Pam’s 12 Days of Christmas – Day 11


Sleep 10 hours through the night by 10 weeks?
Is that realistic for a newborn? Is it possible? Won’t it damage breastfeeding? Will my baby gain weight? Train a newborn? Aren’t they too young to cry? I also do not want to be at home for every nap; I want to be able to go with the flow and get out and about. Don’t babies just sleep when they need to?

These are the common questions and concerns that I’ve been asked over the past 8 years of consulting. Parents are naturally worried about doing anything to harm the relationship and trust they have with their newborn baby. We want and need to be able to respond to our baby’s needs.

Teaching your child to sleep IS responding to their BASIC NEED of sleep.
For the first couple of weeks, newborns basically eat, sleep, pee and poop. Your baby will often fall asleep easily after feeding and then sleep for two to three hours at a time. Then, things start to change. Your baby will stay awake for longer periods and need assistance in order to sleep.

Isn’t sleep a biological imperative?
If you do not EAT, you die. If you do not SLEEP, you die. They are both life skills – the most important one to focus on with your newborn is eating. Once that is established, you can turn your focus to sleep. To learn more about baby sleep, see FAQ.

When you work with us at Pam Nease Sleep, we will teach you my ULTRA GENTLE newborn approach:

  • NO CRYING: we are instilling habits, not changing them
  • Feed on demand: you will still be responding to your baby’s feeding cues
  • Healthy breastfeeding: Better sleep for baby and mom can help create better eating habits and improve breastfeeding outcomes
  • Reduced risk of the baby blues: sleep deprivation is one of the leading contributing factors of post-partum depression and anxiety. Wanting sleep is NOT selfish. It helps you be a better parent.
  • CUDDLE NAPS! There is nothing better than holding your sleeping baby, and we never want to deny a parent, or a grandparent, that joy. We will show you how to get those in while also establishing healthy habits in the bassinet or crib
  • GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! We love showing families how you can honour your child’s sleep and honour your own needs at the same time
  • Beautiful long stretches of sleep by night that increase as your baby grows!
  • HAPPIER BABIES! Seriously. This is the BEST part. The difference between my own two children was life changing. My daughter learned to sleep as a newborn and it was one of the many reasons I decided to dedicate my full time career to helping other parents teach their children this beautiful and vital life skill – sleep.

Inspired by one of our recent clients…
I am delighted to be giving away a NEWBORN SLEEP Consultation this year!

Mom, Dad and big sister have loved their experience teaching baby brother over these past 9 weeks. I have met Tasha for walks, she is going to the climbing gym on a regular basis, we napped him at the local baby store in a display crib while we shopped and talked, and he is already sleeping 9 to 10 hours on a regular basis. As a result of this healthy sleep, everyone is feeling well rested – especially baby O. He rarely cries and is so content – able to soak in all the wonderful new experiences life has to offer him. In this video, Tasha talks a bit about her newborn sleep routine with baby O…

To enter, tell us you need to win this Newborn SLEEP Mini Consultation? Yes, you can enter if you are still pregnant, or if you want to give this to a friend! This would be the BEST baby shower gift!

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29 thoughts on “Pam’s 12 Days of Christmas – Day 11”

  1. My baby is 8 weeks old and lets me sleep a max of 2.5 hrs at a time. My Husband and I are constantly disagreeing about what we should be /should not be doing with him to promote healthy sleep. I need help!

  2. We have one 8 month old Pam Nease Super Sleeper and as reckless as it may be, we’re not wanting to leave much of a gap before trying for our second. We’re definitely going to need Pam’s help making sure everyone gets restful sleep amid the chaos!

  3. Winning a newborn sleep package would mean so many wonderful nights sleep. I would be blessed to work with Pam and her team

  4. I would love to win this to work on improving my 4 month olds sleep. I didn’t do any sleep eduction withbmy first and am now regretting how I could have helped him be a better sleeper.

  5. I could count on one had the nights I’ve slept through since my daughter was born….exactly one year ago!! What a great birthday gift this would be for her and me😆

  6. Winning this package would be a dream come true!
    The lack of sleep really starts to take a toll, our girl is 4months old and would be a great time to instil healthy sleep habits!

  7. I need to win this for my daughter-in-law and son who are having their second child beginning of March. The first child is 2 1/2 and with her the mom got no sleep as she insisted on rocking her to sleep till age 2 and my grandchild was waking 5-6 times per night even when she got older so the mom would sleep on floor beside her bed or she would take her to bed and then my son had to go sleep in another room. They are both professionals and have demanding jobs and this prize would make their lives easier.

  8. I NEED to win this because i have two kids (aged 4 and 18 months) who are both TERRIBLE sleepers. I have such anxiety on having a third because of sleep… my sleep and my kids sleep. I get an average of 4 hours of broken sleep per night, with this new addition coming, i dont know whats going to happen. Clearly because i have two terrible sleepers, i could very well be the problem. I NEED HELP. Save me.

  9. Well Pam, we have another little one on the way and sleeping in this house is not our strong suit. We need some help ensuring this little one doesn’t create the same issues we are currently facing with our other two.

  10. This would be such a phenomenal gift for any new Mom – or to have in reserve for 2019 newborn baby! Sleep is so essential to strong mental health, which is vital especially during those newborn weeks!

  11. We need to win this newborn sleep consult so that our soon-to-be-born baby #2 can enjoy the same great sleep that #1 has!

  12. We had Jessica for our first-born and now that she’s almost two she’s an amazing sleeper! We’d like to win this newborn package to help her sister sleep as well when she arrives in March.

  13. We plan on having more children. We plan on starting them off right this time. Sleep was a challenge for our baby before we had our sleep angel Ashlyn.

  14. We have our third bambino on the way. Our youngest will be 6 when the baby arrives so I feel a little rusty on the sleep skills. I would love a chance to work with Pam again as I know it will help the whole family as we transition into a 5 person family.

  15. My boyfriend and I have already decided to invest in the newborn package for our second child. I almost feel robbed of that blissful newborn stage becuase sleep was such an issue from the start. So we would be so thankful to have the newborn package gifted to us.

  16. We will be eventually having baby #2 and I would love to start this from early, unlike our son who almost 6 months

  17. I would love to learn how to make my 5 mo. old a better sleeper & particularly napper, especially as teething & other growth changes approach! As an educator working with children myself, I understand the importance & benefits of early intervention & building good habits from the start!

  18. I would love to help my newborn to be able to fall asleep on his own without us being in the room with him for hours (like we had to for his older brother).

  19. Dear Pam and team,
    I found you after my sister J and her husband C were referred to you by C’s mom. You and your team have changed their lives!! I went to stay with J & C recently to babysit toddler H when baby W was born – I have never met a toddler who goes down with zero complaints. Zero. And lets ANYONE put him down! This is a very spirited, highly active child! Needless to say, they are using your services for baby W.
    Now, my husband and I are preparing for our first. We would be so lucky as to win a consult with your team!

  20. Our one year old is a Pam nease super sleeper and now are due with baby #2 any day and look forward to giving this babe the gift of sleep as soon as we can and would love to work with Pam and her team again!

  21. We struggled through sleep training on our own for our first child and having professional help for our soon to be arriving second child would be life changing.

  22. I would love to gift this to my sister. We had Pam as our sleep coach for my daughter 5 years ago. It was an amazing life altering experience for us.

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