Sleep for Christmas! Day 12 Giveaway Grand Prize


Woop! Woop! It is FINALLY here! The 2nd GRAND PRIZE!

Today, you have the opportunity to WIN GREAT SLEEP for your little one that can last a LIFETIME. Within only a couple of weeks, your sweet little baby will be sleeping through the night consistently (or getting up once for a quick feeding session), and taking great naps all on their own. With Pam Nease Sleep, your baby will be able to sleep ANYWHERE and for ANYBODY. You will know with confidence that they will sleep in spite of teething, sickness, developmental milestones and travel. Your child will not only become a #supersleeper, they will LOVE going down for their nap and to bed with my loving. simple.practical and FUN solutions.

After 9 years of full time consulting and seeing the transformations in all the families that we have helped, I am more passionate than ever.

Simply put, healthy sleep is the FOUNDATION to GOOD HEALTH and it SAVES LIVES.

Ok, you might be thinking. Pam aren’t you being a little over dramatic?

No. I am not. It saved me and my tender infant. You see, I hit that awful unthinkable breaking point. I held my son nose to nose and said the terrible words, “ YOU HAVE RUINED my life. Ruined it.” Max had been crying inconsolably for what felt like hours, I was suffering once again from sleep deprivation. It was 2 in the morning and thankfully I had the presence of mind to put him in the crib and walk away. I joke about it in my public speaking presentations and workshops. You will most likely hear me say “I was ready to jump off the bridge and take the baby with me.” It really is NOT a laughing matter. I need to stop perpetuating the myth that if you “power through” all will be fine.

I have been procrastinating writing this last blog post. The other night when I was having a writer’s block, I turned on the Netflix Documentary “When the Bough Breaks” by Jamielyn Lippman. You can watch the trailer here:

** TRIGGER WARNING (loss of life)

This film has been haunting me ever since.
I will always speak openly about the fateful night that I understood shaken baby syndrome, and how hiring a professional to help me teach my son to sleep at 5.5 months old changed my life. The problem is that I do it in a fun, humorous and relatable way. I do not openly speak about the dark side. 11 years later, I am still ashamed and hiding the fact that I suffered from postpartum depression, with sleep deprivation being a major contributing factor. I am even more ashamed of what happened immediately post birth of my first son.

This film brought it all back and more.

I discovered through the documentary how vulnerable both Max and I really were. I had a complete and total break from reality and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and a brief psychotic episode. One of the major contributing factors? You guessed it. Sleep Deprivation.

Only my closet friends and family know about this very scary time in my life. Thankfully – through the right support, safe medicine to help me sleep better (while being able to breastfeed), in addition to psychiatric counseling – within 30 days, I was “better”.

Yes, I have hijacked today’s blog post for a PSA.

I have been trying to raise awareness about perinatal mood disorders and erase the stigma associated with mental illness. It has to start with me. I need to be open and finally share the WHOLE truth.

Two years ago, when we had our first 12 Day of Christmas, many women opened up and spoke of their own experiences with postpartum. I was moved to tears and wanted to do more. We have various initiatives in place and we would LOVE your HELP. If you are as passionate as we are about maternal mental health, please drop us an email at getsleep@pamneasesleep.com to let us know how you would like to join our movement. If you have recovered from postpartum depression or anxiety – please be brave with me and share your story, so that others can know they are not alone.

We help families not only get the sleep they need, but to also to gently open up and steer them towards looking into more support options – even once their “child’s sleep has been fixed”.

Guaranteed – I know without a shadow of a doubt – that many women have been able to lift “the baby blues” by choosing to invest in our services for their little ones. Getting healthy sleep again has lifted their “baby blues” and cured their “postpartum anxiety”. For others, including myself, that was not enough. Join my newsletter TODAY. You will be eligible for an EXTRA ENTRY, insider information (that we only share with our subscribers) and access to special promotions, discounts and giveaways.

Now, let’s get back to why you are here! You WANT SLEEP!

Here is a note from one of our previous winners, maybe this will BE YOU!

