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I remember always being anxious about room temperature when my baby was sleeping. Is it too hot? Is it too cold? What should the room temperature be? I experimented and tried to analyze it to death. Have you done that too?

Then my son Max learned to sleep at 5.5 months old, thanks to professional help. His transformation made such a profound impact on me, that in 2009 I decided to dedicate my full-time career to helping others do the same.

Since then – and now together with my personally trained and well qualified team of Professional Associates – we get to answer this question A LOT.

When I was chatting about this with a family of three children all needing to learn how to sleep independently, DAD started to chuckle. When I asked why he was laughing, he said that he and his three siblings would arm wrestle for a particular bedroom when they would all go back and visit their parents. It was known as the magical sleep room – even extended family and friends would request it when visiting. Everyone would say that they got the best sleep, and attributed it to the mattress and box spring. The light bulb went on during our conversation. It was not the sleep surface. It was the environment. It happened to be the coolest and darkest in the home.


…and then take the guesswork out by having this wonderful Gro-Egg that can also serve as a dim yellow night light when you are up feeding your new bundle of joy.

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The Gro-Egg will let you know if the room temperature drops by changing to the colour blue so that you can adjust the temperature. If that is not possible, you could adjust your baby’s sleep attire and/or their sleep sack.

If the temperature starts to rise, the Gro-Egg will turn red. You can either turn on the A/C if you have it, a fan, open the window or adjust your child’s sleep attire and/or sleep sack.

This is a MUST have product and will reduce your anxiety and worry, as well as help your precious child get the healthiest sleep possible.

Please never use a blanket for safe sleep – until your child is three years old and in a big kid bed.

Learn WHY here: Should We Introduce a Blanket in the Crib?

Also known as a wearable blanket or a baby sleeping bag, you can learn more back on DAY 5 of our Giveaway, where we discuss them in detail. While you are there, make sure you ENTER to WIN one! 

TOG is the unit of measurement for thermal resistance. In tired-parent speak, that means how warm the sleep sack is. The higher the TOG (or weight), the warmer the sleep sack. Lower TOG sleep sacks are best for warm weather in the summertime.

Here is a chart we put together to help you choose the sleep sack that is best for the ambient room temperature of your baby’s room:


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33 thoughts on “Pam’s 12 Days of Christmas – Day 10”

  1. I would like to win this gift for my 7mth old grandson. His room is terrible when it comes to the temperature. The room is on cold in the winter and hot in the summer 🙁 This Gro Egg will help with his parents knowing what the temperature actually is, instead of trusting how they feel. Thanks for this chance Pam.

  2. This would be so handy I’m always worrying about the temperature as my sons room always seems to jump to extreme temperatures!

  3. This looks so cool! I didn’t know about these, would love to have one. Our son’s room tends to be either the warmest or the coldest in the house so it would be nice to know the actual temperature.

  4. We would love this for our nursery. It would help me choose how to dress my son for bed! It’s always a guessing game how warm to dress him!

  5. I want this to put my mind at ease because I’m always worrying if my newborn is the right temperature.

  6. I would love to gift this to my daughter and son-in-law who are often unsure of the temperature in our grandson’s room. Because they are in a bungalow, the nursery door needs to be kept closed to block out noise. Being in an older home this can sometimes result in temperature changes that are hard to predict. It would be great to be able to keep an eye on that without disturbing their son.

  7. Interesting product that offers a solution for easy living. I’d gift this to my friend who has a new baby in the family

  8. This would be PERFECT for the nursery. The room we have for the baby doesn’t have a register in it so we have to heat it with an electric heater. Even though we would have it set for 16 degrees it just makes me nervous as the room is small and heats up fast so would be nice to have the GRO-EGG to be 100% certain I wasn’t over heating my little bean.

  9. I have a pretty drafty apartment with fluctuating temperatures. I would use this to make sure my baby is not too cold or too hot when sleeping.

  10. I would LOVE this product as it would take the guess work out of dressing baby for bed. I’m always wondering and checking – is he too hot, too cold etc…so this would be a wonderful tool to have!

  11. The house thermostat is on the main floor & the nursery is upstairs so the temperature in my baby boy’s room is never consistent! This would be super helpful to have him appropriately dressed for a comfortable night’s sleep in all seasons!

  12. We would love this as our place doesn’t have great insulation and I’m always questioning what is the right temperature in his room. It’s an annoying guessing game. And because this is portable, we could take it with us!

  13. I find I am always so confused with what the actual temperature in the room may be. Our monitor has a sensor, but the camera with the sensor is in the top corner of the room by the window, mounted on the wall – I don’t think it’s as accurate as we need!

  14. This would be amazing to have in my daughter’s room as it is over the garage and the temperature can be all over the map.

  15. Our house seems freezing most of the time. This would be nice to help keep our daughter in the perfect temperature range.

  16. I am constantly trying to adjust the temperature, by opening and closing windows and adjusting her blankets. She kicks off her blankets and often wakes up cold. So I turn the heat up a little and then it is too hot, or she seems too hot. It would be great to be able to take a little bit of the guesswork out of the nighttime charade of figuring out why toddler keeps waking up! This is a fantastic idea.

  17. My daughter’s room is always so cold to me and I’m having a hard time adjusting the thermostat to the right temp. Would love to win!

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