Toddler Meltdowns: Monster to Mary Poppins!

Putting Pam’s toddler meltdown advice into action:

a week in review

Some may say I’m a little biased because I am part of Pam’s team, but anyone who knows me can tell you that I have been singing her praises long before I was on her payroll.

Before anything else, Pam is my friend and a trusted advisor.

I desperately needed a solution to my toddler’s meltdowns if my husband and I were ever going to plan for more children. Up until this past week that was dwindling in likelihood; based on the fact that I truly did feel like a scary monster or serial killer coming after my kid whenever it was time to leave a fun place or any time I said “No”.

So Pam’s advice about giving lots of Lead Time (“10 more minutes…”), Singing, and using Receptive Language (aka talking to my daughter like she was a grown up and letting her know what was going to happen in advance) has been a total LIFE CHANGER!

I went from being treated like a murderer to Mary freaking Poppins– which if you ask me is about as starkly contrasted as a 180 degree change can get.

This week, I have washed my daughter’s hair without any tears (from either of us haha!) or attempts at her trying to escape the tub, I have left play dates with a child who is now smiling and giving hugs and kisses without any fuss, and a child who can now patiently wait her turn to jump on the trampoline at gymnastics. Before our Coffee & Q’s chat, any of those situations would have given me serious stress sweat.

Just when I thought Pam couldn’t possibly improve my life any more– after helping my baby sleep through the night, then giving me the opportunity to work from home– Now she has given me the confidence and skill-set to leave the house with a 2-year-old without any anxiety or dread. Is there anything she can’t do??– Don’t worry, I asked if she could fold a fitted bed sheet and she said “No”, so she’s definitely not a robot


~Ashley Coolen, Special Ops

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