How to boost your immune system during a pandemic


  Boosting Your Immune System

Is your inbox blowing up like mine is with information around the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?

It’s all the same advice: wash your hands and don’t touch your face.

The best way to prevent colds, flus/viruses and boost your immune system is through the power of healthy sleep.

Am I saying that if you teach your child to sleep that will prevent them from getting the coronavirus? No, of course not.

But what I am saying is that the foundation to good health all starts with sleep.

If you go onto Google Scholar and you Google: “immune systems and sleep”

You’ll find a plethora of information supporting the fact that if you deny yourself sleep, your immune system is compromised. If you give yourself healthy sleep, your immune system is supported.

I know that there’s a lot of fear and anxiety out there in the world today and I am not trying to contribute to that—what I’m trying to do is: Empower you to get sleep now for you and your little one.

One of the greatest barriers that I’ve heard since 2009 is: “I don’t have the time.” “I can’t dedicate a week or two weeks to teaching my child to sleep.”

Parents have even flown me to their location because their partners haven’t been able to be available to help during the process.

Well the time is now.

Many people have had to cancel trips. Our own sleep consultant Sophie can’t take her family to Disneyland. So I know you may be impacted in that way as well. You need to stay at home to keep your child(ren) safe and keep yourself safe—So why not take that time and invest in your family and give yourself the best gift ever? It’s the gift of sleep and it lasts for a lifetime.

It’s not only going to benefit your little one, it’s going to benefit you. So that you, as an adult, when you get better sleep because your child is sleeping through the night, you will better be able to cope with stressful times like this COVID-19 pandemic and more. One of the results of quality rest is the ability to make clearer, better decisions because I don’t know about you but I don’t make good decisions when I am sleep-deprived!

I encourage you to make sleep a priority. We are still open for business. We have halted in-home consultations and sleep nanny packages until this situation is resolved, but we are still able to get your family the sleep they need through the various virtual platforms–and the outcomes will be the same as if we were face-to-face in your home.

Since you can’t watch the NHL or the NBA or any other sports— Take this unplanned spare time to teach your little one this vital life skill and Get Sleep Now.

xo Pam

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