should I buy the SNOO?

A SNOO review. The fourth trimester? Seems plausible, doesn’t it? I bought into this myth and many more after my baby was born. I did the 5 S method of rocking, shhing, soothering, swaddling and side position for HOURS and HOURS and HOURS. It worked! It would calm my cranky & colicky baby and get him into sleep but he would not STAY asleep unless he was in a moving swing, car or stroller. The reality? It was not the fourth trimester. My baby was simply suffering from sleep deprivation and all he needed to learn was HOW to do it all on his own and develop his own self soothing abilities.

Now, instead of a parent having to personally do the 5 S method, the SNOO will do it for you. Believe you me, I would have bought one in 2006 if I could have. The swing I was using was my hero, the SNOO would have been my saviour.

Don’t waste your money on a short term fix and temporary relief. Invest in your child’s sleep like the 1000’s of families who have trusted us with their tiny humans since 2009. Instead of wasting around $1290.00 USD for a device that you can only use for six months, why not invest around $600.00 and have your baby sleep peacefully for a LIFETIME?

If it is the difference between you harming yourself and harming your baby, then YES! Please BUY IT NOW for a SHORT TERM fix, but if you are OK, and your baby is OK, then it hit pause and consider is a sleep consultant worth the money?

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