It has been almost a year since you helped with what seemed the impossible. Before our visits our 8 month old was up every few hours a night and I was running on empty. I was unable to be the mom I wanted to be because I was always tired. After a few coaching sessions and even fewer nights, our son was sleeping through the night and taking long naps. Going to bed was a happy time instead of the beginning of tears. I’m forever grateful for the sleep our family receives and being present with my children. Thank you to the moon and back. Love, The Nistlers


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25 thoughts on “Sleep for Christmas! Day 12 Giveaway Grand Prize”

  1. It would be great to work on my babies napping schedule. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Pam for opening the discussion of mood disorders in new Moms! Hormones sleep disruptions and internal or external expectations that are put on moms make being a new mom so trying in today’s society. I look forward to it being a more open topic of discussion in general.
    I would love to work with you and your team to help my new baby sleep ?

  3. This would not be for me and my baby. We worked with Ashlyn and he is a champ sleeper now. This would be for my sister in law. She had Irish twins (10months apart born in the same year!) They are both terrible sleepers. This is really taking a toll on her and her ability to really enjoy her girls. I would love for her to work with you to get at least one of her girls on track. She really needs the help.

  4. I would love to get my baby sleeping well before I jead back to work in a few months.

  5. Oh my, this would be simply amazing! To get sleep for Christmas means I would become myself again instead of a haggard, sleep-deprived mom with no patience. My little one will only sleep in my arms, and naps are often just 30 minutes, with lots of night wake-ups, so it’s definitely time to address our bad habits and get into a healthier routine. Thank you for the chance, we really need your assistance 🙂

  6. This would be amazing to win!!
    We have been co-sleeping with my husband in the spare room, I would love my bed and husband back!!
    Not to mention the waking every 2 hours is becoming exausting. Our daughter will be 4months old on the 26th so to instill good sleep habits now would be awesome

  7. Pam helped our daughter when we were stuck in a nurse-to-sleep routine and I would love to start things off better when we eventually have baby #2!

  8. Why do I want sleep for Christmas?… does this really need to be a question lol My baby is 8 weeks old and I started letting him cosleep about 3 weeks ago and started getting a bit more sleep. Since then I don’t dread nighttime because he doesn’t cry any more, but my husband is worried I’m raising the baby so that he’ll never want to leave me. I need help!

  9. (Comment reposted from yesterday’s blog when I clearly missed the “newborn” part! haha)
    I would love to learn how to make my 5 mo. old a better sleeper & particularly napper, especially as teething & other growth changes approach! As an educator working with children myself, I understand the importance & benefits of early intervention & building good habits from the start!

  10. I would love to get a jump start on my 3 month olds sleep so we can start to build good sleeping habits early. it’s especially important as we have a 2 year old as well, so “sleeping when the baby sleeps” is usually not an option!

  11. Thank you Pam for sharing your story! I’m currently recieving treatment for post partum anxiety and I appreciate you giving moms a platform to open up about how they’re feeling. It’s a challenge for me but I’ll feel proud of myself for sharing. Prior to sleep training, it felt like my son never slept. I definitely had PPA now that I look back but at the time, I was so fixated on his sleep that I couldn’t see what was happening to me. So we asked wonderful Ashlyn to come help us with Forrest sleep, and myself and my boyfriend Aaron included! But then after that, I started to realize that I was now fixating on his sleep schedule and I wasn’t sleeping at night, having difficulty concentrating, and feeling excessive guilt. So then I decided to seek treatment from my doctor and a therapist.
    Happy to say I’m doing much better, I’ve been able to achieve my goals of stroller naps, naps at friends houses, naps in the car as I travelled to Sun Peaks with 3 kids in tow! Couldn’t have done all this without your help Pam! I better end my blog comment now, my little man is waking up happy as ever!

  12. Why do I want sleep? Well I’ve got a 23 month old who has slept through the night only two times and I am expecting baby 2 to arrive in the next week or two. I am hoping that I won’t have to go two years with baby two to get sleep. Not sure there is much hope for our almost two year old but at least baby two could be a good sleeper right?? Please send help ASAP!

  13. With #3 on the way – Im ready to admit i NEED help. My oldest (4) still wakes through the night and little one (16 months) cannot put himself to sleep – needs ALOT of assistance (not to mention i am the only one who can get him to sleep). He also wakes in the night a couple of times and is up for the day at 4:15am. I cannot do this ALL OVER AGAIN with a new baby… i need to ensure our new addition sleeps well, or else all 5 of us (plus the dog… ) will really suffer. And thats not fair for the other kids.

