the Consultants are past clients but unless there are exceptional circumstances … can you say … Pandemic …we are all professionals and will deliver a first in class experience.
  2. Accurate Advice
    Simply put, we do not make anything up. I have to admit, when I look back on my early days of consulting, some of what I was saying is cringe worthy . Thankfully, I immersed myself in the subject of sleep in addition to constantly asking for feedback on how I could improve. Each and every client made me better for the next one. If we do not know the answer, we will be honest and tell you. If I do not feel that we are qualified to help a family, we will refuse the business. The Consultants have all been trained to look for “red flags” for potential underlying medical sleep disorders on the questionnaire and those families are referred to me. We are not doctors, nor IBCLC Lactation Consultants and will always refer back to professionals like these (and more) when necessary.
    There is no such thing. WHY? There is no regulatory body governing this multi million dollar sleep coaching industry. Recently, I met a Psychiatrist on a plane and we got to talking. He said, “Ah! It is the wild wild wild west” I laughed and said, “Yes but I had no idea either when I first got started in 2009.” I used these words to describe my services early on in my career … and even Pediatric until 2019 when I found out that I could be potentially misrepresenting myself as being medically trained. Until there is an independent body similar to lactation consultants, I will simply refer to my Dream Team of Angels as Sleep Consultants. If you are reading anything on this website whereby I could be potentially misleading the public, I want to know NOW. Text me at 1888 61 SLEEP. 
  4. Policies, Procedures, Protocols, and Red Flag Escalations
    Are we perfect? Will we ever be? No, but our goal is to be the number one sleep consulting co. in North America based on client feedback. All I have currently for a measurement is the reviews that you read on the website, facebook, google and yelp and anecdotal evidence. My dream is to be able to somehow have my clients participate in a longitudinal study but I do not have the resources nor the credentials to pull that off. One of my core values is constant and never ending improvement. We take our client’s feedback seriously. Since 2009, I have been saying to our families, if you think of a way I can improve for the next family I serve, can you please let me know 6 seconds from now? 6 months from now? 6 years from now? It is now we. Since 2016, we have been busy building and improving our internal procedures so that we can ensure that you get the best service possible and so the Consultants can ALSO feel well supported.
    I think there is enough of that out there? Don’t you agree? Every review you read is real. Every follower is a real person.
  6. SLEEP glorious SLEEP*
    Provided you follow my advice like 99.9%* of parents have since 2009. Hey, we are human. Have you ever started a program like a diet for example, and not followed the advice to the letter? I sure have. One of the biggest reasons my clients say my program works and they appreciate the most? The accountability and follow up support. Let’s face it. Our kids do not come with manuals and like my Mom always said until the day she died at 83, “I have four kids but you are all so different”. Sometimes we are holding you tight to our original game plan but other times, we are saying, “Ok! based on what you are reporting and/or how you are feeling, let’s do this differently …” One client said it best. Pam, “I LOVED how I never had to look at my husband and say NOW WHAT? We always had a plan and knew we could troubleshoot with you throughout the entire journey.
Will it last a lifetime like I say it will? That is my ultimate goal. Can I guarantee that your child will still be sleeping at 80? No. One of the Speakers at the Pediatric Sleep Medicine Conference said it best in 2019, “Sleep is a learned behaviour that can be unlearned and learned again.”

My philosophy is that early intervention is best. If a baby or child learns this vital life skill and beautiful gift sooner rather than later, you will set up the foundation for healthy habits. Think about teaching your child to brush their teeth. They might forget some nights later on as an adult, but they will still know HOW.

Could they still have an underlying medical sleep disorder even if you work with us? Yes, and this is what makes me cringe the most when I look back at my early career before I knew better. We now have better screening on our questionnaires plus the Consultants are all trained to refer immediately to me if a baby or child is not tracking according to plan. As part of my protocols, we ask about medical conditions and in particular look for snoring, mouth breathing and family history with restless leg syndrome.

I know we need to do a better job to remind our clients about snoring and the long term potential negative impacts of mouth breathing after they learn this vital life skill and beautiful gift of sleep. It is something that we are working on.

I am reassured by the fact that many of our clients are like me in 2006, “ But insert Family Doctor Name and insert Pediatrician Name … there MUST be a REASON WHY my child is NOT sleeping! There must be a MEDICAL reason” If I had the time to go back and look through the 1000s of questionnaires, I would estimate that at least 90% of our clients have a conversation similar to the one above before contacting us. We encourage all our clients to go back to their trusted physicians ONE more time or to get a second opinion if they are at all worried that there might be a medical issue preventing their child from sleeping.

*based on Client and Consultant Feedback. Do you study sleep? If so, my dream is to have our clients be part of an independent research and have them all use the new Nanit Sleep tracker. One of my sleep heroes – the late Dr. Avi Sadeh, who started a body of research on parental tear cry sensitivity related to sleep outcomes was on the Advisory Committee. As I often say, “I want to hear my baby cry, said NO parent EVER” .

Ok .. so just so you know that although I take YOUR SLEEP SERIOUSLY, but am still a lot of FUN, I hope you enjoy some bloopers that we captured recently.

One last word: I mention the Biennial Pediatric Sleep Medicine Conference several times not to impress you but to impress upon you that I am a student at heart. I am NOT a Doctor and this does not mean that I claim to be endorsed by the Conference and/or the Pediatric Neurologist and Sleep Medicine Research Physician from NIH (National Institute of Health) who originally invited me to attend in 2017.

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