Show us your LOVE, send us your FACE!

It is Valentine’s Day and someone you know could be hanging on by a thread, suffering, afraid to ask for help. They are most likely posting beautiful images of themselves and their babies on social media but crumbling inside.

Show us your LOVE, give us your FACE.

Exactly one year ago, that was exactly the case.

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 9:23 AM, Kxxxxxxxx wrote:
Ok I will try to make it through for another 11 days 🙁

We were SCARED that a MOM was going to TAKE HER LIFE. My Assistant was emailing her the suicide hotline and other resources. I called her saying that she did not have to wait and that it was OK to source an alternative Sleep Consultant in Vancouver or work with one of my Associates virtually. She insisted on waiting for me and doing a Sleep Nanny Package.

When I arrived, I found this gorgeous woman, her handsome husband and beautiful six month old baby girl. They were all suffering from the ravages of sleep deprivation. Mom was on the edge. Dad was wondering why he agreed to have a family. They LOVED one another and their baby but …

Postpartum is REAL and it is time to RAISE THE VEIL and ERASE THE STIGMA.
Help us, help others.
Show us your LOVE, give us your FACE.

As soon as I arrived, we started teaching this adorable baby to sleep. On Night 2, Colin was in the kitchen making us dinner and crying he said, ” Pam, I was really skeptical about Kaline bringing you to Vancouver and … now you have saved us. You have saved us. ” I cried too. We all cried as their journey to recovery had begun.

Was sleep enough for this Mama? No, she needed more and we talked at length about what she was going to do now that she knew Emma was going to sleep.

Show us your LOVE, give us YOUR FACE.

Why? We are working on some branding for a FUNDRAISER towards MATERNAL MENTAL HEALTH. We hope to have as many faces as possible with the words STRONGER TOGETHER overlayed over top.

Here are the photos that we have collected so far.

I was a hypocrite. I wanted to help women get help but I was too ashamed to tell my own story until two years ago during our annual 12 Days of Christmas contest.

Show us your LOVE, give us YOUR FACE.
Email with an image. There is no shame. You are not a bad mom and you are not alone. By sharing your photo, you can be part of something great. Will postpartum disappear? No, but NEW PARENTS will be better prepared and will have MORE resources to get the help they need. You could potentially help SAVE A LIFE. DO IT NOW.

love, hugs and gratitude,

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