  14. I recall reading a tragic story last summer about a baby being left in a hot car after being forgot to be dropped off at daycare. My heart still aches thinking about it. I can’t help but imagine this happened due to sleep deprivation causing forgetfulness. Sleep directly affects mental health, overall well-being and functioning and clearly, lack of it, has the ability to change lives. This consult would be lovely to be able to give a new mom as a gift, or save for a future 2019 baby.

    • Hello Kimberly! I remember that too and speculated the same thing – that sleep deprivation was a contriubuting factor to this awful tragedy. THANK YOU for entering and sharing your comments. xo Pam

  15. Pam and team,
    I appreciate your education around perinatal mood disorders. I live with generalized anxiety and am receiving treatment, but am concerned about how this combined with sleep deprivation will impact our family with the addition of our first child. I am already someone who is very sleep sensitive and need many hours to feel functional. I often wonder how my life would have changed for the better if I had been sleep trained! To have this gift for my husband and I would be incredible.

  16. Simple really.. sleep = a happy home which = happy everything!

  17. Oh what I wouldn’t do to win this prize… we had the guidance of Sophie from Pam Nease Sleep for our first 2 children and it seriously changed our lives! She was amazing and did what we thought no human could ever do – got us all sleeping (and sane and happy) again!
    Now we have baby #3 and it has been 4.5 months of waking every 60-75 minutes all night long. I’m so so tired. But as my husband says, we’ve exhausted our “sleep training budget” at this point! I’ve done all the “wrong” things, created every sleep association possible, but in the middle of the night it has come down to survival, right? And throw into the mix that as baby transitions out of our room we are going to have to figure out room sharing for 2 of the 3 kids. Gah!
    I know the magic Pam and her team are capable and would do anything to have them guide me through this process once again!

  18. With baby #2 on the way and a couple weeks away from trying to transition our son into a big boy bed and the anxiety that comes along with that this prize would mean so much for us and for our sanity. Because without sleep no ones happy ?

  19. I can’t do another baby with zero sleep. I was a mess with my first!

  20. I was so shocked to see this post and realize somebody else had made the connection between sleep deprivation and…. mental health and trauma and PTSD. I have also been in shock at how little the doctors not only do not recognize the need for sleep, but do not consider it a part of healthy development. They seem to think not sleeping is not a health factor for Mom or baby. As a single parent with a 2.5 year old, I have slept 6 hours straight once. Other than that it has been 2 hours at a time and when I can finally rest, I am so in shock that I lie there, waiting for her to wake up. And if I do fall into a sleep and I start to get into a deep sleep and she wakes me up, it is so excruciatingly painful, that I dread going to sleep. It truly is, torture.

    As a single Mom, there is no support in general, and there is definitely none through the night. I now realize that Moms who do not get sleep really should not be alone with a baby for weeks and months on end. We all need a support person in their life, because the psychological affects of not sleeping are debilitating. And it seems society has done a great job at covering it all up, making sure most of us know nothing about this problem, and feeling ashamed and alone if we do.

    There are so many Mom’s who needs this. I wish this was something covered under health care. It saddens me to think of how many lives sleep deprivation has ruined. So many Moms who need this help and can’t afford it, will also be faced with so many other struggles and challenges that many others can not imagine as well.

    I would love to have a chance at peaceful sleep. I have missed out on the life long joy I had expected to have when having a child. I thought I would be the Mary Poppins Mother, and instead I am the barely surviving one. I feel I have lost all the moments of bonding, and filling up and joy and all the glorious pictures I see other parents posting.

    It saddens me that lack of sleep has prevented me from the privilege of deeply experiencing my own child. I can see from the comments, that there are so many who need this service. I would be overjoyed for the gift, but would not want to take it from another in need.

  21. I would love my 3 month old to be able to fall asleep and stay asleep for naps and at night without me having to sit in the room as I had to do with my older boy (who’s now 2.5 yrs old and hasn’t napped for a long time)! Would be awesome to win!

  22. Would love for my 2.5 year old to stop waking up at night! Between 3 littles I’m up at least 6 times a night!

  23. My sister had her first child in August. I would love to gift this to her. We had Pam as our sleep coach for my daughter 5 years ago. It was an amazing, life altering experience for us. Now our daughter is the bet sleeper in the house! Best money we have ever spent on our children!

  24. Id Love to win this sleep consultation to learn the tips and tricks to help with my baby girls sleep

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