Stop the Meltdowns Already!

Oh the meltdowns. As soon as my daughter was 18 months old it became more and more apparent that she had entered the dreaded “terrible-twos” phase early.

Anytime I had to distract her from an item she was not to touch– or dare say “No!” to her– or attempt to take her home after a playdate, she would immediately start “stage 5” crying (Since Mackinley’s birth, my husband and I have ranked her cries on Stage 1 “just a whimper” to Stage 5—“oh lord she’s going to make herself puke!”), morph into a limp octopus, fall to the floor, and have a full-blown toddler meltdown.

I was at my wit’s end trying to recover from these sometimes very public upsets, often texting my husband –who works away from home a week at a time—at the end of the night saying “No more kids. I’m tapped out with this one” even though we had always planned to have two children.

So when Pam surprised us with an overnight marketing retreat at Sparkling Hill Resort, I was gung ho to get a break away to recharge my mom-batteries.

During our breakfast, I asked Pam some mom-to-mom advice about my daughter’s increasingly monumental meltdowns, and what she did to diffuse those situations when her kids were toddlers.

Pam’s personal experience and tips truly opened my eyes last week; She gave me a whole new perspective — from Mackinley’s point of view– not just as a toddler, but as a human being.

So I present to you: Stop the Meltdowns!

Coffee & Q’s with Pam

Please comment & share with any mamas or daddies who can relate!

Ashley C.
Team Pam – Special Ops

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