Oh, we are sad that the party is over but it has been an awesome way to end 2018. Without further ado, we are delighted to announce the winners of Pam’s 3rd annual Christmas Giveaway, with over $1500 in prizes… Please email to claim your prize!

Day 1 – Groclock
Annalisa Kraft

Day 2 – $50 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card
Nicole Zerbini

Day 3 – Gro Anywhere Blind
Lori Olson

Day 4 – $50 Visa Gift Card
Jenny Ham

Day 5 – Grobag
Jenny L’Ecluse

Day 6 – $25 Amazon Gift Card
Wendy Hutton

Day 7 Winner – Gro-Friend Lovey
Andy Duncan

Day 8 Winner – UBBI Bath Toys
Janette Carpenter

Day 9 Winner – Grosnug
Michelle (we will contact you via email)

Day 10 Winner – Groegg Thermometer
Nikki Mulder

Day 11 – Full Newborn Consultation
Chris Brunet

Day 12 – Full Baby Consultation
Ariel Rose


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